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This is a guide and map for the Citadel locale in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn where to find the Sub-Camps in the Citadel, endemic life, small monsters, permabuffers, and more below!

Citadel Sub-Camp Location

Sub-Camp 1 Northeast of Area 5

Citadel Map and Guide

How to Get to the Citadel Sub-Camp

Video Explanation

Through a Cave from Area 5

Sunbreak Citadel Sub-Camp 1 Location.jpeg

From the high plateau in Area 5, head northeast, and you'll find the Sub-Camp through a cave. From the map, it looks like you should be able to reach it easily from Area 4, but the camp is actually accessed via Area 5.

Unlock Conditions

Citadel Sub-Camp
How to Unlock Clear the Request Citadel Sub-Camp Security after discovering the sub-camp location
Quest Conditions Slay 8 Boggi in the Citadel

Complete the Soft or Spotty? optional MR3 Quest to hunt Boggi as part of a Quest and have their locations indicated on the Map.

Citadel Relic Records

Citadel Relic Records Locations

※The red numbers correlate to their order in the Notebook.

How to Find All Citadel Relic Records

Citadel Buddy Recon Locations

MH Rise Sunbreak - Citadel Buddy Recon Locations

How to Unlock

  1. A fairly simple Recon Point, the first location in the Citadel is found on a high plateau near a broken roof.
  2. A tricky one. Approach the icy wall from the south, and wirebug all the way up to the top, ignoring other passages and entrances into the wall. On top of the mountain, you'll find the spot near the southwest edge.

Buddy Recon Locations Guide

Citadel Farming Routes

Ore Mining Route

Route A Route B

Route Video

Bonepile Route

Upper Ground Underground

Route Video

Rare Endemic Life in the Citadel


MH Rise Sunbreak - Citadel Gargolda

Gargolda is the rare endemic life in the Citadel. It's located around the cliffs of Area 4, near the 2nd Relic Record. You'll only be able to find it at night. Take a picture of it to register it in your Hunter's Notes!
How to Find Gargolda

List of Citadel Items and Materials

List of Account Items

MH Rise - Godbug CopalGodbug Copal MH Rise - Amber CopalAmber Copal MH Rise - Antique TablewareAntique Tableware MH Rise - Worn TablewareWorn Tableware
MH Rise - Glacial GeodeGlacial Geode MH Rise - Iridescent GeodeIridescent Geode MH Rise - Moon DropMoon Drop

List of All Account Items

List of Bones

MH Rise - Massive Monster BoneMassive Monster Bone MH Rise - Dragonbone ArtifactDragonbone Artifact MH Rise - Giant Monster BoneGiant Monster Bone MH Rise - Chipped OldboneChipped Oldbone

List of All Bones

List of Ore

MH Rise - Fucium OreFucium Ore MH Rise - Eltalite OreEltalite Ore MH Rise - Ultimas CrystalUltimas Crystal MH Rise - Meldspar OreMeldspar Ore
MH Rise - Centuria OreCenturia Ore

List of All Ores

List of Fish

MH Rise - PopfishPopfish MH Rise - ScatterfishScatterfish MH Rise - CombustunaCombustuna MH Rise - Big CombustunaBig Combustuna
MH Rise - FlamefinFlamefin MH Rise - Great FlamefinGreat Flamefin MH Rise - SushifishSushifish MH Rise - Great WhetfishGreat Whetfish
MH Rise - WhetfishWhetfish MH Rise - GoldenfryGoldenfry MH Rise - GoldenfishGoldenfish MH Rise - SpeartunaSpeartuna
MH Rise - BrocadefishBrocadefish MH Rise - King BrocadefishKing Brocadefish MH Rise - Gastronome TunaGastronome Tuna MH Rise - PlatinumfishPlatinumfish
MH Rise - Great Gastronome TunaGreat Gastronome Tuna MH Rise - CrimsonfishCrimsonfish MH Rise - Supreme BrocadefishSupreme Brocadefish

List of All Fish

What is the Citadel?

Citadel in View

The Citadel is a locale found within the Sunbreak expansion! The Citadel is centered around the old ruins of a castle, allowing exploration within and around it.

corrupted walls

Hunters can find glowing red stuff painted on the walls of the castle. This could be the influence of Malzeno or it could be something else entirely.

Frozen Icecaps

Found near the castle is an icy landscape similar to the Frost Islands.

Swampy Marshland.png

There are also swampy marshlands and cliffside ruins, which shows how massive this newer locale is.

Things to Do in the Citadel

Collect Materials

Collecting Materials

Similar to the other previous locales, you can explore the areas of the Citadel and collect materials!

Hunt Monsters

Fighting Garangolm

Newer monsters like Garangolm, alongside smaller monsters like the Gowngoats and Boggi will be appearing in the Citadel! No doubt a lot of hunting quests will be done here.

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