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These are all the armor skills in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to see all of the armor skills and their corresponding effects, including the new ones from the Sunbreak DLC expansion!

New Bonus Update Skills

New Bonus Update Armor Skills
Blood Awakening Inspiration

Bonus Update Details

List of Skills

Skill Tier List

Want to know the best skills to focus on? Refer to our skill tier list to optimize your build!

Skill Tier List: Best Skills in MH Rise

Rampage Skills

MH Rise Sunbreak - Slot 1 Rampage Skills

Rampage Skills are a different set of skills that instead of being granted by armor pieces, are instead, earned by upgrading weapons. The benefits they grant are different from Armor Skills and knowing their effects and benefits is vital to optimizing your character builds!

Rampage Skills: Best Rampage Skills

New Sunbreak Skills

Skill Effect
Adrenaline Rush Perform a perfectly-timed evade just as a monster attacks for a temporary attack boost.
Berserk Switch to the Blue Swap Scroll and all vitality will change to red gauge and start decreasing. As long as you have red, you cannot faint.
Bladescale Hone Dodge rolling to evade an attack with your weapon drawn will recover sharpness, refill bowgun ammo, or give Close-range Coatings a temporary boost.
Blood Awakening Gradually bolsters your attacks for a certain period of time, depending on how much health you regain when landing attacks.
Blood Rite A proportion of damage dealt is converted to health when striking a broken monster part.
Bloodlust The effects of the Frenzy virus change. Health is gradually reduced, but you gain a variety of effects. Frenzy virus occurs regularly when in combat.
Buildup Boost Increases attack power when you land attacks that build poison, paralysis, sleep, blast, or exhaust. (Exhaust - ammo/phials/coatings only)
Burst Continuously landing hits gradually increases attack and elemental attack. (The amount of increase depends on the weapon.)
Charge Master When a charged attack hits a monster, the element and status buildup of the charged attack increases.
Coalescence Temporarily enhances attacks after recovering from blights or abnormal status.
Defiance Increases defense when monsters become enraged.
Dereliction Qurio will drain health, but also bolster your attacks. Multiple Qurio further bolster attacks and let you recover health when performing a Switch Skill Swap.
Dragon Conversion When using the Red Swap Scroll, all elemental resistance is set to 0 and converted into elemental attack. The Blue Swap Scroll raises elemental resistance.
Element Exploit Increase elemental damage when attacking body parts upon which the element is highly effective.
Embolden When targeted by a monster, that monster becomes more likely to become enraged but your own defense is increased.
Foray Increases attack power and affinity when attacking a large monster affected by poison, paralysis, or an elemental blight.
Frenzied Bloodlust Temporarily gain an additional Wirebug when overcoming the Frenzy. The effect duration decreases drastically when your weapon is sheathed.
Furious Using the Red Scroll builds your fury while fighting monsters. Swapping to the Blue Scroll when your fury is full gives you infinite stamina temporarily.
Grinder (S) When recovering sharpness, grants a boost to sharpness properties based on the number of levels recovered.
Guts Prevents fainting one time only when damage taken exceeds a certain amount of your remaining health.
Heaven-Sent Activates when not taking damage for a while during combat with a large monster. The effect is lost when you are knocked back or stray too far away from the monster.
Inspiration Adds an extra attack increase bonus for a short while when activating effects that affect friends within a certain target area, like melodies, etc.
Intrepid Heart After filling the gauge by continuously landing attacks, negates damage reactions and reduces damage taken from a single attack that would knock you back.
Mail of Hellfire Decreases defense but increases attack. Exact changes to stats depends on Switch Skill Swap Scroll that is being used.
Powder Mantle Continuously attacking a large monster will cause powder to form around you. The color and effects of the powder will change over time.
Quick Breath You can remove some statuses or slow their effects by performing a Switch Skill Swap. Health recovers when a status is removed.
Redirection Perform a perfectly-timed Switch Skill Swap just as a monster attacks to reduce the damage and negate damage reactions.
Shock Absorber Disables damage reactions when you hit a friend or when a friend hits you. (Does not apply during certain status ailments.)
Sneak Attack Increases damage to large monsters when attacks hit them from behind.
Spiribird's Call Receive the effects of a random Spiribird at fixed intervals. (Certain quests only)
Status Trigger Perform a perfectly-timed evade just as a monster attacks to trigger abnormal status buildup on hit.
Strife Increases elemental attack and affinity in proportion to the length of your red health gauge.
Tune-Up Increases the stats of custom mods attached to bowguns.
Wall-Runner (Boost) Wirebug Gauge recovers faster while wall running.
Wind Mantle Using Silkbind attacks boosts Wirebug Gauge recovery. Landing continuous attacks increases the effect. Wears off when you sheathe your weapon.

