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Returning Monsters

This is an article about all the confirmed returning monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know more about these monsters and which past games they appeared in, read on!

List of All Monsters

New Monsters.jpgNew Monsters List Returning Monsters Banner.jpgReturning Monsters List
small monsters banner.pngSmall Monsters List Apex Monster Banner.pngWhat are Apex Monsters?
Elder Dragons Banner.pngNew and Returning Elder Dragons Monster Hunter Rise - Weakness Chart.pngMonster Weakness Chart

Newly Announced Returning Monsters

These are all the returning monsters announced during the April 27th Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event highlighting Update 2.0!

All Confirmed Monsters for Update 2.0
chameleos.pngChameleos Kushala Daora.pngKushala Daora Teostra.pngTeostra

April 27th Digital Event: Livestream Coverage and Everything We Learned

Returning Monsters from Older Games



Teostra is confirmed to be returning in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)! Be careful of its Supernova attack or you will have an unplanned trip back to camp!

Teostra: Features and Latest Information

Kushala Daora

Kushala Daora.png

The metallic Elder Dragon Kushala Daora is making a comeback in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)! Brave the cold winds of this dragon and stand your ground!

Kushala Daora: Features and Latest Information


MHRise Chameleos Photo

Due to its sheer popularity, the announcement of Chameleos came hardly as a surprise! This slimy dragon turns invisible while simultaneously poisoning you in the process. You can't fight back if you can't see it!

Chameleos - Basic Information


MHRise Nargacuga Photo

Nargacuga is finally announced in the March 8th Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event along with Zinogre! Be careful for its swift attacks especially when enraged!

Nargacuga - Basic Information


MHRise Zinogre Photo

The electric doggo is back! We finally got a glimpse of Zinogre during the March 8th Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event where we see him fighting a Mizutsune!

Zinogre - Basic Information


MHRise Barroth Photo

Barroth is silently confirmed during the Light Bowgun showcase of Switch Skills. Be careful of its annoying mud attacks that can slow you down!

Barroth - Basic Information


Arzuros Confirmed

Arzuros appeared in the first official Monster Hunter Rise PV in a turf war with Tetranadon, a new confirmed monster.

How to Beat Arzuros

Royal Ludroth

Royal Ludroth Confirmed

The return of Royal Ludroth was confirmed in the second official Monster Hunter Rise PV. It is known for its body roll attack and its water breath attack. Hunters usually farm Dash Juices from it.

Royal Ludroth - Basic Information and Armor Sets

Great Wroggi

Great Wroggi Confirmed

Like Royal Ludroth, the Great Wroggi was confirmed in the second official Monster Hunter Rise PV. It is known to spit poison in unison together with smaller Wroggies around it.
Great Wroggi - Basic Information and Armor Sets



Rathalos was confirmed in the second official Monster Hunter Rise PV. This confirmation is not surprising considering Rathalos has appeared in all Monster Hunter games by far.

Rathalos - Basic Information and Armor Sets



During the second official PV, Khezu's characteristic cry and lightning balls were observed until finally it was confirmed in the Monster Hunter Rise TV commercial.

It is now officially announced as a returning monster during the January 7th, Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event! Be ready for its creepy shrieks and dangerous lightning attacks in Monster Hunter Rise!

Khezu - Basic Information and Armor Sets

Great Baggi

Great Baggi.jpg

Yes, Great Baggi is finally confirmed! It was announced during the January 7th, Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event along with other returning monsters. Be wary of this beast because it induces sleep which is a nightmare when in a turf war!

Great Baggi - Basic Information


Rathian Confirmed

Rathian appeared as the enemy in the Great Sword weapon introduction video. Like Rathalos, Rathian appeared in all Monster Hunter games so its confirmation is hardly a surprise.

How to Beat Rathian



Basarios equipment can be seen during the Hunting Horn weapon introduction video and finally was announced in the February 17th Nintendo Direct!

Basarios - Basic Information and Armor Sets


Miztusune Digital Event.jpg

Mizutsune was confirmed at the January 7th, Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event! This monster is last seen in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and was well-loved because of its graceful moves and attacks.

Mizutsune can be hunted in the recently released demo so try it out!

How to Beat Mizutsune



Lagombi was announced during the January 7th, Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event! Be careful of its snowball attacks and swift slide movements that will challenge your abilities!

