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Crafting List and How to Craft Items

This is a guide to Crafting in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn how to craft items, all crafting recipes and materials, and auto crafting.

How to Craft Items

Craft in the Start Menu

Start Menu Crafting.jpeg

The most straightforward method to craft items is via the Crafting List in the Start Menu. Just press the + button then choose Crafting List. Items that can be crafted will be highlighted in white while those that you can't is highlighted in grey.

Take note that this method only takes into consideration the materials in your Item Pouch!

Craft While Inside the Camp Tent

Camp Tent Crafting.jpgEnlarge

You may also craft while in the Camp Tent. Just enter your Camp Tent, pick your Item Box, choose Manage Items, and choose Crafting List. It will have the same interface with crafting via the Start Menu but this time will consider items in your Item Box! We think this method is the most efficient way to craft!

Assign Crafting to the Radial Menu

Radial Menu Crafting.jpgEnlarge

While hunting, you may also assign crafting a certain item in the Radial Menu. This enables you to quickly craft an item mid-hunt!


Auto-craft Toggle.jpgEnlarge

The auto-craft feature from Monster Hunter World is back! To do this go to the Crafting List, press the Y button, and choose Auto-craft Settings. From there you may check items you want the game to automatically craft. Take note that automatic crafting only happens when you have the complete material in your Item Pouch and the item count is not capped!

Also, if you want to take home a specific item make sure that it is not an auto-crafting material ie. when collecting Honey, turn off Mega Potions auto-crafting!

Crafting List

Healing / Support Items

Item Type Directory
Healing / Support Items Traps / Offense Items Ammo / Coatings Items
# Item Material 1 Material 2
001 Potion.pngPotion Herb ---
002 Mega Potion.pngMega Potion Potion Honey
003 First-aid Med+.pngFirst-aid Med+ First-aid Med Honey
004 Antidote.pngAntidote Antidote Herb ---
005 Herbal Medicine.pngHerbal Medicine Antidote Blue Mushroom
006 Catalyst.pngCatalyst Bitterbug Honey
007 Immunizer.pngImmunizer Bitterbug Mandragora
008 Cleanser.pngCleanser Fire Herb Popfish
009 Max Potion.pngMax Potion Catalyst Mandragora
010 Ancient Potion.pngAncient Potion Immunizer Kelbi Horn
011 Lifepowder.pngLifepowder Godbug Blue Mushroom
012 Dust of Life.pngDust of Life Godbug Gloamgrass Bud
013 Herbal Powder.pngHerbal Powder Godbug Herbal Medicine
014 Energy Drink.pngEnergy Drink Nitroshroom Honey
015 Dash Juice.pngDash Juice Catalyst Dash Extract
016 Demondrug.pngDemondrug Catalyst Might Seed
017 Mega Demondrug.pngMega Demondrug Pale Extract Demondrug
018 Demon Powder.pngDemon Powder Godbug Might Seed
019 Armorskin.pngArmorskin Catalyst Adamant Seed
020 Mega Armorskin.pngMega Armorskin Pale Extract Armorskin
021 Hardshell Powder.pngHardshell Powder Godbug Adamant Seed
022 Deodorant.pngDeodorant Sunscorned Grass ---
023 Farcaster.pngFarcaster Smokenut Exciteshroom
093 Powertalon.pngPowertalon Powercharm Ibushi Claw+
094 Armortalon.pngArmortalon Armorcharm Ibushi Claw+

Traps / Offense Items

Item Type Directory
Healing / Support Items Traps / Offense Items Ammo / Coatings Items
# Item Material 1 Material 2
024 Poison Smoke Bomb.pngPoison Smoke Bomb Smokenut Toadstool
025 Flash Bomb.pngFlash Bomb Flashbug ---
026 Sonic Bomb.pngSonic Bomb Screamer Sac ---
027 Dung Bomb.pngDung Bomb Dung ---
028 Gunpowder.pngGunpowder Fire Herb Nitroshroom
029 Barrel Bomb.pngBarrel Bomb Fire Herb Small Barrel
030 Large Barrel Bomb.pngLarge Barrel Bomb Gunpowder Large Barrel
031 Mega Barrel Bomb.pngMega Barrel Bomb Scatterfish Large Barrel Bomb
032 Poisoned Meat.pngPoisoned Meat Raw Meat Toadstool
033 Tinged Meat.pngTinged Meat Raw Meat Parashroom
034 Drugged Meat.pngDrugged Meat Raw Meat Sleep Herb
035 Net.pngNet Ivy Spider Web
036 Pitfall Trap.pngPitfall Trap Trap Tool Net
037 Shock Trap.pngShock Trap Trap Tool Thunderbug
038 Tranq Bomb.pngTranq Bomb Sleep Herb Parashroom
095 Unavailable.pngExploding Kunai Gray Seed ---
096 Unavailable.pngFire Barrel Bomb Crimson Seed ---
097 Unavailable.pngWater Barrel Bomb Blue Seed ---
098 Unavailable.pngThunder Barrel Bomb Gold Seed ---
099 Unavailable.pngIce Barrel Bomb Silver Seed ---