Base Game Skills

Skill Effect
Affinity Sliding Sliding increases your affinity for a short time.
Agitator Increases attack power and affinity when large monsters become enraged.
Ammo Up Increases bowgun loading capacity. (There is a cap to loading capacity.)
Artillery Strengthens explosive attacks like shells, Wyvern's Fire, charge blade phial attacks, and sticky ammo.
Attack Boost Increases attack power.
Ballistics Extends the range in which ammo and arrows have maximum power.
Blast Attack Increases blast element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit)
Blast Resistance Grants protection against blastblight.
Blight Resistance Grants protection against all elemental blights.
Bludgeoner Increases attack power when your weapon sharpness is low.
Bombardier Increases the damage of explosive items.
Botanist Increases the quantity of herbs and other consumable items you gather.
Bow Charge Plus Increases max bow charge level by one
Bubbly Dance Reduces bubbleblight and grants increased evasion when afflicted.
Capture Master High chance of increased capture rewards (No effect when joining mid-quest.)
Carving Master Lets you carve one additional time. (No effect when joining mid-quest.)
Carving Pro Prevents knockback from attacks while carving.
Chameleos Blessing Gain the power of the elder dragon Chameleos.
Constitution Reduces stamina depletion when performing stamina-draining moves such as evading, blocking, or doing certain other actions.
Counterstrike Temporarily increases attack power after being thrown off.
Critical Boost Increases the damage of critical hits.
Critical Draw Increases affinity for a short time after performing a draw attack. (Does not include Silkbind attacks.)
Critical Element Increases elemental damage (fire, water, thunder, ice, dragon) when landing critical hits.
Critical Eye Increases affinity.
Defense Boost Increases defense. Resistances will also improve as the level increases.
Diversion Increases the attention drawn when attacking a monster.
Divine Blessing Has a predetermined chance of reducing the damage you take.
Dragon Attack Increases dragon element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Dragon Resistance Increases dragon resistance. Also improves defesnse at higher levels.
Dragonheart Draconic energy fills you after losing a certain amount of health. Weapons lose all non-dragon effects.
Earplugs Grants protection from large monsters' roars.
Evade Extender Increases evade distance.
Evade Window Extends the invulnerability period when evading.
Fire Attack Increases fire element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Fire Resistance Increases fire resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Flinch Free Prevents knockbacks and other reactions to small damage.
Focus Increases the fill rate for weapons with gauges and the charge rate for weapons with charge attacks.
Fortify Increases your attack and defense when you fall in battle. (Disabled for some quests. Can stack twice.)
Free Meal Gives you a predetermined chance of consuming a food or drink item for free.
Frostcraft An aura of frost builds when your weapon is sheathed, raising attack. The effect decreases with each melee hit or shot/arrow fired.
Geologist Increases the number of times you can use a gathering point.
Good Luck Good chance of increased quest rewards. (No effect when joining mid-quest.)
Guard Reduces knockbacks and stamina depletion when guarding.
Guard Up Allows you to guard against ordinarily unblockable attacks.
Handicraft Extends the weapon sharpness gauge. However, it will not increase the gauge past its maximum.
Hellfire Cloak Grants hellfire resistance and confers explosive hellfire power to your attacks.
Heroics Increases attack power and defense when health drops to 35% or lower.
Horn Maestro Increases overall performance speed and shockwave damage.
Hunger Resistance Reduces maximum stamina depletion over time.
Ice Attack Increases ice element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Ice Resistance Increases ice resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Item Prolonger Extends the duration of some item effects.
Jump Master Prevents attacks from knocking you back during a jump.
Kushala Blessing Gain the power of the elder dragon Kushala Daora.
Latent Power Temporarily increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion when certain conditions are met.
Leap of Faith Allows you to do a dive-evade when facing towards large monster, and extends the dive-evade distance.
Load Shells Improves reloading, and increases the gunlance's shell capacity and charge blade's phial capacity.
Marathon Runner Slows down stamina depletion for actions which continuously drain stamina (such as dashing).
Master Mounter Improves your Wyvern Riding skills.
Master's Touch Prevents your weapon from losing sharpness during critical hits.
Maximum Might Increases affinity if stamina is kept full for a period of time.
Mind's Eye Your attacks are deflected less and deal more damage to hard targets.
