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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - All Trailers and Pre-Release Videos

This is a guide on All Trailers and Pre-Release Videos about Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know confirmed information and everything we know so far!

All Trailers Released So Far

The videos are arranged from Most Recent to Oldest.

Free Title Update 2

The Capcom Online Program at TGS 2022 revealed an updated version on the roadmap for other title updates and new features found in Free Title Update 2.

Confirmed monsters were announced like Violet Mizutsune, Flaming Espinas, and Risen Chameleos, as well as new Anomaly Quests, Anomaly Investigation Levels, new weekly event quests, Paid DLCs together with layered weapons, and more.

Free Title Update 2 Release Date and Monsters

Flaming Espinas Revealed!

Some of Flaming Espinas' fiery attacks can be seen in this video!
Flaming Espinas: Weakness and Armor

Free Title Update 1

This trailer revealed new monsters like Seething Bazelguese, Gold Rathian, Silver Rathalos, and Lucent Nargacuga, as well as new afflicted monsters, paid DLCs, and more!
Free Title Update 1
Release Date and Monsters

First Look at Lucent Nargacuga Gameplay

This video gives us a sneak peak on Lucent Nargacuga's moves!
Lucent Nargacuga: Weakness and Drops

A Kingdom's Savior

Sunbreak is finally coming to Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch and Steam! Sneak a peak at what challenges await you at Elgado, and the new people and monsters you'll be meeting with the video above!

The video also showcased a roadmap for future updates from 2022 to 2023!
Free Title Updates & Roadmap

The Mystery of Malzeno

This video revealed more info about Malzeno and the new status effect, Bloodblight, as well as showed three more monsters coming to Sunbreak: Seregios, Aurora Somnacanth, and Magma Almudron.

May 2022 Digital Event

Garangolm Gameplay Preview

They showcased Garangolm's moves in this video!

Garangolm: Basic Information

Tour of the Citadel

This video showed us the new locale we will be hunting monsters in for Sunbreak, as well as some of its inhabitants!

The Citadel

The Three Lords

CAPCOM, during the March 2022 Digital Event, revealed new monsters coming to the Sunbreak expansion and introduced the Three Lords (Malzeno, Lunagaron, and Garangolm). They also revealed Astalos returning to the franchise and the new Blood Orange Bishaten.

List of Sunbreak Monsters

March 15 2022 Digital Event

The March 2022 Digital Event was all about the long-awaited Sunbreak expansion, which revealed the expansion's release date, game editions, new amiibo, a ton of monsters, a new locale, and new NPCs!

March 2022 Digital Event

New Feature on PC: Filters

This video gives us a look into filters, another new feature that will be introduced on the PC version. Whether it will be on the Switch as well remains to be seen.

The Game Awards Teaser: Lunagaron and Elgado

The Game Awards 2021 featured another teaser for Sunbreak, featuring the icy version of Odogaron, Lunagaron! They also revealed the second base of operations, much like World's Seliana: Elgado.

Update 3.6: Sonic Collab

New Sonic-themed layered armor for the entire team is coming to Monster Hunter Rise on November 26, 2021, as rewards for the event quests brought about the Sonic collab between Sega and CAPCOM!

Update 3.6: Sonic Collaboration
and New Event Quests

Shogun Ceanataur

Shogun Ceanataur is revealed to come back for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! Now we're wondering if Daimyo Hermitaur will also make a comeback....

Shogun Ceanataur: Basic Information

PC Release Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise is finally coming to PC on January 12, 2022! This trailer provides the release dates on both the full game and the PC demo, as well as the features you can expect from the PC version.

PC (Steam) Release Date, Specs, and Demo

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion Teaser Trailer

CAPCOM teased us with its sudden announcement of the expansion and it is called Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! No details are available on what is in store for us yet. But they did reveal that the expansion is set to be released this Summer of 2022.

Sunbreak Expansion DLC, Release Date, and Features

Update 3.5: Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection

CAPCOM welcomed Halloween with a collaboration with the spooky franchise, Ghosts 'n Goblins! You can dress up as Arthur from the series and have your throwing kunais turn into lances, much like in the Ghosts 'n Goblins game!

Update 3.5: Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection Collaboration, DLC, and Patch Notes

Update 3.3: Akuma from Street Fighter & Rush from Megaman 11

Rush Costume: CAPCOM Collab with Megaman 11

Transform your Palamute into a cute cyborg dog from Megaman 11 in this fourth CAPCOM collab!

The event quest The Blue Bomber's Best Bud lets you unlock the Rush Costume which lets you change your Palamute into Rush.

