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Wondering what the differences between Monster Hunter Rise versus World are? See what the new features are in MHRise, including the Wirebug, the Palamute, and Kamura Village!

Wyvern Riding

Ride Monsters Into Battle

monster hunter rise wyvern riding.png

You can mount and control monsters with the Ironsilk from your Wirebugs! It is an upgrade from the Mounting mini-game back in Monster Hunter World (MHW), since you can now make the monster go anywhere and attack anything. You can also launch the monster into a wall to knock it out, similar to the Clutch Claw move, Flinch Shot.

Comprehensive Guide on Wyvern Riding

Get the Monster Into a Mountable State

monster hunter rise ride wyvern option.png
You will first have to damage the monster enough in order to get the option to ride it, whether it is through damaging it with your own attacks, Turf Wars, or various Endemic Life. Only then will an option to ride it appear.

Move Around and Attack

monster hunter rise wyvern riding controls.png
Once you're on the monster, you can now move around freely. You will have the option to make a Light Attack, a Strong Attack, Evade, or Launch Monster. Emergency Evading and Launching Monsters consume Wirebugs.

But be warned: you can only ride for a limited amount of time! So use your time wisely. Getting hit by other monsters will also consume time.

Fight Other Monsters and Fill Up the Wyvern Riding Gauge

monster hunter rise wyvern riding gauge.png
If there are other monsters around, you can make the monster you're riding attack them. Attacking them and successfully evading their attacks will fill up the Wyvern Riding Gauge.

Once filled up, this will enable you to use the Mounted Punisher move, which deals a ton of damage to the other monster. Each monster has a unique Mounted Punisher, and you can only perform it once per ride.

New Moves Available with the Wirebug

monster hunter rise Wirebug Introduction.jpeg

The most predominant of all the new features announced for Monster Hunter Rise is clearly the Wirebug (sorry to Palamute fans).

The Wirebug allows for the hunter to jump and dash ahead by grappling on to this flying companion, as well as execute new attacks.

How to Use Wirebugs


monster hunter rise wiredash.png
You can jump and dash through the air with the Wirebug, allowing you to get to places you normally would not be able to. The Wiredash is not just limited to travel, but an effective tool in battle as well.

Usable inside Kamura Village

monster hunter rise Wirebug In Kamura Village.jpeg
The second trailer demonstrated the Wirebug being used inside Kamura Village, the main base area of the game. As previous Monster Hunter games limited the abilities of the hunter within base areas, it's nice to see that this feature can be used here as well for smooth travel.

Wall Run

monster hunter rise wall run.png
The Wirebug also allows you to Wall Run, as long as you have stamina.


With the Wirebug, you can evade quickly after getting knocked back by monsters.

Silkbind Attack

monster hunter rise silkbind attack.png
All 14 weapons have new moves called the Silkbind Attack. It is quite similar to the moves in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHXX).

Each weapon has different Silkbind Attacks, so make sure you check them out!

All Weapon Guides

All Weapon Guides
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Switch AxeSwitch Axe Charge BladeCharge Blade Insect GlaiveInsect Glaive BowBow
Light BowgunLight Bowgun Heavy BowgunHeavy Bowgun

Weapon Tier List

New Buddies


monster hunter rise palamute.png
If you loved the addition of Raider Rides with Iceborne, you now have a similar but permanent member to your team: the Palamute! Not only can you ride it around different locales, but you can also rely on it on your battles.

Palamute in Kamura Village

monster hunter rise Palamute In Kamura Village.jpeg

It's also been confirmed that the Palamute is available for riding inside Kamura Village. With the Wirebug at their disposal as well, hunters will be stuck trekking around the base on foot no longer.


monster hunter rise Cohoot Introduction.jpeg
You also get the cute Cohoot, which you can dress up, pet, and give food to, just like your Palamute and Palico. It will also tell you the position of Monsters during hunts.

Monster Tracking Made Easy

monster hunter rise Monster Tracking.pngEnlarge

Thanks to the Cohoot, there is no need to track monsters with Scoutflies or Paintballs like in previous Monster Hunter games, as Monsters are marked directly on the Map at the start of each Quest, and the tracked Monster can easily be changed at any time. However, you still won't know which Monster is which until you actually encounter them – until that point, they will be marked with a question mark icon.

