Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Light Bowgun Tree: List of All Light Bowguns

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This is a list of all Light Bowguns in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know all about the Light Bowguns, their damage, sharpness, elements, status effects, affinities, and available slots.

All Light Bowgun Guides
Light Bowgun 1Trees & Full List Light Bowgun 2How to Use Light Bowgun 3Best Builds

All Light Bowgun Trees

Defender Tree

    ┗Guardian Light Bowgun Attack Icon230

Kamura Tree

  ┃┣Kamura L. Bowgun IV Attack Icon130
  ┃┃┗Kamura L. Bowgun V Attack Icon150
  ┃┃ ┗Kamura Ninja L. Bowgun Attack Icon170
  ┃┃  ┗Kamura Warrior Crossbow Attack Icon250
  ┃┃   ┣Kamura Warrior Crossbow+ Attack Icon290
  ┃┃   ┃┗Fine Kamura Crossbow Attack Icon330
  ┃┃   ┗Duke's Arquebus Attack Icon320
  ┃┃    ┗Vigil Kugel Attack Icon330
  ┃┣Hidden Eye I Attack Icon100 Affinity Icon35%
  ┃┃┗Hidden Eye II Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon35%
  ┃┃ ┃Night Owl Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon40%
  ┃┃ ┃┗Nightstrix Attack Icon260 Affinity Icon40%
  ┃┃ ┃ ┗Nightstrix+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon40%
  ┃┃ ┃ ┃┗Avidya Eye Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon40%
  ┃┃ ┃ ┗Kaus Borealis's Asterism Attack Icon340
  ┃┃ ┗Lumier Bowgun I Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon30%
  ┃┃  ┗Lumier Bowgun II Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon30%
  ┃┃   ┗Araknabolt Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon35%
  ┃┃    ┗Araknablaster Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon35%
  ┃┃     ┣Araknablaster+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon35%
  ┃┃     ┃┗Ceaseless Shadow Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon35%
  ┃┃     ┗Carmin Lantern Attack Icon320
  ┃┃      ┗Carmin Lantern+ Attack Icon330
  ┃┃       ┗Luci Da Lavater Attack Icon340
  ┃┗Lotus Bowgun I Attack Icon100
  ┃ ┗Lotus Bowgun II Attack Icon170
  ┃  ┗Great Lotus Bowgun Attack Icon180
  ┃   ┣Redeemer's Lotus Attack Icon270
  ┃   ┃┗Redeemer's Lotus+ Attack Icon290
  ┃   ┃ ┗Lord Redeemer's Iron Attack Icon320
  ┃   ┗Glory Lotus Bowgun Attack Icon250
  ┃    ┗Glory Lotus Bowgun+ Attack Icon280
  ┃     ┗Savior's Lotus Attack Icon330
  ┣Khezu Syringe I Attack Icon80
  ┃┗Khezu Syringe II Attack Icon90
  ┃ ┗Khezu Syringe III Attack Icon140
  ┃  ┗Khezu Hypo Attack Icon160
  ┃   ┗Khezu Hypo+ Attack Icon260
  ┃    ┗Hypodermic Miracle Attack Icon290
  ┃     ┗Hypodermic Miracle+ Attack Icon330
  ┗Shotgun (Viper) I Attack Icon70
   ┣Shotgun (Viper) II Attack Icon80
   ┃┗Shotgun (Viper) III Attack Icon130
   ┃ ┗Bullet Rain (Viper) Attack Icon140
   ┃  ┗Bullet Rain (Viper)+ Attack Icon320
   ┃   ┗Bullet Storm (Viper) Attack Icon330
   ┗Barro Barrel I Attack Icon100
    ┗Barro Barrel II Attack Icon130
     ┣Barro Blaster Attack Icon180
     ┃┗Barro Blaster+ Attack Icon240
     ┃ ┗Barrozooka Attack Icon260
     ┃  ┗Barrozooka+ Attack Icon320
     ┗Gossgun I Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon-15%
      ┗Gossgun II Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon-15%
       ┗Gossgun III Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon-15%
        ┗Abominable Bowgun Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-15%
         ┗Gross Gossgun Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon-15%
          ┗Gross Gossgun+ Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-15%
           ┗Abominable Snowshot Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-15%

