Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

June 14th E3 2021 Livestream | Monster Hunter Rise

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E3 2021 Capcom Showcase Banner

This is a summary of the Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) content from the E3 2021 Capcom showcase livestream. Read on for the livestream date and time, where to watch, and details on Update 3.1 Release Date, New Collabs, and more!

Where to Watch the Capcom Showcase

Capcom Showcase Livestream

Capcom Showcase E3 2021

Capcom Showcase Date 6/14 2:30 PM (PDT)

The E3 2021 Capcom Showcase was viewed from the links below on June 14th, 2021.

Where to Watch
Twitter Icon.png Youtube Icon Youtube
Twitter Icon Twitter Facebook Icon Facebook

New Content and Updates

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Collaboration

In celebration for the launch of Monster Hunter Stories 2, there was an event quest, Bird Wyverns of Ruin?, released on June 18th that granted a Tsukino Palico Layered Armor as a Quest Reward.

Tsukino Layered Armor Set

Tsukino Layered Armor (Palico)

Update Version 3.1 - June 24th

MH Rise Ver. 3.1

Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.1 launched on June 24th, 2021 with new Event Quests and DLC!

Keep an eye on our Update Roadmap and Schedule article for more info on MH Rise's content rollout.

Update Roadmap and Schedule

New Event Quests

There are Five new event quests for Update 3.1.

New Event Quests Target Monsters
Event Quest_Almudron: Fashion Victim.pngAlmudron: Fashion Victim
Released: June 25th
Almudron IconAlmudron
Event Quest_Fooled in the Flooded Forest.pngFooled in the Flooded Forest
Released: July 2nd
Rampage Quest_Muddi Gras.pngRampage: Muddi Gras
Released: July 2nd
Almudron IconAlmudron
Rampage Quest
Heart of a Hero
Tigrex IconDiablos Icon.png
Tigrex & Diablos
An Icy Blade So Bright Goss Harag Icon.pngGoss Harag

List of Event Quests: Event Quest Schedule and Roadmap

Event Quest Rewards

New gestures and cosmetic armors will be included as Event Quest Rewards.

New Event Quest Rewards
Black Leather Pants
Armor | Layered Armor
Shadow Shades
Armor | Layered Armor
Play Possum Gesture Festival Sticker Set


Update 3.1 will bring another batch of DLC to the Nintendo eShop for Monster Hunter Rise.

New Paid DLC
Layered Armor Layered Buddy Armor
Kagero Voice DLC Rondine Voice DLC
New Cohoot Skins New Gesture

List of DLC: DLC and Prices

Shakalaka and Gajalaka Could Return

According to the Monster Hunter Rise Dev Team, if there is high enough demand, the palico/feyline type monster, Shakalaka or Gajalaka may make a return!

No New Weapons on the Horizon

Currently, there are no plans to add new weapons to Monster Hunter Rise.

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Latest News and Game Info

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Capcom Spotlight News on Capcom's 2023 lineup, including Sunbreak console information
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November 2022 Digital Event A Digital Event revealing information about Free Title Update 3
Capcom Online Program at TGS 2022 A Capcom presentation with news about Free Title Update 2
August 9 Digital Event A Digital Event containing key information regarding Free Title Update 1
Nintendo Direct Mini June 2022 A Direct Mini video showcasing gameplay info for upcoming third-party Switch games
Capcom Showcase In-depth Infomation about upcoming Capcom games
May 2022 Digital Event New Information about Sunbreak Expansion DLC
March 2022 Digital Event Sunbreak News: Release Date, Garangolm, Blood Orange Bishaten, and Astalos
Capcom Online Program at TGS 2021 Sunbreak News: Lunagaron and Outpost Elgado
June 14th E3 Capcom Showcase New Information, Collaboration Events
May 26th Digital Event Update 3.0, New Monsters, New Ending
April 27th Digital Event Update 2.0, New Monsters, Hunter Rank Information
March 9th Digital Event Goss Harag and Rampage Stream, Developer Interviews
March 8th Digital Event Second Demo Reveal, Returning Monsters and More Rampage
February 17th Nintendo Direct New Monsters and Maps, Rampage Details and Apex Monsters
January 7th Digital Event New Monsters and Maps, Demo Details

All Digital Events and Livestreams


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