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This is a comprehensive guide on how to fish, a list of fish, and fishing locations in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)! Read on to learn about fishing in-game as well as the list of fish you can catch!

How to Fish

① Approach the Pond

Once you are close to the natural fishing pond, a symbol will pop up close to your head accompanied by the word Fish. This symbol means that you can start fishing from the spot you are standing in.

Action Input
Choose Your Spot Buttons A.png

② Aim and Release

Shoot for the fish you want.png

Your HUD will change to an overview of the pond. From there, you can start choosing which fish you will be going for. You can adjust where you will cast your line as well as move the camera within a 360-degree rotation.

Action Input
Move the Line L Analog.png
Move the Camera R Analog.png
Cast the Line Buttons A.png

③ Wait Patiently

Patience is Virtue.png

You can see when the fish is biting when the water above the fish is disturbed. That means that one of the fish is near your bobber and is taking the bait.

④ Reel Them In!

They are as good as yours.png

The fish will then start thrashing about in the water. This is your cue to rapidly tap the A Button as you fight for control of your rod. With enough taps, the fish will then lose this battle and eventually will end in your hands.

Action Input
Catch that Fish (Press rapidly)Buttons A.png

Rare Fish List

Fish Name Location
Big Combustuna Shrine Ruins Area 13
Lava Caverns Area 10
Speartuna Lava Caverns Areas 1 & 3
Frost Islands Area 3
Platinumfish Shrine Ruins Area 6
Flooded Forest Area 5
King Brocadefish Lava Caverns Area 1
Frost Islands Area 11

List of All Fish

How to Find Fishing Spots

To save time for your hunts, you can find fishing spots easily with the help of your detailed map! Just make sure to change your map category to Icon List Selection.

Press the X Button to bring up the Icon List, then cycle to Materials 2. There you can find the Fishing Spot category by flipping through the list with your keypads. Select it by pressing the A Button which in turn will highlight the category.

Once you have done this, you will see all the available fishing spots on the map!

Different Locale Fishing Spots

Shrine Ruins

Shrine Ruins Map and Sub-Camp Locations

Frost Islands

Above Ground Underground

Frost Islands Map and Sub-Camp Locations

Sandy Plains

Above Ground Underground

Sandy Plains Map and Sub-Camp Locations

Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest Map and Sub-Camp Locations

Lava Caverns

Above Ground Underground

Lava Caverns Map and Sub-Camp Locations

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