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Copper, Silver, and Gold Ecologist Awards: How to Unlock | Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Bronze Silver and Gold Ecologist

Want to find out how to unlock the Copper, Silver, and Gold Ecologist's Awards in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)? Keep reading for more details on this Award, including the list of all Endemic Life you need for this Award!

How to Unlock Ecologist's Awards

For each of the Ecologist's Awards, you will need to photograph Hunting Helpers for Bronze, Rare Creatures for Silver, and all other Endemic Life for Gold. Lucky Life and Rare Creatures can be especially difficult to photograph as their chances of appearing are much lower. If you happen to see one of these be sure to snap a picture so you don't need to search for them again!

How to Unlock Copper Ecologist's Award

Copper Ecologist's Award
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Copper Ecologist
How to Unlock Take a picture of every type of Hunting Helper

List of Hunting Helpers

Endemic Life
Brewhare.pngBrewhare Antidobra.pngAntidobra Trapbugs.pngTrapbugs
Wailnard.pngWailnard Puppet Spider.pngPuppet Spider Escuregot.pngEscuregot
Stinkmink.pngStinkmink Firebeetle.pngFirebeetle Snowbeetle.pngSnowbeetle
Thunderbeetle.pngThunderbeetle Mudbeetle.pngMudbeetle Poisontoad.pngPoisontoad
Blastoad.pngBlastoad Tricktoad.pngTricktoad Paratoad.pngParatoad
Sleeptoad.pngSleeptoad Gustcrab.pngGustcrab Lanternbug.pngLanternbug

How to Unlock Silver Ecologist's Award

Silver Ecologist's Award
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Silver Ecologist
How to Unlock Take a picture of every type of Rare Creature

List of Rare Creatures

Endemic Life
Snow-faced Fox.pngSnow-faced Fox Monksnail.pngMonksnail Regitrice.pngRegitrice
Quetzalcobra.pngQuetzalcobra Hellbill.pngHellbill

List of All Rare Endemic Life and How to Find

How to Unlock Gold Ecologist's Award

Gold Ecologist's Award
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Gold Ecologist
How to Unlock Take a picture of every type of Endemic Life

List of Other Endemic Life

Endemic Life
Scale Lizard.pngScale Lizard Boulder Lizard.pngBoulder Lizard Rock Lizard.pngRock Lizard
Great Wirebug.pngGreat Wirebug Golden Spiribug.pngGolden Spiribug Cutterfly.pngCutterfly
Flashfly.pngFlashfly Peepersects.pngPeepersects Butterflame.pngButterflame
Clothfly.pngClothfly Vigorwasp.pngVigorwasp Wirebug.pngWirebug
Yellow Spiribird.pngYellow Spiribird Green Spiribird.pngGreen Spiribird Orange Spiribird.pngOrange Spiribird
Red Spiribird.pngRed Spiribird Giganha.pngGiganha Red Lampsquid.pngRed Lampsquid
Fortune Owl.pngFortune Owl Felicicrow.pngFelicicrow Pincercrab.pngPincercrab
Yellow Lampsquid.pngYellow Lampsquid Green Lampsquid.pngGreen Lampsquid Golden Lampsquid.pngGolden Lampsquid
Echobat.pngEchobat Prism Spiribird.pngPrism Spiribird

List of Endemic Life

Check The Subject in Photo Mode

Before taking a shot of the endemic life, make sure their name appears on the top right corner of the frame in photo mode. This is to make sure that it will be registered in your Hunter Notes and count toward completion.

Confirm Photo in Hunter Notes

You can check if the photo you've taken matches the endemic life by looking at the Hunter Notes for Endemic Life. Open Picture Settings to see if the photo appears for that subject. If it doesn't appear, try taking another picture and make sure the subject is your target endemic life.

How to Use Photo Mode

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