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Status Effects and Elemental Blight

This article explains abnormal status effects and elemental blights in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know more about the effects of abnormal status and blights as well as new mechanics for them introduced in Rise, read on!

Elemental Blights on Hunters

List of Elemental Blights

Blight Effect and Solutions
Damage over time

  • Use Nullberry
  • Roll evade thrice (3x)
  • Roll evade once (1x) when on water
  • Wait for effects to wear off
  • Waterblight
    Slow stamina recovery

  • Use Nullberry
  • Repeatedly roll evade
  • Repeatedly Wiredash
  • Wait for effects to wear off
  • Thunderblight
    More susceptible to stuns
  • Use Nullberry
  • Repeatedly roll evade
  • Wait for effects to wear off
  • Iceblight
    Slow Wirebug gauge recovery

  • Use Nullberry
  • Repeatedly roll evade
  • Wait for effects to wear off
  • Dragonblight
    Weapon element and status effects are nullified

  • Use Nullberry
  • Repeatedly roll evade
  • Wait for effects to wear off
  • How to Remove Elemental Blights

    Use Nullberries!

    Use Nullberry

    All elemental blights can be cured by using Nullberries so when fighting a monster with elements, always make sure to bring a full stack!

    Know Other Methods of Removal!

    No Nullberry To Use

    In case you forget to bring Nullberries, know other ways to cure blights eg. rolling thrice can extinguish fireblight!

    Wear Armor with Effect-Resistant Armor Skills

    There are also armor skills that provide resistance against certain elements. Use this method when being affected by blights is unavoidable! Take note though, this does not nullify damage - only the blight.

    Elemental Blights on Monsters

    List of Elemental Blights on Monsters

    Blight Effects
  • Damage over time
  • Monster is more likely to flinch
  • Waterblight
  • Monster Hide becomes softer
  • Gives opportunity to damage parts where your weapon usually bounce off
  • Thunderblight
  • Monster can be stunned even when hit with non-blunt weapons
  • Stun damage will accumulate even if hit on other parts but will trigger the stun when hit on the head!
  • Iceblight
  • Monster will have reduced movement speed
  • No effect on exhausted monsters
  • How to Deal Elemental Blights Against Monsters

    Use Endemic Life

    Use Endemic Life

    In Monster Hunter Rise, monsters can be afflicted by elemental blights so using elemental weapons and endemic life is very important!

    To easily induce blights to monsters, the following endemic life is scattered in the battlefield:

    Endemic Life Effect
    Induces fireblight to the monster
    Induces waterblight to the monster
    Induces thunderblight to the monster
    Induces iceblight to the monster

    List of Endemic Life

    Use Wyvern Riding Attacks

    Wyvern Riding Status Effects

    While riding monsters using Wyvern Riding, some moves allow you to induce elemental blights to another monster eg. Mizutsune's water breath attack can induce waterblight!

    Wyvern Riding | How to Mount and Ride Monsters

    Abnormal Status Effects on Hunters

    List of Abnormal Status Effects

    Status Effect and Solutions
    Damage over time

  • Use Antidote or Herbal Medicine
  • Wait for the effect to wear off
  • Stun
    Unable to move for a short while

  • Mash the B button and rotate the Left Analog Stick
  • Wait for the effect to wear off
  • Get knocked back by an attack
  • Paralysis
    Unable to move for a short while

  • Mash the B button and rotate the Left Analog Stick
  • Wait for the effect to wear off
  • Get knocked back by an attack
  • Sleep
    Gradually puts you to sleep; damage received is increased

  • Use Energy Drink before you fall asleep completely
  • Receive an attack while asleep
  • Wait for the effect to wear off
  • Defense Down
    Lowers your defense stats making you take more damage

  • Use Adamant Seed or Armorskin
  • Wait for the effect to wear off
  • Resistance Down
    Lowers your elemental resistance making you more susceptible to elemental blights

  • Use a Nullberry
  • Wait for the effect to wear off
  • Stench
    Prevents you from using health and stamina recovery items

  • Use a Deodorant
  • Wait for the effect to wear off
  • Bubble
    Bubbles accumulate and makes movement harder

  • Use a Cleanser
  • Receive an attack
  • Muck
    Reduces movement speed when caught

  • Stay away from mud/snow
  • How to Cure Abnormal Status Effects

    Know the Monster and Keep the Curing Items on Hand

    Use Items to Cure Status

    Always know which abnormal status effect a monster can give your hunter. Knowing this allows you to prepare the necessary cures before the hunt!

    Use Armor Skills that Increases Stun and Paralysis Resistance

    Since stun and paralysis inherently do not have cures, it is suggested to incorporate the resist skills into your armor builds! Take note however that this is only recommended for beginners because veterans can usually evade their way out of these attacks.

    Abnormal Status Effects on Monsters

    List of Abnormal Status Effects on Monsters

    *The information is based on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

    Status Effect
  • Deals damage over time
  • Increased damage when exhausted
  • Paralysis
  • Unable to move for a short period
  • Increased effectiveness when exhausted
  • Sleep
  • Puts the monster to sleep
  • First attack that wakes it up (wake-up attack) deals double damage
  • Blast
  • Damage that accumulates over time
  • Monster skin toughness is ignored
  • Stun
  • Occurs when the head is attacked by a blunt weapon
  • Could also occur when attacked while having thunderblight
  • Exhaust
  • Naturally occurring status effect on monster
  • Usually denoted by slower movement and dripping saliva on mouth
  • How to Deal Abnormal Status Effects Against Monsters

    Use Status Weapons

    Status Weapons

    If your build focuses on inflicting abnormal status effects, use a status weapon that has fast multi-hits like the Dual Blades and Sword and Shield. This allows you to accumulate status onto a monster more quickly!

    Use Wyvern Riding Attacks

    Wyvern Riding Elemental Blight

    Like elemental bights, some moves while riding a monster induces status eg. Rathian's somersault attack can inflict poison onto an opposing monster!

    Stun using Blunt Weapons

    Hammer Strengths.jpg

    Blunt weapons like the Hammer and Hunting Horn can inherently stun and exhaust monsters when hit on the head. Alternatively, the Bow's Exhaust Coating can also induce exhaust.

    All Weapon Type and Guides

    Use Endemic Life and Items

    Endemic Life.jpg

    There is certain endemic life like the Poisontoad and items like Tinged Meat that induces status effects!

    List of Items

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