Lagombi - Basic Information



Volvidon is a staple of the volcanic regions in the old games and was announced along with the new Lava Caverns map in the February 17th Nintendo Direct!

Volvidon - Basic Information



We last saw Barioth with his subspecies in Monster Hunter World and now he is back for more! Avoid his ice attacks especially the mini tornado that it creates with its wings!

Barioth - Basic Information



Tigrex is back! It was announced in the recently concluded January 7th, Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event as a returning monster. Be very wary, this monster is so powerful even its roars can hurt you!

Tigrex - Basic Information and Armor Sets



Diablos was announced in the February 17th Nintendo Direct as a returning monster joining The Rampage!

Diablos - Basic Information



Along with Diablos, Rajang was also announced! This ferocious beast is back to haunt all us once again!

Rajang - Basic Information

Returning Monsters from Monster Hunter World


Bazel Face.png

Bazelgeuse is returning in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)! This flying bomber wyvern invades your hunts so bring some Dung Bombs if you can!

How to Beat Bazelgeuse: Weakness and Material Drops

Tobi Kadachi

Tobi Kadachi Confirmed

Tobi Kadachi was first shown during the first PV, and finally in the Light Bowgun weapon introduction video. Take note of its characteristic lightning and claw attacks!
Tobi-Kadachi - Basic Information and Armor Sets


Pukei-Pukei Confirmed

The Pukei-Pukei was confirmed in the Lance weapon introduction video. It is a poison monster that first appeared in Monster Hunter World, but fans love it because of its cute appearance.
Pukei-Pukei - Basic Information


Anjanath Confirmed

In the Hammer weapon introduction video, Anjanath was confirmed to be included in the Monster Hunter Rise monster roster. It was first introduced in Monster Hunter World and is considered the first difficult monster to fight during the campaign.

Anjanath - Basic Information


Kulu-Ya-Ku Confirmed

Kulu-Ya-Ku was introduced in the Sword & Shield weapon introduction video. Though not a very strong monster, fans loved making layered armor from its parts in Monster Hunter World so expect the same in Monster Hunter Rise.

Kulu-Ya-Ku - Basic Information


Jyuratodus Confirmed

Jyuratodus was first confirmed in the Insect Glaive weapon introduction video. It did not have a strong presence in Monster Hunter World so we are excited for what is to come for Jyuratodus in Rise.

Jyuratodus - Basic Information and Armor Sets

Expected Future Announcements



Laguacrus is a popular monster that first appeared in Monster Hunter 3. It was expected to be announced in Monster Hunter World, only to be forgotten.

However, with the confirmation of Royal Ludroth and Mizutsune, we can expect Lagiacrus to appear in Rise because of the similarity in the skeletal model.


Najarala was first introduced in Monster Hunter 4 and fit the newly introduced verticality feature very well. With Monster Hunter Rise boasting a new verticality feature again, we think Najarala will be confirmed for Rise!

Great Jagras

Great Jagras Returning

Great Jagras appeared first in Monster Hunter World and we will not be surprised if it is announced in Monster Hunter Rise considering smaller Jagrases appeared in the Shrine Ruins!



When you go to Shrine Ruins Area 9, you will see a couple of Bullfangos ready to ram you. Their presence made us think that their pack leader, the Bulldrome is set to return!

Returning Small Monsters

Recognize any of these little guys? Here's a list of all the small monsters confirmed to be returning in Monster Hunter Rise!

Small Monsters
Altaroth.pngAltaroth Anteka.pngAnteka Baggi.pngBaggi
Bnahabra.pngBnahabra Bullfango.pngBullfango Delex.pngDelex
Felyne.pngFelyne Gajau.pngGajau Gargwa.pngGargwa
Jaggi.pngJaggi Jaggia.pngJaggia Jagras.pngJagras
Kelbi.pngKelbi Kestodon.pngKestodon Ludroth.pngLudroth
Melynx.pngMelynx Popo.pngPopo Remobra.pngRemobra
Rhenoplos.pngRhenoplos Slagtoth.pngSlagtoth Uroktor.pngUroktor
Wroggi.pngWroggi Zamite.pngZamite

Small Monsters List

Monsters Desired by the Walkthrough Team



Nergigante first appeared in Monster Hunter World and became an instant classic. It is one of those monsters with a mechanic that keeps Hunters on their toes!



