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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Status Effects and Elemental Blight

This is a guide to Status Boost effects, Abnormal Status effects, and Elemental Blights in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. If you want to know more about the status effects and blights, new elemental statuses, and how to remove blights and negative status effects, read on!

Status Boosts

List of Status Boosts and Effects

Status Effects
MH Rise - Attack Boost Icon
Attack Boost
Buffs the Hunter's Attack for a period of time.
MH Rise - Elemental Attack Boost Icon
Elemental Boost
Increases the Hunter's Elemental Damage for a period of time.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Abnormal Status iconAbnormal Status Boost Increases the Hunter's Status buildup for a period of time.
MH Rise - Affinity Up Icon
Affinity Up
Temporarily raises the Hunter's Affinity.
MH Rise - Defense Up Icon
Defense Up
Increases the Hunter's Defense for a period of time.
MH Rise - Stamina Use Reduced Icon
Stamina Use Reduced
Reduce the stamina consumption of moves and attacks performed by Hunter.
MH Rise - Stamina Recovery Up Icon
Stamina Recovery Up
Temporarily increases the recovery rate of Hunter's stamina.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Infinite Stamina icon
Infinite Stamina
Moves and attacks performed by the Hunter do not affect their stamina.
MH Rise - Gourmet Fish Effect Icon
Gourmet Fish Effect
Regenerates a certain amount of the Hunter's Health in intervals.
MH Rise - Immunity Icon
Cures and prevents status ailments while active.
MH Rise - Natural Healing Up Icon
Natural Healing Up
Increases the amount of health that can be recovered. This increases the amount of the red recovarable health in the Hunter's health bar.
MH Rise - Blowback Negated / Sonic Barrier Icon
Blowback Negated / Sonic Barrier
Prevents Hunter from being blown away by Monster attacks.
MH Rise - Divine Protection Icon
Divine Protection
Chance to decrease the amount of damage taken by Hunter from Monsters.
MH Rise - Self-Improvement Icon
Boosts the Hunter's movement speed and prevents attacks from being deflected.
MH Rise - Knockbacks Negated
Knockbacks Negated
Momentarily prevents Hunter from taking Knockbacks.
MH Rise - Tremor Negated Icon
Tremor Negated
Protects Hunters from Tremors made by Monsters.
MH Rise - Wind Pressure Negated Icon
Wind Pressure Negated
Protects Hunters from Wind Pressure made by Monsters.
MH Rise - Stun Negated Icon
Stun Negated
Momentarily prevents the Hunter from being inflicted with Stun status effect.
MH Rise - Blight Negated Icon
Blight Negated
Prevents and nullifies all Blight status effects from inflciting the Hunter.
MH Rise - Health Regeneration Icon
Health Regeneration
Gradually restore the health of Hunter for a period of time.
MH Rise - Sharpness Loss Reduced Icon
Sharpness Loss Reduced
Temporarily reduce Hunter's loss of weapon sharpness.
MH Rise - Environment Damage Negated Icon
Environment Damage Negated
Terrain-based damage are nullified temporarily.
MH Rise - Earplugs S and Earplugs L Icon
Earplugs (S) / Earplugs (L)
• Earplugs (S) - Nullifies weak Monster roars.
• Earplug (L) - Nullifies strong Monster roars.
MH Rise - Infernal Melody Icon
Infernal Melody
When active, this will boost Hunter's Attack considerably.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Frenzy Immunity icon
Frenzy Immunity
The Hunter is immune to Frenzy and won't experience Frenzy buildup.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Evade Window Up icon
Evade Window Up
The Hunter has increased Evade Window.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Grinder (S) Icon
Grinder (S)
Temporarily boosts sharpness properties.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Status Trigger Icon
Status Trigger
All hits inflict abnormal Status buildup for a period of time.

How to Activate Status Buffs

Eating Dangos

MH Rise - Hunter Getting a Boost from Dangos
A variety of status boosts can easily be activated just by eating Dangos before or during hunts. Just approach any of the Canteens in Kamura Village or enter any Camps during quests.

List of Dangos and Effects

Interact with Endemic Life

MH Rise - Lampsquids

Interacting with Perma Buffers and Temp Buffers will provide status boosts for Hunters. Keep your eyes peeled for these endemic lifeforms during your hunts.

