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Sunbreak Master Rank: How to Get from MR 6 to MR 100 Fast

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MH Rise Sunbreak - How to Raise MR Fast

The Master Rank (MR) is the indicator of the player's overall progress and generally how much a player has played through the Sunbreak DLC in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to learn how to raise your MR quickly from 1 - 999 and the rewards for increasing your MR!

Hunter Rank Farm Guides
MH Rise - Hunter Rank Farm GuideHow to Raise HR Fast MH Rise Sunbreak - Master Rank Farm GuideHow to Raise MR Fast

How to Increase Master Rank Fast

Farming Methods
MR 1-6 MR 6-100+

(MR 1-6) Clear Outpost Quests

MH Rise Sunbreak - Clear Outpost Quests

For players who have not yet broken the MR 6 cap, the only way to increase your Master Rank (MR) is to clear specific Master Rank Quests at the Elgado Outpost.

Completing Key Quests will unlock Urgent Quests that will give you access to more monsters and progress the story. However, unlike High Rank, there are Urgent Quests that will not increase your Master Rank. Keep completing these Urgent Quests, and you'll eventually receive quests to increase your MR.

MR Urgent Quest Target
1★ Tetranadon Blockade Tetranadon
1→2★ Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins Blood Orange Bishaten
2★ Provoking an Anjanath's Wrath Anjanath
2→3★ A Rocky Rampage Garangolm
3★ Keep it Busy Aurora Somnacanth
3→4★ Ice Wolf, Red Moon Lunagaron
4★ In Search of the Doctor Astalos
4★ A Slumbering Jungle Espinas Espinas
4→5★ Witness by Moonlight Malzeno
5★ Dark Citadel, White Wheel Shagaru Magala
5★ Gathering of the Qurio Lunagaron
5→6★ Proof of Courage Gaismagorm

List of Urgent Quests

(MR 6-999) (TU5) Farm Brightly Shining Disaster

Rampages back then were one of the fastest ways to gain HR in High Rank, but they did not make a return to Master Rank.

The Event Quest Brightly Shining Disaster serves as the Master Rank alternative, and is one of the fastest ways to raise your MR quickly as of Title Update 5.

Completing it rewards enough MR points to level up your MR by several levels, depending on how high your rank is (observed to be at least 2 MR jumps around MR 300).

Can Be Cleared in Under Ten Minutes

MH Rise Sunbreak - Brightly Shining Disaster MR.PNG

Clearing this quest can be done in under 10 minutes provided you have the right gear and skill set. Exploit its Dragon and Fire weaknesses to clear this quest quickly!

Compared to multi-monster hunts, this quest takes significantly less time as the target is a single Shagaru Magala and takes place in the Arena.

Players who do not yet have access to this quest can check out Roar of the Black Eclipse in the next section!

Brightly Shining Disaster Quest and Rewards

(MR 6-999) (Pre-TU5) Farm Roar of the Black Eclipse

For players on PlayStation, Xbox, and on the Game Pass, who are still on the game's Title Update 3, Roar of the Black Eclipse is currently the fastest way to level your MR.

Like the above event quest, it can also be cleared quickly. The target for this one is instead a single Gore Magala.

Roar of the Black Eclipse Quest and Rewards

Anomaly Investigations are Viable

Anomaly Investigations, especially those involving multiple monsters, are also a good way of raising MR since you'll be increasing not just your Master Rank level but also your Anomaly Research Level.

While these will take longer thanks to the much higher HP of afflicted monsters, it should be a more efficient use of your time if you're also planning to grind up to the highest cap for Anomaly Investigations.

Anomaly Research Level:
How to Get Max Level Fast

Recommended Quests to Grind MR

Quest MR Points
Brightly Shining Disaster 7200
Lv 110 Investigation
(Afflicted Diablos + Seething Bazelgeuse)
Lv 45 Investigation
(Afflicted Jyuratodus + Astalos + Zinogre)
Advanced: Toxic Trio 4000*
Advanced: True King of the Skies 3600*
Advanced: Edge of Madness 3600*
Roar of the Black Eclipse 3520
Lv 36 Investigation
(Afflicted Pukei-Pukei + Somnacanth)
MR 10 Title Update Monsters
(Seething Bazelgeuse, Flaming Espinas, etc.)

*This is an estimation, so please take it with a grain of salt!

For your convenience, we've provided a few examples for the number of Master Rank Points gained from each quest.

Note that most Hub Quests only require MR 10 to join while Anomaly Investigations have a research level requirement that increases every 20 levels (ex. Lv 21 hunters can join up to Lv 40 investigations, Lv 41 hunters can join up to Lv 60 investigations).