Amatsumagatsuchi first appeared in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. It is a powerful Elder Dragon with the ability to manipulate storms during its fight. We honestly want Amatsu because of the sheer beauty of the whole fight as well as the BGM.

Gore Magala / Shagaru Magala

Gore Magala

Like Nergigante, Gore Magala and its Elder Dragon 'evolution' Shagaru Magala is one of those monsters that keep Hunters on their toes because of the Frenzy mechanic. Though a long shot, we want the Magalas to return in Rise!

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Monster Guides by Rank

Village Rank ★2

2-Star Large Monsters
Great Izuchi Icon.pngGreat Izuchi Arzuros Icon.pngArzuros Great Baggi Icon.pngGreat Baggi Lagombi Icon.pngLagombi

Village Rank ★3

3-Star Large Monsters
Aknosom Icon.pngAknosom Tetranadon Icon.pngTetranadon Kulu-Ya-Ku Icon.pngKulu-Ya-Ku Barroth Icon.pngBarroth
Great Wroggi Icon.pngGreat Wroggi Royal Ludroth Icon.pngRoyal Ludroth Khezu Icon.pngKhezu

Village Rank ★4

4-Star Large Monsters
Bishaten Icon.pngBishaten Somnacanth Icon.pngSomnacanth Barioth Icon.pngBarioth Rathian Icon.pngRathian
Tobi-Kadachi Icon.pngTobi-Kadachi Volvidon Icon.pngVolvidon Basarios Icon.pngBasarios Pukei-Pukei Icon.pngPukei-Pukei

Village Rank ★5

5-Star Large Monsters
Magnamalo Icon.pngMagnamalo Nargacuga Icon.pngNargacuga Zinogre Icon.pngZinogre Anjanath Icon.pngAnjanath
Mizutsune Icon.pngMizutsune Rathalos Icon.pngRathalos

Village Rank ★6

6-Star Large Monsters
Almudron Icon.pngAlmudron Goss Harag Icon.pngGoss Harag Tigrex Icon.pngTigrex Diablos Icon.pngDiablos

High Rank Hub Quests

High Rank Large Monsters
Jyuratodus Icon.pngJyuratodus Rajang Icon.pngRajang Rakna-Kadaki Icon.pngRakna-Kadaki Bazelgeuse Icon.pngBazelgeuse

Elder Dragons

Elder Dragons
Narwa the Allmother Icon.pngNarwa the Allmother
Wind Serpent Ibushi Icon.pngWind Serpent Ibushi Thunder Serpent Narwa Icon.pngThunder Serpent Narwa Crimson Glow Valstrax Icon.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax
Chameleos Icon.pngChameleos Kushala Daora Icon.pngKushala Daora Teostra Icon.pngTeostra

Apex Monsters

Apex Monsters
Apex Arzuros Icon.pngApex Arzuros Apex Rathian Icon.pngApex Rathian Apex Mizutsune Icon.pngApex Mizutsune
Apex Rathalos Icon.pngApex Rathalos Apex Diablos Icon.pngApex Diablos Apex Zinogre Icon.pngApex Zinogre

Small Monsters

Small Monsters
Altaroth Icon.pngAltaroth Anteka Icon.pngAnteka Baggi Icon.pngBaggi Bnahabra Icon.pngBnahabra
Bombadgy Icon.pngBombadgy Bullfango Icon.pngBullfango Delex Icon.pngDelex Felyne Icon.pngFelyne
Gajau Icon.pngGajau Gargwa Icon.pngGargwa Izuchi Icon.pngIzuchi Jaggi Icon.pngJaggi
Jaggia Icon.pngJaggia Jagras Icon.pngJagras Kelbi Icon.pngKelbi Kestodon Icon.pngKestodon
Ludroth Icon.pngLudroth Melynx Icon.pngMelynx Popo Icon.pngPopo Rachnoid Icon.pngRachnoid
Remobra Icon.pngRemobra Rhenoplos Icon.pngRhenoplos Slagtoth Icon.pngSlagtoth Uroktor Icon.pngUroktor
Wroggi Icon.pngWroggi Zamite Icon.pngZamite

Small Monsters

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