Update 3.3: Megaman 11 Collab, Street Fighter Collab, DLC, and Patch Notes

Akuma: CAPCOM Collab with Street Fighter

Turn your hunter into Akuma from Street Fighter as this update brings us the third CAPCOM Collab.

Update 3.2: Okami Costume and New Weekly Event Quests

This update brings the second CAPCOM collab and it's with Okami, another title from CAPCOM. Finishing the event quest lets you forge the layered armor Ammy Costume. We will still recieve weekly event quests until the next update!

Update 3.2: Okami Collab, DLC, Patch Notes, and New Content

Update 3.1: Tsukino Costume, DLCs, New Weekly Event Quests

This update brings the first CAPCOM collab that will let your Pallico be Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Along with this update are new paid DLCs and several new weekly event quests.

Update 3.1: Patch Notes and New Quests

Update 3.0: Crimson Glow Valstrax, New Apex Monsters, and New Ending

CAPCOM announced a new monster called Crimson Glow Valstrax together with the reveal of several apex monsters such as Apex Zinogre, Apex Rathalos, and Apex Diablos! In line with this is the reveal of the new ending for the base game!

Update 3.0: Patch Notes and New Monsters

Update 2.0: Elder Dragons & Apex Monsters

For the first title update, CAPCOM announced the introduction of a trio of Elder Dragons in Chameleos, Teostra, and Kushala Daora as well as the introduction of two new Apex Monsters in Apex Rathalos and Apex Diablos. Old Apex Monsters are also revealed to be huntable in their own solo quests!

Update 2.0 Guide: Patch Notes and New Monsters

Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch

This video was released on March 26, 2021. The video accompanied the release of Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch only. This also teased the arrival of Apex Rathalos!

Confirmed PC Release Date

Magnamalo Demo!

Featured in this video is the teaser for Demo 2 where you get a shot at trying to defeat Magnamalo! With a total hunt time of 15 minutes, clearing the Magnamalo demo is an impressive feat.

How to Beat Magnamalo: Weakness and Material Drops

Make Kamura your own!

A cute short video about your home in Kamura Village!

House Guide: Things To Do Inside Your House

Goss Harag Gameplay Video

A preview where the Goss Harag and the Charge Blade are given a special focus!

Charge Blade Guide: Combos, Controls and Moveset

Master Utsushi's Hints for Hunters

Some useful tips for Hunters in training are shown by Master Utsushi!

Training Area Guide

New Gameplay, Tutorials, and Director Q&A!

A large drop of info that focuses on the different aspects that affect gameplay such as multiplayer, monsters, and more!

March 9th Digital Event - Livestream Coverage and Everything We Learned | Monster Hunter Rise

Hunting 101 - Overview

In this video, the Hunter Home, Multiplayer, and Photo Mode are given an emphasis.

Multiplayer and Co-op Guide

Hunting 101 - Rampage

This video is more of a highlight clip from the live wherein it showcases the Rampage and all of its details.

Director Q&A

Director Q & A goes in-depth with the development of Monster Hunter Rise, as well as some favorites and facts regarding the director itself.

March 8, 2021

This particular Digital Event showcased a lot of new content such as an in-depth look at the Rampage,Multiplayer, and Photo Mode among other things.

March 8th Digital Event - Livestream Coverage and Everything We Learned

Kamura's Hope Trailer

The Kamura's Hope Trailer expands upon the campaign of the game as well as featuring the Chameleos at the end of the trailer!

Story Walkthrough and Progression Guide

Record of Videos

The official Capcom website for Monster Hunter Rise keeps a record of videos that they post from Twitter! Similar to an archive or online library where you can view short miscellaneous clips.

Record of Videos

Monster Hunter Digital Event – January 2021

This video is undoubtedly the biggest content drop regarding Monster Hunter Rise. A wealth of information has been released such as confirming new monsters, returning monsters, new non-playable characters, and an explanation of the Frost Islands.

We go more in-depth about it in the button-linked article below!

January 7th - Live Coverage and Everything We Know

Hunting 101 – Wirebug

Similar to the Wyvern Riding video, the Wirebug video gave an in-depth explanation of how to use, where to use, and when to use Wirebugs. As well as some specific controls for actions you want to achieve.

If you want to read a comprehensive guide on it, feel free to click the button link below and learn more!

How to Use Wirebugs

Hunting 101 – Wyvern Riding

The Hunting 101 - Wyvern Riding video gave us a lot of information about the earlier teased riding and controlling monsters. An in-depth explanation was made on how to put a monster into a mountable state and how to control them.

