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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Best Item Loadouts: Which Items to Bring

This is a guide to the best Loadouts for each quest in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to see all the best loadouts, best items to always have, and best item ingredients to carry.

Best Item Loadouts

Generally Good Items Mid-Level Quests High-Level / Difficult Quests
Situational Items / Counter Items Bullets and Phials

Generally Good Items

Item List
Potion.pngPotion Ration.pngRation Shock Trap.pngShock Trap
Tranq Bomb.pngTranq Bomb Powercharm.pngPowercharm Armorcharm.pngArmorcharm

This is the usual basic items you'll want on hunts. Make sure to at least make a single loadout that has all of these in your inventory to speed up your hunting preparation! This loadout is enough for the majority of quests in the game and also depending on your expertise.

Mid-Level Quests

Item List
Pitfall Trap.pngPitfall Trap Mega Potion.pngMega Potion Demondrug.pngDemondrug
Armorskin.pngArmorskin Dung Bomb.pngDung Bomb Large Barrel Bomb.pngLarge Barrel Bomb
Mega Barrel Bomb.pngMega Barrel Bomb Powertalon.pngPowertalon Armortalon.pngArmortalon

These are items you'll want to consider bringing against tougher enemies. This can be for HR quests or against monsters that you consider difficult to beat. They can provide great advantages to the player and greatly alleviate the difficulty of the fight.

High-Level / Difficult Quests

MH Rise - Using the Farcaster.gif

Item List
Mega Demondrug.pngMega Demondrug Mega Armorskin.pngMega Armorskin Dust of Life.pngDust of Life
Farcaster.pngFarcaster Optional Max Potion.pngMax Potion Ancient Potion.pngAncient Potion

These are items you'll want to have during the toughest monster fights. These are usually against Elder Dragons, Tempered and Arch Tempered ones, and G-Rank / Master rank quests.

Situational Items / Counter Items

MH Rise - Pukei-Pukei Spitting Poison.gif

Item List
Antidote.pngAntidote Herbal Medicine.pngHerbal Medicine Nulberry.pngNulberry
Energy Drink.pngEnergy Drink Sonic Bomb.pngSonic Bomb Flash Bomb.pngFlash Bomb

Learning the enemy is key to learning which items to bring from this category. Enemy is a flier that can see? Flash Bombs is one of your friends! Enemy can cause poison? Antidotes and Herbal Medicines are a must have. Study your foe and their attacks then bring countermeasures!

Bullets and Phials

MH Rise - Heavy Bowgun Charging Shots.gif

Normal Ammo 1.pngNormal Ammo 1 Spread Ammo 1.pngSpread Ammo 1 Pierce Ammo 1.pngPierce Ammo 1
Normal Ammo 1Elemental Ammo Normal Ammo 1Status Ammo Power Coating.pngPower Coating

The ammo you need to bring all depends on the hunt and the capabilities of your bowgun. It is suggested to bring all the highest level ammo you can unless you're confident in your skills with just using normal ammo. But in general below are the ammo and phials you'll want to bring on every hunt.

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