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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - How to Beat Monsters in Water and Fish Out Swimmers

This is a guide to beating fish monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn how to beat enemy swimmers and how to fish them out of the ground!

How to Beat and Fish Out Swimmers

Use Sonic Bombs

MH Rise - Delex Sonic Bomb

You'll find desert swimmers in the Sandy Plains. These fishes are weak to loud sounds so using a Sonic Bomb is a great way to immobilize them. Like Large Monsters, they also recover after a few seconds have passed so eliminate them quickly!

Use Flashflies

MH Rise - Delex Flashfly

Flash Flies are also particularly effective against Delexes so if you can find one while they're nearby. Don't hesitate to use them for easier hunting against them.

How to Get and Use Flashfly

How to Fish Out Large Monster Swimmers

Use Sonic Bombs against Diablos

MH Rise - Diablos Sonic Bomb Fishing

Diablos has the same weakness as the Delexes in the desert. When they start diving underground, use a Sonic Bomb to fish them out of the ground and stun them momentarily!

Use Large Barrel Bombs against Basarios

MH Rise - Large Barrel Bombs against Basarios

Basarios can also swim on the ground. To stop Basarios' underground attack, plant a Large Barrel Bomb then lure it there to detonate it. This will damage Basarios and stun him in the process.

How to Beat Basarios

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