Ammo / Coatings Items

Item Type Directory
Healing / Support Items Traps / Offense Items Ammo / Coatings Items
# Item Material 1 Material 2
039 Tranq Ammo.pngTranq Ammo Tranq Bomb Normal Ammo 1
040 Power Coating.pngPower Coating Empty Phial Nitroshroom
041 Poison Coating.pngPoison Coating Empty Phial Toadstool
042 Para Coating.pngPara Coating Empty Phial Parashroom
043 Sleep Coating.pngSleep Coating Empty Phial Sleep Herb
044 Blast Coating.pngBlast Coating Empty Phial Fire Herb
045 Exhaust Coating.pngExhaust Coating Empty Phial Exciteshroom
046 Normal Ammo 2.pngNormal Ammo 2 Normal Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv2
047 Normal Ammo 3.pngNormal Ammo 3 Normal Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv3
048 Pierce Ammo 1.pngPierce Ammo 1 Latchberry ---
049 Pierce Ammo 2.pngPierce Ammo 2 Pierce Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv2
050 Pierce Ammo 3.pngPierce Ammo 3 Pierce Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv3
051 Spread Ammo 1.pngSpread Ammo 1 Needleberry ---
052 Spread Ammo 2.pngSpread Ammo 2 Spread Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv2
053 Spread Ammo 3.pngSpread Ammo 3 Spread Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv3
054 Unavailable.pngShrapnel Ammo 1 Huskberry ---
055 Unavailable.pngShrapnel Ammo 2 Shrapnel Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv2
056 Unavailable.pngShrapnel Ammo 3 Shrapnel Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv3
057 Sticky Ammo 1.pngSticky Ammo 1 Blastnut ---
058 Sticky Ammo 2.pngSticky Ammo 2 Sticky Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv2
059 Sticky Ammo 3.pngSticky Ammo 3 Sticky Ammo 1 Gunpowder Lv3
060 Cluster Bomb 1.pngCluster Bomb 1 Bomberry ---
061 Cluster Bomb 2.pngCluster Bomb 2 Cluster Bomb 1 Gunpowder Lv2
062 Cluster Bomb 3.pngCluster Bomb 3 Cluster Bomb 1 Gunpowder Lv3
063 Poison Ammo 1.pngPoison Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Toadstool
064 Poison Ammo 2.pngPoison Ammo 2 Poison Ammo 1 Catalyst
065 Paralysis Ammo 1.pngParalysis Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Parashroom
066 Paralysis Ammo 2.pngParalysis Ammo 2 Paralysis Ammo 1 Catalyst
067 Sleep Ammo 1.pngSleep Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Sleep Herb
068 Sleep Ammo 2.pngSleep Ammo 2 Sleep Ammo 1 Catalyst
069 Exhaust Ammo 1.pngExhaust Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Exciteshroom
070 Exhaust Ammo 2.pngExhaust Ammo 2 Exhaust Ammo 1 Catalyst
071 Recover Ammo 1.pngRecover Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Potion
072 Recover Ammo 2.pngRecover Ammo 2 Recover Ammo 1 Catalyst
073 Demon Ammo.pngDemon Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Might Seed
074 Armor Ammo.pngArmor Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Adamant Seed
075 Flaming Ammo.pngFlaming Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Fire Herb
076 Piercing Fire Ammo.pngPiercing Fire Ammo Pierce Ammo 1 Fire Herb
077 Water Ammo.pngWater Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Flowfern
078 Piercing Water Ammo.pngPiercing Water Ammo Pierce Ammo 1 Flowfern
079 Freeze Ammo.pngFreeze Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Snow Herb
080 Piercing Ice Ammo.pngPiercing Ice Ammo Pierce Ammo 1 Snow Herb
081 Thunder Ammo.pngThunder Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Thunderbug
082 Piercing Thunder Ammo.pngPiercing Thunder Ammo Pierce Ammo 1 Thunderbug
083 Dragon Ammo.pngDragon Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Dragonfell Berry
084 Piercing Dragon Ammo.pngPiercing Dragon Ammo Pierce Ammo 1 Dragonfell Berry
085 Slicing Ammo.pngSlicing Ammo Slashberry ---
086 Wyvern Ammo.pngWyvern Ammo Dragonstrike Nut ---
087 Gunpowder Lv2.pngGunpowder Lv2 Flamenut ---
088 Gunpowder Lv2.pngGunpowder Lv2 Combustuna Fire Herb
089 Gunpowder Lv2.pngGunpowder Lv2 Big Combustuna Fire Herb
090 Gunpowder Lv3.pngGunpowder Lv3 Blazenut ---
091 Gunpowder Lv3.pngGunpowder Lv3 Flamefin Fire Herb
092 Gunpowder Lv3.pngGunpowder Lv3 Great Flamefin Fire Herb

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