Primordial Tree

Silver Shooter Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon0%

Ore Tree

 ┃┣Sniper Shot Attack Icon110
 ┃┃┣Jaeger I Attack Icon120
 ┃┃┃┗Jaeger II Attack Icon150
 ┃┃┃ ┗Jaeger Prime Attack Icon170
 ┃┃┃  ┣Jaeger Prime II Attack Icon250
 ┃┃┃  ┃┗Jaeger Prime III Attack Icon290
 ┃┃┃  ┃ ┗Ironclad Jaeger Attack Icon330
 ┃┃┃  ┣Frostbiter Attack Icon310
 ┃┃┃  ┃┗Frostbiter+ Attack Icon320
 ┃┃┃  ┃ ┗Icecloak Bowgun Attack Icon330
 ┃┃┃  ┗Astalos Joltrender Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20%
 ┃┃┃   ┗Astalos Joltrender+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20%
 ┃┃┃    ┗Astalos Flashblaster Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20%
 ┃┃┗Usurper's Crime I Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃ ┣Usurper's Crime II Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃ ┃┗Despot's Wildfire Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗Despot's Wildfire+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃ ┃  ┗Oppressor's Rift Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃ ┗Almudron Bowgun I Attack Icon140
 ┃┃  ┗Almudron Bowgun II Attack Icon150
 ┃┃   ┗Doom Bringer Bowgun Attack Icon180
 ┃┃    ┣Fatal Bringer Bowgun Attack Icon280
 ┃┃    ┃┗Fatal Bringer Bowgun+ Attack Icon310
 ┃┃    ┃ ┗Peace Bringer Attack Icon320
 ┃┃    ┗Magma Weaver Attack Icon300
 ┃┃     ┗Magma Weaver+ Attack Icon310
 ┃┃      ┗Magma Flare Attack Icon320
 ┃┗Scale Tornado I Attack Icon110
 ┃ ┣Scale Tornado II Attack Icon150
 ┃ ┃┗Uroktor Vortex Attack Icon190
 ┃ ┃ ┗Uroktor Vortex+ Attack Icon310
 ┃ ┃  ┗Uroktor Tempest Attack Icon330
 ┃ ┗Desolate Mist I Attack Icon110 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃  ┗Desolate Mist II Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃   ┗Nifl Mist Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃    ┗Nifl Mist+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃     ┣Encroaching Mist Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃     ┃ ┗Encroaching Mist+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃     ┗Pure Bowgun Yao Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10%
  ┗Wind Thief L. Bowgun II Attack Icon80 Affinity Icon10%
   ┣Wind Thief L. Bowgun III Attack Icon140 Affinity Icon15%
   ┃┣Gale Bowgun Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon15%
   ┃┃ ┗Gale Bowgun+ Attack Icon240 Affinity Icon15%
   ┃┃  ┗Great Gale Bowgun Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon15%
   ┃┗Flammengenwehr I Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-30%
   ┃ ┗Flammengewehr II Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-30%
   ┃  ┗Furious Flammengewehr Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon-30%
   ┃   ┗Furious Flammenkanone+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon-30%
   ┃    ┗Hellfire Harbinger Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-30%
   ┃     ┗Hellfire Harbinger+ Attack Icon370 Affinity Icon-30%
   ┗Valkyrie Fire I Attack Icon100
    ┗Valkyrie Fire II Attack Icon180
     ┣Valkyrie Blaze Attack Icon190
     ┃┗Valkyrie Blaze+ Attack Icon280
     ┃ ┣Fierce Moss Green Attack Icon330
     ┃ ┃┗Fierce Moss Green+ Attack Icon350
     ┃ ┗Gold Valkyrie Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon25%
     ┗Rosengewehr Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10%
      ┣Rosengewehr+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10%
      ┃ ┗Rosensiegen Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon10%
      ┗Kaktus Siegen Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon15%