List of Endemic Life

Use Hunting Horn

MH Rise - Hunting Horn Self Improvement

Hunting Horn is capable of a variety of status buffs and support skills. This weapon type is essential for tough hunts like Apex Monster hunts.

Hunting Horn Songs and Effects

Palico Support

Palico Mimi - Equipped Moves

Some Palicoes are adept in support skills, other than the healing kind, these skills can potentially make or break a hunt.

Best Builds and Equipment for Palicoes

Elemental Blights on Hunters

List of Elemental Blights

Blight Effect and Solutions
MH Rise - Fireblight
Damage over time

• Use Nulberry
• Dodge roll thrice (3x)
• Dodge roll once (1x) when on water
• Wait for effects to wear off
MH Rise - Waterblight
Slow stamina recovery

• Use Nulberry
• Repeatedly dodge roll
• Repeatedly Wiredash
• Wait for effects to wear off
MH Rise - Thunderblight
More susceptible to stuns
• Use Nulberry
• Repeatedly dodge roll
• Wait for effects to wear off
MH Rise - Iceblight
Slow Wirebug gauge recovery

• Use Nulberry
• Repeatedly dodge roll
• Wait for effects to wear off
MH Rise - Dragonblight
Weapon element and status effects are nullified

• Use Nulberry
• Repeatedly dodge roll
• Wait for effects to wear off

How to Remove Elemental Blights

Use Nulberries

MH Rise - Use Nulberry during Fireblights

All elemental blights can be cured by using Nulberries so when fighting a monster with elements, always make sure to bring a full stack!

Roll Evade to Get Rid of Fireblight

MH Rise - Cure Fireblight by Rolling

In case you forget to bring Nulberries, you can roll three times on land or once in water to get rid of Fireblight. It's probably the most dangerous elemental blight since it deals damage to you overtime!

Wear Armor or Decorations with Element-Resistant Skills

There is a skill that provides resistance against blights called Blight Resistance. Use this method when being affected by blights is unavoidable! Take note though, this does not nullify damage⁠—only the blight.

To nullify the damage while also negating the blight when you reach resistance 20 for that element, you can also equip specific element resistance skills:

Elemental Blights on Monsters

List of Elemental Blights on Monsters

Blight Effects
MH Rise - FireblightFireblight • Damage over time
• Monster is more likely to flinch
MH Rise - WaterblightWaterblight • Monster Hide becomes softer
• Gives opportunity to damage parts where your weapon usually bounce off
MH Rise - ThunderblightThunderblight • Monster can be stunned even when hit with non-blunt weapons
• Stun damage will accumulate even if hit on other parts but will trigger the stun when hit on the head!
MH Rise - IceblightIceblight • Monster will have reduced movement speed
• No effect on exhausted monsters

How to Deal Elemental Blights Against Monsters

Use Elemental Beetles

MH Rise - Firebeetle

In Monster Hunter Rise, monsters can be afflicted by elemental blights by using the elemental Beetles in the map!

To easily induce blights to monsters, the following endemic life is scattered in the battlefield:

Endemic Life Effect
Induces fireblight to the monster
Induces waterblight to the monster
Induces thunderblight to the monster
Induces iceblight to the monster

List of Endemic Life

Use Wyvern Riding Attacks

MH Rise - Wyvern Riding

While riding monsters using Wyvern Riding, some moves allow you to induce elemental blights to another monster e.g. Mizutsune's water breath attack (waterblight) and Rathalos' Mounted Punisher (fireblight)!

Wyvern Riding Guide: Best Monsters to Wyvern Ride

Abnormal Status Effects on Hunters

List of Abnormal Status Effects

Status Effect and Solutions
MH Rise - BleedBleed
Damage over time

• Stand still (slow recovery)
• Crouch (fast recovery)
• Eat Sushifish or Gourmet Fish
MH Rise - BloodblightBloodblight
Natural health recovery reduced and red health slowly decreases; health recovered from potions decreased

• Deal damage in order to recover health
• Wait for effect to wear off
MH Rise - FrenzyFrenzy
Natural health recovery disappears; damage taken from all attacks increased when gauge fills up

• Continue attacking before gauge fills up
• Reduce buildup gauge with Nulberries
MH Rise - PoisonPoison and Venom
Damage over time

