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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) has Amiibo support. See all the available Amiibo, Amiibo Unlocks, Layered Armor, and more!

All Monster Hunter Rise Amiibos

Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo Series

Palico Amiibo
Palamute Amiibo
Magnamalo Amiibo

Capcom, in partnership with amiibo, released three figurines for the Monster Hunter Rise series. The Palico and Palamute are buddies for hunters, with the Palamute being a new addition in MH Rise. Meanwhile, Magnamalo is the flagship monster for Monster Hunter Rise.

Nintendo also showcased their size in this tweet:

Monster Hunter Rise Gold Amiibo and Silver Amiibo

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Limited Edition Gold Amiibo

Capcom also held a lottery (with gold Amiibo as the prize!) with 7-Eleven in Japan for people who bought the download card for MH Rise. Nintendo America also started a Sweepstakes for normal amiibo, gold amiibo, and silver amiibo for both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Amiibo Functions and Unlocked Rewards

Layered Armor Rewards

Palico Amiibo
Palamute Amiibo
Magnamalo Amiibo

Included with the amiibo is the Sinister Seal layered armor for the Hunter, Palico, and Palamute!

List of Layered Armor and How to Equip

In-game Lottery Rewards

MH Rise - Amiibo Lottery in Market with Kagero

One of the NPCs in the game, Kagero the Merchant, offers an in-game lottery for players that they can access once a day per Amiibo. If you scan an Amiibo, you can participate in the lottery a maximum of three times each day so to maximize the rewards, you need to scan three different Amiibo everyday.

Each Amiibo has its own unique jackpot prize when you scan them and after testing for four (4) straight days, our team found out that these do not change.

Jackpot Prize per Amiibo

The jackpot prize changed after updating to Version 2.0. Here are the new jackpot items:

Amiibo Jackpot Prize
Palico Amiibo Outfit Voucher.pngOutfit Voucher
Palamute Amiibo Mega Demondrug.pngMega Demondrug
Magnamalo Amiibo Heavy Armor Sphere.pngHeavy Armor Sphere

Jackpot Prizes before Update 2.0

Jackpot Prizes before Update 2.0

Amiibo Jackpot Prize
Palico Amiibo Lagniapple.pngLagniapple
Palamute Amiibo Mega Demondrug.pngMega Demondrug
Magnamalo Amiibo Hard Armor Sphere.pngHard Armor Sphere

Possible Non-Jackpot Prizes per Amiibo

Amiibo Prizes
Palico Amiibo
Palamute Amiibo
Magnamalo Amiibo

Where to Buy Amiibos

Buy Individual Amiibos

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Where to Buy Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo

In the US

If you are in the US, each Amiibo figure can be purchased at Gamestop with these links! However, these amiibos have been out of stock lately.

Palico Amiibo
Palamute Amiibo
Magnamalo Amiibo

Outside the US

For Hunters in Japan or in other countries who want to purchase the individual Amiibos, they are available through the links below.

Palico Amiibo
(Play Asia)
Palamute Amiibo
(Play Asia)
Magnamalo Amiibo
(Play Asia)

Buy the Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition is largely sold out and unavailable after the release of the game back in March 26, 2021.

In the US

When you purchase the Collector's Edition of Monster Hunter Rise, the Magnamalo Amiibo is included as part of the set.

Purchase it from Amazon

Outside the US

There are no retailers that sell individual Amiibo in the UK but you can order the Collector's Edition of the game with a Magnamalo Amiibo included!

Purchase it from Game Purchase it from Nintendo Official UK Store

All Game Editions and Bonuses

How to Use Amiibos

Go to Kagero the Merchant to Scan the Amiibo In-Game

To initiate scanning of Amiibo in-game, you have to talk to Kagero the Merchant and choose Read Amiibo. You can claim the bonus Layered Armor per Amiibo here as well as participate in the daily Amiibo lottery!

Scan Amiibos Using the Joycon or Pro Controller

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Scan Amiibo Using the Right Joy-Con or the Center of the Pro Controller

You can tap your Amiibo at your right Joy-Con controller's Right Stick. if you are using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you can tap it at the NFC touchpoint.

What are Amiibos?

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - What are Amiibo.jpg

Amiibos are accessories that come in different varieties. Some of them take the form of mini figurines while others are super-portable cards. The purpose of Amiibos is to unlock special content that can only be done with a special code they have.

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