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Since Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to PC in a year, let us tell you the difference between Monster Hunter Rise and World! See what the new features are in MH Rise, including the Wirebug, the Palamute, Kamura Village, and more!

Rise vs. World: What are the Key Differences?

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Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World are two entirely different games, each with their own unique features that will make them a must-play.

If you are a Hunter fresh from MH World (or it's expansion MH World: Iceborne), here are a few key differences between MH World and MH Rise:

Mechanic MH World MH RIse
Mounting Monsters Mounting Wyvern Riding
Map Traversal Clutch Claw Wirebugs
Wall Running No Yes
Switchable Attacks No Switchable Attacks Switchable Attacks via Switch Skills
Special Attacks No Special Attacks Silkbind Attacks
Buddies Palico
Canteen Choose the Food Items Choose the Dango Flavor
Fully Voiced Hunter No Yes
Buddies in Multiplayer Fills missing slot in Multiplayer Each Hunter can bring one
Gathering Hub Players Maximum of 16 per Hub Maximum of 4 per Hub
Skill Equipment Craftable Talismans,
Random Decorations
Craftable Decorations,
Random Talismans
Monster Tracking Uses Scoutflies to find tracks Uses Cohoots to Scout;
Location immediately marked on the map

Wyvern Riding

Ride Monsters Into Battle

Wyvern Riding Evade to Counter.gif

You can mount and control monsters with the Ironsilk from your Wirebugs! It is an improved version of the Mounting mechanic back in Monster Hunter World (MHW) since you can now fully control the attacks, actions, and movement of monsters. You also have the option of launching a monster at another monster or a wall, similar to the Clutch Claw move, Flinch Shot. Read more by clicking our guide button linked below!

Comprehensive Wyvern Riding Guide

Get the Monster Into a Mountable State

Putting a monster into a mountable state can be done in three ways;

The first is by damaging the monster. Once a monster has sustained enough damage, it will stop moving and then a prompt will appear above it, signifying it being in a mountable state.

Second, by launching a monster to another monster. The monster hit by the launched monster immediately enters a mountable state.

Third, is by using a Puppet Spider. Using a Puppet Spider on an enemy monster allows you to immediately ride a monster.

Move Around and Attack

Once you're on the monster, you can now move around freely. You will have the option to make a Light Attack, a Strong Attack, Evade or Launch Monster. Emergency Evading and Launching Monsters consume a Wirebug gauge.

Keep in mind that you can only ride for a limited amount of time, represented by the timer found in the bottom center of your screen. So use your time wisely, as getting attacked by other monsters will also consume time.

Fight Other Monsters and Fill Up the Wyvern Riding Gauge

monster hunter rise wyvern riding gauge.png

If you are near another monster, you can make the monster you're riding attack them. Attacking them and successfully evading their attacks will then fill up the Wyvern Riding Gauge.

Once it is full, this will enable you to use the Mounted Punisher move, which deals a ton of damage to the other monster. Each monster has a unique Mounted Punisher, and you can only perform it once per ride as it kicks you off the monster afterward.

New Moves with Wirebugs

Wirebug Fall Cushion.gif

The most predominant of all the new features announced for Monster Hunter Rise is clearly the Wirebug!

The Wirebug allows the hunter to jump and dash ahead by grappling on to this flying companion, as well as execute new attacks. Learn more about it by clicking our button link below!

Complete Wirebug Guide


monster hunter rise wiredash.png

You can jump and dash through the air with the Wirebug, allowing you to get to hard-to-reach places. The Wiredash can also be used as an effective tool in battle as it helps you evade monster attacks in any direction.

Usable inside Kamura Village

monster hunter rise Wirebug In Kamura Village.jpeg

Wirebugs can be used within Kamura Village, rewarding exploration as some high areas provide cool scenery or a hidden villager such as Zenchi the Doctor. As previous Monster Hunter games limit the abilities of the hunter within base areas, it is nice to see that this feature can be used here as well for smoother travel.

Wall Run

monster hunter rise wall run.png

The Wirebug also allows you to Wall Run, as long as you have stamina.


With the Wirebug, you can recover quickly after getting knocked down by a monster attack.

Silkbind Attack

monster hunter rise silkbind attack.png

All 14 weapons have new moves called the Silkbind Attack. It is quite similar to the moves in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHXX).