Bone Tree

 ┗Cross Bowgun II Attack Icon100
  ┣Cross Blitz Attack Icon110
  ┃┣Yakt Shooter I Attack Icon110 Affinity Icon10%
  ┃┃┗Yakt Shooter II Attack Icon150 Affinity Icon10%
  ┃┃ ┣Wyvern Chaser Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon10%
  ┃┃ ┃┣Wyvern Chaser+ Attack Icon250 Affinity Icon10%
  ┃┃ ┃┃┣Dark Hunter Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon10%
  ┃┃ ┃┃┃┗Dark Hunter+ Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon10%
  ┃┃ ┃┃┗Rasasa Bowgun Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20%
  ┃┃ ┃┃ ┗Rasasa Bowgun+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20%
  ┃┃ ┃┃  ┗Rebel Stopper Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20%
  ┃┃ ┃┣Striped Shell Attack Icon240
  ┃┃ ┃┃┗Striped Shell+ Attack Icon280
  ┃┃ ┃┃ ┗Daimyo Pincer Attack Icon320
  ┃┃ ┃┗Hornet Gun Attack Icon240
  ┃┃ ┃ ┗Hornet Gun+ Attack Icon280
  ┃┃ ┃  ┗Carapace Cannon Attack Icon320
  ┃┃ ┗Wishing Star I Attack Icon170
  ┃┃  ┗Wishing Star II Attack Icon180
  ┃┃   ┗Comet Bolt Attack Icon200
  ┃┃    ┗Comet Bolt+ Attack Icon270
  ┃┃     ┗Valtos Gill Attack Icon300
  ┃┃      ┗Valtos Gill+ Attack Icon340
  ┃┣Rathling Gun I Attack Icon120
  ┃┃┗Rathling Gun II Attack Icon180
  ┃┃ ┗Rathling Phoenix Attack Icon190
  ┃┃  ┗Rathling Phoenix+ Attack Icon310
  ┃┃   ┣Seering Rathling Phoenix Attack Icon340
  ┃┃   ┗Silver Rathling Phoenix Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon20%
  ┃┣Blizzard Cannon I Attack Icon80 Affinity Icon15%
  ┃┃┗Blizzard Cannon II Attack Icon150 Affinity Icon20%
  ┃┃ ┗Blizzard Volley Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon25%
  ┃┃  ┗Blizzard Squall Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon25%
  ┃┃   ┗Blizzard Squall+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon25%
  ┃┃    ┗Tabula Blizzara Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon25%
  ┃┗Grenade Launcher I Attack Icon90
  ┃ ┗Grenade Launcher II Attack Icon130
  ┃  ┗Grenade Launcher III Attack Icon160
  ┃   ┣Grenade Revolver Attack Icon190
  ┃   ┃┗Grenade Revolver+ Attack Icon280
  ┃   ┃ ┗Volarevolver Attack Icon350
  ┃   ┗Tigrex Tank I Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃    ┗Tigrex Tank II Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃     ┗Tigrex Wargun Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃      ┗Tigrex Wargun+ Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃       ┗Great Tigrex Wargun Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃        ┗Great Tigrex Wargun+ Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┗Royal Launcher I Attack Icon100
   ┗Royal Launcher II Attack Icon110
    ┗Royal Torrent Attack Icon170
     ┣Royal Torrent+ Attack Icon240
     ┃┗Royal Tempest Attack Icon280
     ┃ ┗Royal Tempest+ Attack Icon330
     ┗Golm Assaulter Attack Icon330
      ┗Golm Assaulter+ Attack Icon350
       ┗Grand Cross Attack Icon370

Magnamalo Tree

   ┗Sinister Shadow Bolt+ Attack Icon315
    ┗Tormented Shadow Bolt Attack Icon330
     ┗Blue Blaze Bolt Attack Icon340

Gore Magala Tree

 ┣Fäulnisschleuder+ Attack Icon330Affinity Icon20%
 ┃┗Teufelsschleuder Attack Icon340Affinity Icon20%
 ┗La Lumière Attack Icon300Affinity Icon35%
 ┃┗La Vertu Attack Icon310Affinity Icon35%
 ┗Fäulnis/Vertu Attack Icon340Affinity Icon-20% / 10%

Rajang Tree

Rajang Barrage I Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┗Rajang Barrage II Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon-15%
  ┗Ten Thousand Volts Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-15%
   ┗Ten Thousand Volts+ Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-15%
    ┗Ten Million Volts Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-10%

Furious Rajang Tree

Ibushi Tree

  ┗Abyssal Gale Bolt Attack Icon190
   ┗Shearing Wind Attack Icon330

Narwa Tree

  ┗Cascading Thunder Attack Icon340

Bazelgeuse Tree

 ┗Rookslayer Bowgun II Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-10%
  ┗Bazelfetter Rookslayer Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-10%
   ┗Bazelvalor Rookslayer Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-10%
    ┗Bazelcore Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-10%

Kushala Daora Tree

Icesteel Wasp I Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon10%
 ┗Daora's Hornet Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon10%
  ┗Daora's Hornet+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10%
   ┗Daora's Yellowjacket Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon10%

Teostra Tree

 ┗Teostra's Flamebolt Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon5%
  ┗Teostra's Flamebolt+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon5%
   ┗Teostra's Flamepiercer Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon5%

Chameleos Tree

Blessed Lamp I Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon20%
 ┗Cursed Lamp Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon20%
  ┗Cursed Lamp+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20%
   ┗Genie's Lamp Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon20%

Valstrax Tree

  ┗Elder's Grace Attack Icon330

Gaismagorm Tree

Abyssal Hailstorm Attack Icon380 Affinity Icon-15%

Velkhana Tree

Amatsu Tree

Wicked Needle Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-20%

Canyne Tree

  ┗Watchdog's Howl Attack Icon170
   ┗Watchdog's Howl+ Attack Icon310
    ┗Roaring Bowgun Attack Icon340

Makluva Tree

  ┗Springnight Spawn Attack Icon160
   ┗Springnight Spawn+ Attack Icon300
    ┗Springnight Finshot Attack Icon340

Royal Order Tree

Antique Machina Tree

Rampage Tree

   ┗Rampage L. Bowgun IV Attack Icon170
    ┗Rampage L. Bowgun V Attack Icon180
     ┗Rampage L. Bowgun S Attack Icon190

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