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List of Awards and How to Unlock All Guild Card Awards (Update 2.0).png

This is a list of Guild Card Awards in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Keep reading for details on each Award and how to unlock them!

List of Guild Card Awards

Page 1

Award How to Unlock
Kamura Amulet Clear Great Izuchi, Great Pain
Ancestral Blade Clear Comeuppance
Apex Shortsword Slay an Apex Monster
Temptuous Triumph Scroll Slay Wind Serpent Ibushi
Calamity Conqueror Scroll Slay Wind Serpent Ibushi and Thunder Serpent Narwa
Aspiring Hunter Certificate Clear all Low Rank Gathering Hub Quests
Rampage Nemesis Certificate Clear 50 Rampage Quests
Spiritwood Necklace Clear 50 Quests in the Shrine Ruins
Frozen Lampsquid Earring Clear 50 Quests in the Frost Islands
Prismatic Chalice Clear 50 Quests in the Flooded Forest
Silver Cactus Ring Clear 50 Quests in the Sandy Plains
Heliotrope Bracelet Clear 50 Quests in the Lava Caverns
Wreath of Honor Clear a large number of Requests
Kamura Pinwheel Perform 1,000 Wiredashes
Shabby Canyne Saddle Ride your Palamute a certain number of times
Beat-up Construction Kit Unlock all Sub-camps
Great Wirebug Plate Unlock all Great Wirebug launch points
Hunting Helpers Plate Gather Hunting Helpers 500 times
Golden Spiribug Plate Collect 1,000 Golden or Gilded Spiribugs
Antique Bookmark Collect all Old Messages

Page 2

Award How to Unlock
Deft-hand Rod Catch every type of fish
Well-done Grillmeister Cook Well-done Steak 30 times
Copper Ecologist's Award Take a picture of every type of Hunting Helper
Silver Ecologist's Award Take a picture of every Rare Creature
Gold Ecologist's Award Take a picture of every Endemic Life
Extravagant Cashbox Accumulate a total of 1,000,000 Zenny
Well-worn Cashbox Accumulate a total of 100,000 Kamura Points
Thank-mew Letter Hire 50 Buddies
Good Luck Charm Send out the Meowcenaries 100 times
Palamute Gear Tune-up Kit Collect all Palamute gear
Luxury Armor Stand Forge weapons and armor of the highest rarity
Master's Black Belt Unlock every Switch Skill
Chef's Trusty Tools Unlock every Dango Recipe
Cohoots' Dresser Collect all Cohoot outfits
Runner's Sandals Speak to every villager
TBC Hunt 1,000 monsters
Five-in-One Plaque Hunt 5 monsters in a single Expedition Tour
Seasoned Jockey Plaque Make use of Wyvern Riding a certain amount of times
Fan of Ascendency Complete all Village Quests ★1 to ★6 and clear the Village Quest, Advanced: The Veterans' Gala
Arena Fighter Certificate Complete all Arena Quests 01-06 (at any rank)

Page 3

Award How to Unlock
TBC Reach Level 50 with one Palico of each of the five Palico Support Types
Colorful Armor Stand Forge one Layered Armor of each body part.
Petalace Arrangement Vase Obtain every type of Petalace

How to Unlock Trickier Awards

Runner's Sandals

Monster Hunter Rise - Runner
To get this Award you will need to speak with every NPC in Kamura Village. Most of them you'll end up speaking to for the story or to accept Requests, but a few others you may not ever interact with at all.

Some of these NPCs will also change locations over time so they can be easier to miss. Each NPC has a set location so if you can't find one, reset your game and they will be back in their original location.

※Names in bold are NPCs that aren't normally spoken to while names in red are NPCs that can be easy to miss.

Kamura Village: 27 NPCs

Humans: 19
Tsuriki Hobashira -
Hinami Suzukari Senari
Wakana Seihaku Hanenaga
Mihaba Komitsu Fukura
Shiika Taishi -
Fugen Yomogi Hamon
Inukai Hinoe Kaguro
Easy to Miss Villagers
Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura Villager Tsuriki.jpegEnlarge
A sailor carrying a pole on his shoulder who walks around from the port into the village.
Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura Villager Hobashira.jpegEnlarge
A sailor who stands at the port.
Buddies: 8
Zenchi (Palico) Ikari (Palico) -
Kajika (Palico) Homura (Palamute) Shiratama (Palico)
Kinoko (Palico) Goka (Palamute) Senri (Palico)
Easy to Miss
Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura Villager Zenchi.jpegEnlarge
Can usually be found sleeping on a roof near the Steelworks. During a sale he can be found near Kagero.
Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura Villager Ikari.jpegEnlarge
To the left of the Steelworks past Fugen. If he doesn't appear, reload your game, return to his location and wait and he should appear soon.

Gathering Hub: 12

Humans: 6
Hanamori Minoto Hojo
Ayame Utsushi Nakago
Buddies: 6
Badum (Palico) Tish (Palico) Maido (Palico)
Otemai (Palico) Kojiri (Palico) Housekeeper (Palico)
Easy to Miss
Badum and Tish
Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura Villager Badum and Tish.jpegEnlarge
These two can be found playing the drum to the left of the Gathering Hub entrance. If you change the default BGM you won't be able to speak to them, so return it to default if this happens.

