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This is Game8's Questions Board for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). The Questions Board is a forum for asking questions and getting advice from experienced players. If someone else answers your question, pay it forward!

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19 MH Walkthrough Team@Game89 monthsReport

Hi Anon! Thanks for sharing. Xenojiva is part of the Monster Hunter: World (MHW) game and we suggest that you and your son check out the Xenojiva page ( You can find related quests on the page that can help give ideas for the card. Hope this helps!

18 Anonymous9 monthsReport

My son is autistic and makes personalized Christmas cards for each person. My nephew is a gamer & loves MH so my son makes him a MH inspired card every year. Part of that card is creating quests for my nephew. He asked me for some ideas but, I know nothing about the game & am lost. Any ideas for quest including Xenojiva

15 Anonymous@Game8over 1 yearReport

Hey Jon! Have you gone through the weapons that go before them? They're the last ones in the tree and you can only get to them by upgrading the weapons that came first. So for Araknamortar, you need to craft the Iron Assault I > Wind Thief Crossbow I, II, II > Fulgent Shot I, II > Araknamortar. Here's the Heavy Bowgun tree so you can check out how to get to Araknamortar and Meteor Cannon: Let us know if this helped or not!

14 Jonover 1 yearReport

I do not see Araknamortar or Meteor Cannon in my weapon tree although I have completed every sing quest and i have the materials required for craft. Anyone know the reason behind this?

13 Blazeover 2 yearsReport

Thanks I'm glad that this got somewhat cleared up for me can't wait to see what the future holds for monster hunter rise.

12 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

So far we don't know if any new monster will be added in the near future, and we can assume with the G rank expansion or other updates that we should get at least some returning monsters, when those happen however, we don't know. And it's good your enjoying rise!

11 Blazeover 2 yearsReport

Hello I was wondering I was looking at the updates for the future and I have been looking for anything on the topic but to no avail I was wondering if there will be any new monsters in the possible future it would be cool to see more monsters from other monster hunter games like from freedom unite or world or even iceborn I'm just curious I mean I almost have done everything so far and I love this game so much I haven't stopped playing it on my switch if it's possible I would love to know.

10 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Each upgrade level adds 2 points to defense. Depending on rarity the armor will have different levels to max up to. Take the total levels minus one and multiply by 2 to get the total defense plus what the armor started with.

9 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Is there any way to see the max defense/level on a piece of armor before I buy it?

8 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

The dangos are definitely more potent as you go higher (more health and stam, better benefits). Your Petalaces are also levelled up. Plus you can get way better armor + weapons.

7 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

What’s the purpose of HR beside unlocking more stuffs? Does it give more health, stamina, attack?

6 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Dat's where I got mine

5 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Hey. Try the Fish Nodes on HR meowcenaries

4 Huntressover 2 yearsReport

Where the bloody heck do I find Humble Scrap+?

3 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Prolly a typo official naming from sites is Magnamalo

2 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

I saw that Magnamalo has two names: some shoos are selling Magnamalo Amiibo and some shops and selling Magbanaki Amiibo but they’re both the same monster. Why is that?

1 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Is it possible to view the armor and weapons we have equipped in the demo???

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