Each weapon has different Silkbind Attacks, so make sure you check them out!
List of Silkbind Attacks and How to Use

Switch Skills

There is also a multitude of other attacks that are made available to all hunters, with one condition: you'll have to choose one or the other! According to your playstyle, you can Switch Skills, whether it's regular or Silkbind Attacks, to make your hunter feel unique. Learn everything you need to know about Switch Skills with our guide linked below!
Switch Skills Guide

Melee Weapon Guides

Melee Weapons
Great Sword Icon.jpegGreat Sword Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Long Sword Icon.jpegLong Sword Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Sword & Shield Icon.jpegSword and Shield Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Dual Blades Icon.jpegDual Blades Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Hammer Icon.jpegHammer Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Hunting Horn Icon.jpegHunting Horn Trees & Full List How to Use (Melodies and Effects) Best Builds
Lance Icon.jpegLance Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Gunlance Icon.jpegGunlance Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Switch Axe Icon.jpegSwitch Axe Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Charge Blade Icon.jpegCharge Blade Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Insect Glaive Icon.jpegInsect Glaive Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Kinsect Icon.pngKinsects Kinsect Tree and Complete Kinsect List

Ranged Weapon Guides

Ranged Weapons
Bow Icon.jpegBows Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Light Bowgun Icon.jpegLight Bowguns Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Heavy Bowgun Icon.jpegHeavy Bowguns Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds

New Buddies


monster hunter rise palamute.png

If you loved the addition of Raider Rides with Iceborne, you now have a similar but permanent member to your team called the Palamute! Not only can you ride it around different locales, but it can also assist you in combat!

How to Ride Palamutes

Palamute in Kamura Village

monster hunter rise Palamute In Kamura Village.jpeg

It's also been confirmed that the Palamute is available for riding inside Kamura Village. With the Wirebug at their disposal as well, hunters will be stuck trekking around the base on foot no longer.


monster hunter rise Cohoot Introduction.jpeg
You also get the cute Cohoot, which you can dress up, pet, and give food to, just like your Palamute and Palico. It will also tell you the position of Monsters during hunts. Plus, visiting its nest will give you a different reward every time. Learn more about the Buddy Cohoot by reading our article linked below!

What is a Cohoot?

Monster Tracking Made Easy

Thanks to the Cohoot, there is no need to track monsters with Scoutflies or Paintballs like in previous Monster Hunter games, as Monsters are marked directly on the Map at the start of each Quest, and the tracked Monster can easily be changed at any time. However, you still won't know which Monster is which until you actually encounter them – until that point, they will be marked with a question mark icon.

New Base and New Locales

Kamura Village

monster hunter rise kamura village.png

Kamura Village is the new base of operations in MHRise. The buildings in Kamura Village resemble traditional Japanese buildings, and its inhabitants wear traditional Japanese clothing as well. It serves the purpose of assisting the hunter as well as providing insight into the culture of this game's lore. Read more about Kamura Village by clicking our button link below!

Kamura Village

The Rampage at Kamura Village

monster hunter rise The Rampage.png

50 years ago, a torrent of monsters came to attack Kamura Village, nearly wiping the population to nothing. This event earned the name The Rampage. You encounter the Rampage a few times while playing through the game, as well as it being an integral part in progressing the main story.

It has a tower defense style of gameplay and will be its own kind of quest. Read specific details of the Rampage by clicking our button link below!

What is the Rampage?

New Training Area

monster hunter rise training area.png

There is a brand new training area with a really large monster to test your weapons, wirebug attacks, and switch skills on. Moreover, it is no longer limited to one person; you can now train with other hunters! Know more by clicking our button link below!

Training Area Guide

Flooded Forest

monster hunter rise flooded forest.png

One of the new locales where your hunts will take place is the Flooded Forest, a mix between swampy muddy waters and flooded ruins. Tall brown cliffs accompanied by waterfalls as well as a viny underground area. Know more by clicking our button link below.

Flooded Forest

Shrine Ruins

monster hunter rise shrine ruins.png

Another locale is the Shrine Ruins, a place where people used to go to pray and give worship. It is now nothing more than a collection of dilapidated buildings, riddled by lingering plantlife, wildlife, and monsters alike. Know more about its specifics but clicking our button link below.

Shrine Ruins

Frost Islands

monster hunter rise frost islands.png
The Frost Islands was once home to a massive dragon who had droves of hunters trying to slay it and failing. There are now only humongous dragon bones and a broken Dragonship at the center of the islands left to tell the story. Know more about it by reading our guide linked below.

