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MH Rise Sunbreak - How to Raise MR Fast

The Master Rank (MR) is the indicator of the player's overall progress and generally how much a player has played through the Sunbreak DLC in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to learn how to raise your MR quickly from 1 - 999 and the rewards for increasing your MR!

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How to Increase Master Rank Fast

Farming Methods
MR 1-6 MR 6-100+

(MR 1-6) Clear Outpost Quests

MH Rise Sunbreak - Clear Outpost Quests

For players who have not yet broken the MR 6 cap, the only way to increase your Master Rank (MR) is to clear specific Master Rank Quests at the Outpost. Completing Key Quests will unlock Urgent Quests that will give you access to more monsters and progress the story. However, unlike High Rank, there are Urgent Quests that will not increase your Master Rank. Keep completing these Urgent Quests, and you'll eventually receive quests to increase your MR.

MR Urgent Quest Target
1★ Tetranadon Blockade Tetranadon
1→2★ Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins Blood Orange Bishaten
2★ Provoking an Anjanath's Wrath Anjanath
2→3★ A Rocky Rampage Garangolm
3★ Keep it Busy Aurora Somnacanth
3→4★ Ice Wolf, Red Moon Lunagaron
4★ In Search of the Doctor Astalos
4★ A Slumbering Jungle Espinas Espinas
4→5★ Witness by Moonlight Malzeno
5★ Dark Citadel, White Wheel Shagaru Magala
5★ Gathering of the Qurio Lunagaron
5→6★ Proof of Courage Gaismagorm

(MR 6-999) Farm Multi-Monster Quests

Rampages were one of the fastest ways to gain HR in High Rank. Unfortunately, these aren't making a return to Master Rank, so the next best thing is to go after quests with multiple monsters. Quests like Sticky Secret Sticking Sauce and Unbridled Mayhem generally provide enough MR points to increase your MR by 1 after every run.

These hunts should take more or less 15 minutes with a good team since the monsters have lower health than usual. Unbridled Mayhem is notable since it's in the Arena where you can easily take advantage of Wyvern Riding to significantly speed up your clear times.

Elder Dragons and Anomaly Quests Fall Off at Higher MR

MH Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Magnamalo Falls Off at Higher MR

Large Elder Dragons like Gaismagorm and Narwa the Allmother provide a fair amount of MR points and can be good options if you're looking to farm materials from them too.

The A3★ and A4★ Anomaly Quests also give a decent chunk of points while providing you Afflicted Materials to upgrade your weapons to Rarity 10. However, since these quests only give around half the MR compared to multi-monster quests, they aren't as effective at raising your MR later in the game.

Sunbreak Anomaly Quest Guide

Recommended Quests to Grind MR

Quest MR Points
A3★ Anomaly Quests 1400
The Devil's Reincarnation 1540
Spine-Tingling Divinity 1680
A4★ Anomaly Quests 1800
Trials of Passion and Composure 2800*
Sticky Secret Sticking Sauce 2800*
Unbridled Mayhem 3050*

*This is an estimation, so please take it with a grain of salt!

For your convenience, we've provided a few examples of the number of Master Rank Points gained from each quest. While some of these quests are locked behind an MR cap, all of these can actually be done as soon as you hit MR 10 provided you join these quests from an online lobby or through random join requests.

How to Unlock Master Rank Caps (MR6+)

Complete Gaismagorm's Urgent Quest

Upon finishing the Gaismagorm Urgent Quest, Proof of Courage, you'll unlock the Master Rank cap, which will allow your Master Rank to begin increasing after every completed quest.

Gaismagorm: Weakness and Drops

Master Rank Will Begin Increasing Gradually

For MR 1-5, your Master Rank only advanced after clearing the required Urgent Quests. However, after unlocking the MR cap, you can now accumulate Master Rank points after clearing quests, even when you hit a higher cap. Your MR will remain at the cap, but your rank can jump up after unlocking the cap again.

The amount of Master Rank you gain depends on the quest. In general, quests with multiple monsters will yield more points.

Master Rank Caps and Unlock Conditions

Upon reaching each Master Rank Cap, players will be given Urgent Quests to unlock them. Completing these quests will unlock the cap and allow the player's Master Rank to keep increasing.

Breaking each new Master Rank Cap unlocks new Quests and features, so keep moving on up!

MR Cap How to Unlock New Features
10 Complete Afflicted Arzuros Urgent Quest ・A1★ Anomaly Quests
Afflicted Materials
・New Decorations unlocked
・Master Rank Layered Armor becomes craftable
20 Complete Wind Serpent Ibushi Urgent Quest ・A2★ Anomaly Quests
30 Complete Narwa the Allmother Urgent Quest ・A3★ Anomaly Quests
50 Complete Furious Rajang Urgent Quest ・A4★ Anomaly Quests
・Furious Rajang Follower Quest
・MR Arena 06
70 Complete Crimson Glow Valstrax Urgent Quest -
100 Complete Scorned Magnamalo Urgent Quest -

Master Rank (MR) Features and Mechanics

Indicates Your Overall Progress

The Master Rank (MR) is the indicator of the player's overall progress and generally how much a player has played through the Sunbreak DLC in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak.

How to Unlock Master Rank

Seen in Your Status and Guild Card

Your Master Rank can be seen by going to your Items and Equipment Menu and selecting Status. On the very first page, you can find your Master Rank. Looking at your Guild Card also shows you what your Master Rank is currently at!

Unlocks Harder Quests to Take On

Many difficult quests in the later parts of the game require a certain MR to unlock. For example, Furious Rajang's quest is given at MR 50 and the Scorned Magnamalo quest is all the way at MR 100. You can spend the time ranking up to prepare for them!

What is the Max Master Rank?

Maximum is MR 999

It is confirmed that the maximum Master Rank for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak is MR 999!

After breaking the MR 100 cap by completing the Scorned Magnamalo Urgent Outpost Quest, players have no more limits on their MR and can go as high as 999 by continuing to grind Quests and earn more MR Points.

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