Muck Resistance Reduces impairments to mobility while stuck in monster muck or deep snow.
Mushroomancer Lets you digest mushrooms that would otherwise be inedible and gain their advantageous effects.
Normal/Rapid Up Increases the attack power of Normal Ammo and Rapid-type arrows.
Offensive Guard Temporarily increases attack power after executing a perfectly-timed guard.
Paralysis Attack Increases paralysis element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Paralysis Resistance Reduces the duration of paralysis.
Partbreaker Makes it easier to break or sever parts of large monsters.
Peak Performance Increases attack when your health is full.
Pierce Up Increases the attack power of Piercing Ammo and Piercing-type arrows.
Poison Attack Increases poison element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Poison Resistance Reduces damage while poisoned.
Power Prolonger Long swords, dual blades, insect glaives, switch axes, and charge blades stay powered up longer.
Protective Polish Weapon sharpness does not decrease for a set time after sharpening.
Punishing Draw Adds a stun effect to draw atacks and slightly increases attack power.
Quick Sheathe Speeds up weapon sheathing.
Rapid Fire Up Improves light bowgun rapid fire
Rapid Morph Increases switch speed and power for switch axes and charge blades.
Razor Sharp Prevents your weapon from losing sharpness.
Recoil Down Reduces recoil when firing bowgun ammo.
Recovery Speed Speeds healing of recoverable damage (the red portion of the health gauge).
Recovery Up Increases the amount recovered when restoring health.
Reload Speed Increases bowgun reloading and bow coating loading speed.
Resentment Increases your attack when you have recoverable damage (the red portion of your health gauge).
Resuscitate Increases attack power when you are suffering from an abnormal status.
Sleep Attack Increases sleep element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Sleep Resistance Reduces the duration of sleep.
Slugger Makes it easier to stun monsters.
Spare Shot Bow and bowgun shots have a chance not to expend coatings or ammo.
Special Ammo Boost Increases the power of bowgun special ammo and Dragon Piercer.
Speed Eating Increases meat-eating and item-consumption speed.
Speed Sharpening Speeds up weapon sharpening when using a whetstone.
Spread Up Increases the attack power of Spread Ammon and Spread-type arrows.
Stamina Surge Speeds up stamina recovery.
Stamina Thief Increases certain attacks' ability to exhaust monsters.
Steadiness Supresses the deviation of bowgun shots.
Stormsoul Strengthens thunder and dragon power and improves skills of the same elements.
Stun Resistance Reduces stun duration.
Teostra Blessing Gain the power of the elder dragon Teostra.
Thunder Alignment Gain the power of the elder dragon Thunder Serpent Narwa.
Thunder Attack Increases thunder element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Thunder Resistance Increases thunder resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Tremor Resistance Grants protection against ground tremors.
Wall Runner Reduces stamina consumption when running on walls.
Water Attack Increases water element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Water Resistance Increases water resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Weakness Exploit Increases the affinity of attacks that exploit a monster weak spot.
Wide-Range Allows the effects of certain items to also affect nearby allies.
Wind Alignment Gain the power of the elder dragon Wind Serpent Ibushi.
Windproof Grants protection against wind pressure.
Wirebug Whisperer Improves your handling of Wirebugs.

What are Armor Skills?

Variety of Abilities that Affect Hunters

MH Rise Sunbreak - Armor Skills

Armor Skills are abilities that affect hunters in many ways and are one of the core mechanics in Monster Hunter. Skills provide stat bonuses and other utilities that can improve a hunter. There are a lot of skills that a hunter can choose from depending on their unique playstyle.

Armor Skills: How Does it Work?

Built Through Armors, Talismans, and Decorations

Each armor, talismans, and decorations inherently have unique Skills Points in them. Players usually mix armors & talismans and slot in decorations to maximize acquiring all the skills that provide the best advantage based on your playstyle.

This system is one of the core Monster Hunter mechanics that is simple to understand but takes time to master!

Same Skill Increases Level, Increased Level Improves Skill

Having multiple armor pieces, talismans, or decorations in your build that has the same skill will accumulate Skill Points and level-up that skill. When skills level up, their effects get better! Also, skills have their level caps so be wary of that.

As a bonus, equipping at least three pieces of armor from the same armor set will improve all your resistance stats so sometimes mixing sets can be detrimental. Finding the perfect balance of utility and power is the key to an optimal build!

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