• Use Antidote or Herbal Medicine
• Wait for the effect to wear off
MH Rise - StunStun
Unable to move for a short while

• Mash evade and movement keys
• Wait for the effect to wear off
• Get knocked back by an attack
MH Rise - ParalysisParalysis
Unable to move for a short while

• Mash evade and movement keys
• Wait for the effect to wear off
• Get knocked back by an attack
MH Rise - SleepSleep
Gradually puts you to sleep; damage received is increased

• Use Energy Drink before you fall asleep completely
• Receive an attack while asleep
• Wait for the effect to wear off
MH Rise - Blastblight
A short time or after being blown back, an explosion will trigger, causing damage

• Use Deodorant
• Repeatedly dodge roll
• Wiredash
MH Rise - Hellfireblight
A short time or after being blown back, an explosion will trigger, causing damage

• Use Deodorant
• Repeatedly dodge roll
• Wiredash to leave behind a hellfire cloud that explodes when hit or after time.
MH Rise - Defense DownDefense Down
Lowers your defense stats making you take more damage

• Use Adamant Seed or Armorskin
• Wait for the effect to wear off
MH Rise - Resistance DownResistance Down
Lowers your elemental resistance making you more susceptible to elemental blights

• Use a Nulberry
• Wait for the effect to wear off
MH Rise - StenchStench
Prevents you from using health and stamina recovery items

• Use a Deodorant
• Wait for the effect to wear off
MH Rise - BubbleBubble (S) and Bubble (L)
Bubbles accumulate and makes movement harder

• Use a Cleanser
• Receive an attack
MH Rise - WebbedWebbed
Prevents movement, attacks and evasion while affected

• Use a Cleanser
• Mash buttons and rotate Left Analog Stick
MH Rise - LeechedLeeched
Damage over time

• Repeatedly dodge roll
• Use a Kunai to remove
• Wiredash

How to Cure Abnormal Status Effects

Know the Monster and Keep the Curing Items on Hand

MH Rise - Use Items to Cure Status

Always know which abnormal status effect a monster can give your hunter. Knowing this allows you to prepare the necessary cures before the hunt!

Use Armor Skills that Increases Stun and Paralysis Resistance

Since stun and paralysis inherently do not have cures, it is suggested to incorporate the resist skills like Stun Resistance and Paralysis Resistance into your armor builds! Take note however that this is only recommended for beginners because veterans can usually evade their way out of these attacks.

Abnormal Status Effects on Monsters

List of Abnormal Status Effects on Monsters

Status Effect
MH Rise - PoisonPoison and Venom • Deals damage over time
• Increased damage when exhausted
MH Rise - ParalysisParalysis • Unable to move for a short period
• Increased effectiveness when exhausted
MH Rise - SleepSleep • Puts the monster to sleep
• First attack that wakes it up (wake-up attack) deals double damage
MH Rise - Blastblight Blast • Builds up overtime before dealing damage.
• Monster skin toughness is ignored
MH Rise - StunStun • Occurs when the head is attacked by a blunt weapon
• Could also occur when attacked while having thunderblight
MH Rise - Exhaust Blue Icon Weak Monster.Exhaust • Naturally occurring status effect on monster
• Usually denoted by slower movement and dripping saliva on mouth

How to Deal Abnormal Status Effects Against Monsters

Use Status Weapons

MH Rise - Status Weapons

If your build focuses on inflicting abnormal status effects, use a status weapon that has fast multi-hits like the Dual Blades and Sword and Shield. This allows you to accumulate status onto a monster more quickly!

Use Wyvern Riding Attacks

Wyvern Riding Elemental Blight

Like elemental bights, some moves while riding a monster induces status e.g. Rathian's somersault attack can inflict poison onto an opposing monster!

Stun using Blunt Weapons

Blunt Damage Stun Lock versus Chameleos

Blunt weapons like the Hammer and Hunting Horn can inherently stun and exhaust monsters when hit on the head. Alternatively, the Bow's Exhaust Coating can also induce exhaust.

All Weapon Type and Guides

Use Endemic Life and Items

Endemic Life.jpg

There is certain endemic life like the Poisontoad and items like Tinged Meat that induces status effects!

List of Items

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