New Base and New Locales

Kamura Village

monster hunter rise kamura village.png
Kamura Village is the new base of operations in MHRise. The buildings in Kamura Village resemble traditional Japanese buildings, and its inhabitants wear traditional Japanese clothing as well.

The Rampage at Kamura Village

monster hunter rise The Rampage.png

50 years ago, a deluge of monsters came to attack Kamura Village and nearly wiped everyone out. This event earned the name The Rampage. The main story will revolve around trying to protect Kamura Village from The Rampage.

New Training Area

monster hunter rise training area.png
There is a brand new training area with advanced gadgets you can test your weapons on. Moreover, it is no longer limited to one person; you can now train with other hunters!

Flooded Forest

monster hunter rise flooded forest.png
One of the new locales where your hunts will take place is the Flooded Forest, filled with trees and old ruins submerged in water.

Shrine Ruins

monster hunter rise shrine ruins.png
Another locale is the Shrine Ruins, a place where people used to go to pray and give thanks. Now it is full of decrepit buildings and monsters alike.

Frost Islands

monster hunter rise frost islands.png
The Frost Islands was once home to a massive dragon who had droves of hunters trying to slay it and failing. There are now only humongous dragon bones and a broken Dragonship at the center of the islands left to tell the story.

New Endemic Life

Endemic Life in MHRise are not just collectibles anymore, unlike in MHW. All of them provide a bonus to the hunter during Quests, and some can even be carried along like an Item!

Here are a few examples of the Endemic Life in the game. To see all the Endemic Life we currently know about, follow the link below!
List of Endemic Life

Permabuffer: Spiribird

monster hunter rise spiribird.png
Spiribirds are helpful little creatures that will give buffs to your health, stamina, attack, or defense for an entire hunt.

Hunting Helper: Stinkmink

monster hunter rise stinkmink.png
Stinkminks are Hunting Helpers that will give you pheromones that allow you to lure a Monster wherever you want. Up to five Stinkminks can actually by picked up and carried, and used at convenient times to draw Monsters into a trap.

Hunting Helper: Escuregot

monster hunter rise escuregot.png
Escuregots are Hunting Helpers that will release a cloud of healing that will heal you up over time.

Ensnaring: Giganha

monster hunter rise giganha.png
When you give Giganha raw meat, they will go into a frenzy and damage any monster that comes into their vicinity.

Temp Buffer: Clothfly

monster hunter rise clothfly.png
The Clothfly can temporarily buff your Defense when you trigger it on the battlefield.

New Equipment and New Food


monster hunter rise petalace.pngEnlarge

The Petalace is a new hunting equipment that works directly with the Spiribird. It seems to provide a number of direct boosts to the hunter's stats.

Although it serves a similar function to Charms from previous games, Charms are also thought to exist in MHRise, so we're waiting to see what role each of these equipment items will bring to the table.

Bunny Dango

monster hunter rise bunny dango.png
You can get yummy Bunny Dango from Yomogi at the Tea Shop to buff your health and stamina.

Differences from Past Monster Hunter Games

Your Hunter has a Voice

monster hunter rise hunters.png
Your Hunter will now have voice lines, like Here comes the pain! and Hope you've got insurance! while fighting monsters.

For those who prefer a traditionally quiet hunter, you will still be able to turn the voice lines off in the Settings.

Changes to Turf Wars?

monster hunter rise turf wars.png
It seems that Turf Wars will still occur in MHRise, but there might be some changes to this that will affect gameplay.
Turf Wars

Palicoes and Palamutes in Multiplayer

monster hunter rise buddies on multiplayer.png
You can now choose to bring your Palico or your Palamute along on 3- or 4-man hunts. However, you only get to pick one, so choose wisely!

Slinger and Clutch Claw Likely Removed

The beloved Slinger and Clutch Claw from MHW might have been removed in MHRise to make way for the Wirebug.

As these features have not been shown in any pre-release footage, it's likely that they will not appear this time to avoid overloading players with too many available options.

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