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Sunbreak | How to Beat Monsters in Water and Fish Out Swimmers

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - How to Beat Monsters in Water and Fish Out Swimmers

This is a guide to beating fish monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn how to beat enemy swimmers and how to fish them out of the ground!

How to Beat and Fish Out Swimmers

Use Sonic Bombs

MH Rise - Delex Sonic Bomb

You'll find desert swimmers such as the Delexes in the Sandy Plains. These fishes are weak to loud sounds, so using a Sonic Bomb is a great way to immobilize them.

Like Large Monsters, they also recover after a few seconds have passed so eliminate them quickly!

How to Get and Use Sonic Bombs

Use Flashflies

MH Rise - Delex Flashfly

Flashflies are also particularly effective against Delexes so if you can find one while they're nearby. Don't hesitate to use flashflies to have an easier time hunting submerged Delexes.

How to Get and Use Flashfly

How to Fish Out Large Monster Swimmers

Use Items against Large Monsters

Diablos is Affected by Sonic Bombs

Diablos has the same weakness as the Delexes in the desert; it can be pulled with a Sonic Bomb while burrowed.

When they start diving underground, use a Sonic Bomb to fish them out of the ground and stun them momentarily!

Take note that Diablos becomes immune to Sonic Bombs while it is enraged. Wait until the end of the enraged state for the bombs to have an effect.

Diablos: Weakness and Drops

Jyuratodus is Affected by Sonic Bombs

MH Rise - Sonic Bombs Interrupts Jyuratodus Mud Breach

Like Diablos, Jyuratodus can be forced out of its burrowed state by using Sonic Bombs.

Wait for the monster to use its Mud Breach attack for an opportunity to pull it out using this item!

Jyuratodus: Weakness and Drops

Use Flash Bombs against Jyuratodus

Flash Bombs can work in getting Jyuratodus out of the water temporarily.

However, there is only a short window before the monster can move again after being affected by a flash bomb. Take advantage of this window while you can!

How to Get Flash Bombs

Use Traps to Force Out Monsters

A half-submerged Jyuratodus can be forced out of the water momentarily by using traps like the Pitfall Trap and Shock Trap.

Upon recovering from a trap, Jyuratodus will be above ground for a few seconds before submerging itself again. Take this time to attack while the monsters is busy getting ready!

Traps and Bombs

Jyuratodus Can Get Caught in a Trap

When completely submerged, Jyuratodus can bypass traps. It can, however, get caught in a trap when it rises a bit during a Mud Breach attack.

Jyuratodus must pop out right from the spot where the trap is located to get caught. This is easy to do when the targeted hunter sets the trap right when it's preparing for a Mud Breach.

Diablos Can Destroy or Bypass Traps

Unlike Jyuratodus, Diablos can destroy or pass through traps while underground and when it rises from its Burrowing Assault!

Take note of this during a hunt. You will want to set up a trap when it moves above ground instead!

Use Large Barrel Bombs against Basarios

MH Rise - Large Barrel Bombs against Basarios

Basarios can also 'swim' through the ground. It becomes difficult to hit its weak spots during this state.

You can use traps to stop Basarios' underground attack. In addition to Pitfall and Shock Traps, you can set a Large Barrel Bomb then lure it there to detonate it. This will damage Basarios and stun him in the process.

Basarios: Weakness and Drops

Manually Fishing Out Monsters

Knock Out a Submerged Jyuratodus

MH Rise - Knocking Jyuratodus Out of Water

While half-submerged, Jyuratodus can be knocked out of the water with weapons.

We recommend the use of Hammer, Hunting Horn, or any weapon that that can apply a lot of stun damage.

Lead Jyuratodus to Land

Leading Jyuratodus to land will naturally cause it to come out of the water. Look out for any areas that have a patch of land!

When it is on land and is still on its swimming animation, you will have to wait for its animation to finish before it pops out.

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