Frost Islands

Sandy Plains

sandy plains smaller.png

The Sandy Plains is a hot desert full of rocky hills, barely alive trees, and the occasional oasis. Some might prefer to hunt during the cool, windy night. Know more about it by reading our guide linked below.

Sandy Plains

Lava Caverns

Lava Caverns Unique Water System

The Lava Caverns is a large cave system where it splits off into areas with searing, red hot magma and sparkling, cool bodies of water. Know more about it by reading our guide linked below.

Lava Caverns

New Endemic Life


Endemic Life in MHRise is not just collectibles anymore, unlike in MHW. All of them provide a bonus to the hunter during Quests, and some can even be carried along like an Item found within your Helper Cage!

Here are a few examples of the Endemic Life in the game. To see all the Endemic Life we currently know about, follow the link below!

List of Endemic Life

Permabuffer: Spiribird

monster hunter rise spiribird.png

Spiribirds are helpful little creatures that will permanently buff your health, stamina, attack, or defense for an entire hunt. Know more about it by reading our guide linked below.

Spiribird Locations and Best Spiribird Routes

Permabuffer: Lampsquid

Chasing Lampsquids.gif

Similar to Spiribirds, Lampsquids give temporary buffs that only last for a short amount of time. They grant Affinity Up, Minimal Health Restoration, and Divine Protection! Read more about it on our article link below.

How to Get and Use Lampsquid

Hunting Helper: Stinkmink

monster hunter rise stinkmink.png

Stinkminks are Hunting Helpers that will give you pheromones that allow you to lure a Monster wherever you want. Up to five Stinkminks can actually be picked up and carried and used at convenient times to draw Monsters into a trap. Know more about it by reading our guide linked below.

How to Get and Use Stinkminks

Hunting Helper: Escuregot

monster hunter rise escuregot.png
Escuregots are Hunting Helpers that will release a cloud of healing that will heal you up over time. Know more about it by reading our guide linked below.

How to Get and Use Escuregot

Ensnaring: Giganha

monster hunter rise giganha.png

When you give Giganha raw meat, they will go into a frenzy and damage any monster that comes into their vicinity. Know more about it by reading our guide linked below.

How to Get and Use Giganha

Temp Buffer: Clothfly

monster hunter rise clothfly.png
The Clothfly can temporarily buff your Defense when you trigger it on the battlefield. Know more about it by reading our guide linked below.

How to Get and Use Clothflies

New Equipment and New Food


The Petalace is new hunting equipment that provides several direct boosts to the hunter's stats. Lore-wise, it causes Spiribirds to get close to you, showering you with their buffing pollen.

It serves a similar function to Charms from previous games, these equipment offer unique buffs to hunters. Learn more about it by reading our guide linked below!

List of Petalaces

Bunny Dango

monster hunter rise bunny dango.png

You can get yummy Bunny Dango from Yomogi at the Tea Shop to buff your health and stamina. Know more about it as well as the best Dango Combinations by reading our guide linked below.

Best Dango Combinations: Dango Tier List

New Multiplayer Features

Hub Quests

Difficulty Scaling.png

Hub Quests, unlike Village Quests, can be played in either single-player or multiplayer. The difficulty also scales appropriately whenever people join or leave the quest. learn more about Hub Quests by reading our guide linked below!

Hub Quest Guide and List of Hub Quests

Hunter Connect

Hunter Connect is essentially matchmaking for hunters. You will need to create your own Hunter Connect with the appropriate details, such as the time you want to hunt and what kind of hunters you're looking for (beginners, veterans, etc.).

You can also create a whole Lobby that only other hunters with the same Hunter Connect can find! This way, you can meet and play with like-minded hunters.


Right after a hunt with other hunters, you can choose to send a Like to another hunter. If both of you send each other a Like, it'll become Mutual Likes, and it'll be easier to find each other's Lobbies for future hunts!

Hunter Connect and Like Function

Photo Mode

Say Cheese!

You can take pictures of anything you want, such as Endemic Life, Monsters, or other Hunters! You can also get your Cohoot to take a group picture of you and your friends. Afterward, you can find it on your Nintendo Switch, or in the in-game album. Strike a pose, and say cheese! We have an in-depth guide to taking pictures linked below!

How to Take Pictures with the Camera: Photo Mode

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