Farm Join Requests

Join Requests.png

Depending on how many players there are online, participating Join Requests can be a viable alternative to farming MR. This is also a good method if you want to farm Afflicted Monsters and also increase your Anomaly Research Level.

This is helpful if you want to quickly get into the middle of a hunt fast and if you are having a hard time fighting a certain monster. Pair this with picking quests that give out a lot of MR points, and you can go for hours just grinding with other fellow hunters.

If you cannot go online, going on solo hunts is still the most consistent method of farming MR.

Join Requests Guide

How to Unlock Master Rank Caps (MR6+)

Complete Gaismagorm's Urgent Quest

Upon finishing the Gaismagorm Urgent Quest, Proof of Courage, you'll unlock the Master Rank level cap, which allows your Master Rank level to begin increasing after every completed quest.

Gaismagorm: Weakness and Drops

Master Rank Will Begin Increasing Gradually

For MR 1-5, your Master Rank level only advanced after clearing the required Urgent Quests. However, after unlocking the MR cap, you can start accumulating Master Rank points after clearing each quest, even when you hit a higher level cap.

If you have not completed an Urgent Quest for your cap to be unlocked at this point, your MR level will remain at the cap, but your rank will jump up after the cap unlock. It is important complete the Urgent Quests for access to more monsters and better gear.

The amount of Master Rank levels you gain depends on the quest. In general, quests with multiple monsters will yield more points.

Master Rank Caps and Unlock Conditions

Upon reaching each Master Rank Cap, players will be given Urgent Quests to unlock them. Completing these quests will unlock the cap and allow the player's Master Rank level to keep increasing.

With each new Master Rank Cap unlock, you will gain access to more quests and features, therefore better gear. Keep on ranking up, as some of the best armor pieces can be accessed for crafting by hunting Risen Elder Dragons beyond MR 100.

MR Cap How to Unlock New Features
10 Complete Afflicted Arzuros Urgent Quest ・A1★ Anomaly Quests
Anomaly Investigations
Afflicted Materials
・Rare 10 Weapons and Qurious Crafting
・New Decorations unlocked
・Master Rank Layered Armor becomes craftable
・Title Update Monsters
20 Complete Wind Serpent Ibushi Urgent Quest ・A2★ Anomaly Quests
30 Complete Narwa the Allmother Urgent Quest ・A3★ Anomaly Quests
50 Complete Furious Rajang Urgent Quest ・A4★ Anomaly Quests
・Furious Rajang Follower Quest
・MR Arena 06
70 Complete Crimson Glow Valstrax Urgent Quest -
100 Complete Scorned Magnamalo Urgent Quest -

Sunbreak Hub Quests

Master Rank (MR) Features and Mechanics

Indicates Your Overall Progress

The Master Rank (MR) is an indicator of the player's overall progress and experience through the Sunbreak DLC in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. The higher a player's Master Rank level is, the more quests and equipment a player has access to.

Like the Hunter Rank, your Master Rank level is increased by completing Master Rank quests. Completing High Rank or Low Rank Quests will not give you Master Rank points.

How to Unlock Master Rank

Rank Limits in Multiplayer

Yes Send Join Request.png

Just like your HR, you can place a limit on which hunter can join your lobby with the MR/HR function at the Courier.

There is no rank limit for join requests, so you can have hunters with a rank as high as MR999 participate in a join request!

Co-op Multiplayer Guide

Seen in Your Status and Guild Card

Your Master Rank can be seen by going to your Items and Equipment Menu and selecting Status. On the very first page, you can find your Master Rank. Looking at your Guild Card also shows you what level your Master Rank is currently at!

Unlocks Harder Quests to Take On

Many difficult quests in the later parts of the game require a certain MR to unlock. For example, Furious Rajang's quest is given at MR 50 and the Scorned Magnamalo quest is all the way at MR 100.

The Free Title Updates take it further as Risen Elder Dragons require an even higher MR to unlock. You can spend the time ranking up to prepare for them!

Sunbreak Free Title Updates

What is the Max Master Rank?

Maximum Master Rank Level is MR 999

It is confirmed that the maximum Master Rank level for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak is MR 999!

After breaking the MR 100 cap by completing the Scorned Magnamalo Urgent Outpost Quest, players have no more limits on their MR and can go as high as 999 by continuing to grind Quests and earn more MR Points.

Upon reaching the maximum MR 999 level, you will be rewarded the Hunter's Star badge of heroes that you can set in your Badge of Heroes under Game Settings.

Badges of Heroes and How to Unlock

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