You can read a more detailed explanation by clicking an article we made with the button link below!

Wyvern Riding

Wyvern Riding Trailer

In this trailer, they showcased a new map, a new monster, returning monsters, and a new way of riding monsters. Accompanied by the new reveal of a snowy locale called the Frost Islands is a new monster called the Goss Harag. Meanwhile, the confirmed returning monsters are the Great Baggi, Lagombi, Khezu, and the Tigrex.

With the use of endemic life, you can now control large monsters and use them for battle. You can also catch a glimpse of messing with Turf Wars by taking control of one of the fighting monsters.

Turf Wars

The Game Awards 2020 Trailer

The Game Awards 2020 Trailer unpacked a lot of new information about Monster Hunter Rise. We were able to take a quick glimpse of Kamura village as well as its stores while being serenaded by Hinoa. It also featured a flooded locale called the Flooded Forest which was making a comeback from previous games as well as some returning monsters.

The Rampage was emphasized in this trailer, with the latter portion of it discussing the defenses of Kamura Village against the infamous event.

What is the Rampage?

Great Sword Gameplay Trailer

The Great Sword Gameplay Trailer dropped a month after the TGS 2020 online trailer. This video gave us an early look at what hunting in Monster Hunter Rise is going to be like. It showed us a glimpse of what endemic life has to offer such as the permabuffs from Spiribirds and the extra Wirebugs you can collect in the wild.

Also in this video, they gave us more details about the Aksonom as well as integrating Wirebug actions when in combat called Silkbind Attacks.

Great Sword Guide: Combos, Controls and Moveset

TGS 2020 Online Trailer

The TGS 2020 Online Trailer is similar to the announcement trailer that the official Monster Hunter Youtube channel dropped. With this trailer, it is further solidified that the hunters get their own voice lines. A big change compared to previous Monster Hunter games where the hunter is merely a silent protagonist.

List of Characters and Voice Actors

Monster Hunter Direct - 9.17.2020

The Monster Hunter Direct dropped on the same day as the announcement trailer. They showcased more of the starting area which is the Shrine Ruins that takes not of the word Rise in the game title. They titled the game Monster Hunter Rise out of the fact that they wanted to focus on vertical environments and boosted mobility. They also confirmed that you can have both the Palico and Palamute on quests.

They also briefly discuss limited details about the newer monsters which gave us an idea of how they'll behave. Added to this is a brief introduction to Kamura Village and its purpose of acting as a gathering hub and base for hunters.

Best Buddies to Bring: Palico vs. Palamute

Announcement Trailer

For the first-ever trailer of Monster Hunter Rise, they showcased the teased dog companion almost immediately. The dog companion or palamute made waves on Twitter when it was initially announced, garnering adoration from fans almost immediately. The BGM they used for the video is the familiar Monster Hunter Theme Song which pulls the nostalgia strings of long-time fans.

They also showed us new monsters which were the Aknosom, Tetranodon, Great Izuchi, and the flagship Magnamalo.

New Monsters

Pre-release Weapon Videos

Throughout the entire month of December 2020, the official Monster Hunter YouTube channel posted multiple weapon videos. Each weapon video previewed two new moves called Silkbind Attacks which are attacks done in combination with the Wirebug.


Bow Controls and New Moves

Dual Blades

Dual Blades Controls and New Moves

Long Sword

Long Sword Controls and New Moves


Lance Controls and New Moves

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun Controls and New Moves

Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun Controls and New Moves


Hammer Controls and New Moves

Sword & Shield

Sword and Shield Controls and New Moves


Gunlance Controls and New Moves

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive Controls and New Moves

Great Sword

Great Sword Controls and New Moves

Switch Axe

Switch Axe Controls and New Moves

Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn Controls and New Moves

Charge Blade

Charge Blade Controls and New Moves

All Demos Released So Far

Playable Switch Demo

A playable demo was released on January 8th, 2021 which covered four quests to choose from. The Demo showcased two training quests that you can do an infinite amount of times. The two other quests are Slay a monster quest that you can do for limited tries.

Switch Demo Guide and Features

Playable Switch Demo 2

MH Rise - Demo Version 2 for Switch Confirmed

On March 11th 2021, a second version of the demo was released. The 2dn demo had the same features as the first but with a new addition of the very difficult Magnamalo fight!

Demo 2 Release Time and End Date

Playable PC Demo

MH Rise - PC Demo Release Date

Capcom released a demo on October 13, 2021, two months before the PC release date! This demo showcases a ton of graphical improvements from the Switch version, such as 4K resolution, high framerates, better textures, and more.

PC Demo Guide and Features

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