Buddy Plaza: 6

Humans: 2
Iori Rondyne -
Kotori (Palico) Chino (Palico) Shirubei (Palico)
Kogarashi (Palico) - -
Easy to Miss
Kotori and Chino
Kotori and Chino.jpegEnlarge
Both Palico can be found on either side of Rondyne.

Your Room: 2

Buddies: 2
Fukashigi (Palico) Housemate (Palico) -
Easy to Miss
Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura Villager Fukashigi.jpegEnlarge
Fukashigi can be found hiding behind the wall scroll behind your Housekeeper.

Training Area: 1

Buddies: 1
Sekirei (Palico) - -

Deft-hand Rod Award

Monster Hunter Rise - Fishing Award.png

This award is unlocked by fishing up every type of fish. You can find every type of fish in the Shrine Ruins or Lava Caverns so refer to the list below for whatever you might be missing.

List of Fish

Fish Where to Catch
Lava Caverns Area 1
Great Whetfish
Lava Caverns Area 1
Gastronome Tuna
Shrine Ruins Area 13
Great Gastronome Tuna
Shrine Ruins Area 13
(※High Rank)
Shrine Ruins Area 13
Big Combustuna
Shrine Ruins Area 13
Lava Caverns Area 1
Great Flamefin
Lava Caverns Area 1
Lava Caverns Area 1
Lava Caverns Area 1
Lava Caverns Area 1
Shrine Ruins Area 6 (Left)
Shrine Ruins Area 6 (Right)
Shrine Ruins Area 6 (Right)
Shrine Ruins Area 6 (Left)
(※High Rank)
Lava Caverns Area 1
King Brocadefish
Lava Caverns Area 1
Supreme Brocadefish
Lava Caverns Area 1
(※High Rank)
Lava Caverns Area 3
(※High Rank)

Copper/Silver/Gold Ecologist Awards

Monster Hunter Rise - Medals.png

For each of the medal Awards, you will need to photograph Hunting Helpers Bronze, Rare Creatures for Silver, and all other Endemic Life for Gold. Lucky Life and Rare Creatures can be especially difficult to photograph as their chances of appearing are much lower. If you happen to see one of these be sure to snap a picture so you don't need to search for them again!

List of Hunting Helpers

Endemic Life
Brewhare.pngBrewhare Antidobra.pngAntidobra Trapbugs.pngTrapbugs
Wailnard.pngWailnard Puppet Spider.pngPuppet Spider Escuregot.pngEscuregot
Stinkmink.pngStinkmink Firebeetle.pngFirebeetle Snowbeetle.pngSnowbeetle
Thunderbeetle.pngThunderbeetle Mudbeetle.pngMudbeetle Poisontoad.pngPoisontoad
Blastoad.pngBlastoad Tricktoad.pngTricktoad Paratoad.pngParatoad
Sleeptoad.pngSleeptoad Gustcrab.pngGustcrab Lanternbug.pngLanternbug

List of Rare Creatures

Endemic Life
Snow-faced Fox.pngSnow-faced Fox Monksnail.pngMonksnail Regitrice.pngRegitrice
Quetzalcobra.pngQuetzalcobra Hellbill.pngHellbill

List of Other Endemic Life

Endemic Life
Scale Lizard.pngScale Lizard Boulder Lizard.pngBoulder Lizard Rock Lizard.pngRock Lizard
Great Wirebug.pngGreat Wirebug Golden Spiribug.pngGolden Spiribug Cutterfly.pngCutterfly
Flashfly.pngFlashfly Peepersects.pngPeepersects Butterflame.pngButterflame
Clothfly.pngClothfly Vigorwasp.pngVigorwasp Wirebug.pngWirebug
Yellow Spiribird.pngYellow Spiribird Green Spiribird.pngGreen Spiribird Orange Spiribird.pngOrange Spiribird
Red Spiribird.pngRed Spiribird Giganha.pngGiganha Red Lampsquid.pngRed Lampsquid
Fortune Owl.pngFortune Owl Felicicrow.pngFelicicrow Pincercrab.pngPincercrab
Yellow Lampsquid.pngYellow Lampsquid Green Lampsquid.pngGreen Lampsquid Golden Lampsquid.pngGolden Lampsquid
Echobat.pngEchobat Prism Spiribird.pngPrism Spiribird

Antique Bookmark Award

Monster Hunter Rise - Relic Records Award.png

You can receive this Award for collecting every Relic and Rampage Record in each area. Check out our guide to finding them all if you have trouble locating them!

How to Find All Relic Records

Luxury Armor Stand Award

Monster Hunter Rise - Armor Award.png

To get this Award, you will need to forge a weapon of 6 Rarity and one of each piece of the armor of 7 Rarity. This can be any weapon or armor piece so they don't all have to be from the same set.

Golden Spiribug Plate Award

Monster Hunter Rise - Spiribugs Award.png

For this Award, you will need to collect 1,000 Golden or Gilded Spiribugs total. We recommend our route in the Shrine Ruins as there are multiple locations you can make use of Great Wirebugs to quickly get 3 at a time. Once you get the route down, it can be completed in 5 minutes or so earning you roughly 30 Spiribugs to your count. Rinse and repeat until you hit 1,000!

Shrine Ruins Route

Monster Hunter Rise - Spiribug Collection Route.jpgEnlarge

Shrine Ruins Route Video

Do at the same time as hunting 1,000 monsters for extra efficiency

Alongside this Award, there is also one for hunting 1,000 Large Monsters. This will also take a long time so doing them together can speed up the process.

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