Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Requests Guide and List of Requests

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak - Requests Guide and List of Requests

Requests are short side quests acquired by NPCs in Kamura Village and Elgado in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. If you want to know more about requests, request rewards, and a list of all the requests available in the base game and Sunbreak expansion DLC, read on!

List of Sunbreak Requests

Request Condition and Rewards
A Fine, Fire-Breathing Buddy Capture 1 Blood Orange Bishaten
Bombadgy's Cry+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Heavy Armor Spheres
A Great Gift for Your Buddies Deliver Account Item
Antique Tableware x1
Felyne Meownarch (Design) and Canyne Knight (Design)
Amber Brilliance Deliver Account Items
Amber Copal x2
New World Brush Glaive (Upgrade Unlocked)
・ 5 Heavy Armor Spheres
Assist Upgrade Campaign! Complete 3 MR quests w/ an Assist Palico
・ Learn Ameowzing Mist
Bag a Barioth Capture 1 MR Barioth
Guild Bard / Scholar (Design)
Bag a Bazel, Yeah? Capture 1 MR Bazelgeuse
Commission (Design)
Black Hell Hunter's Hint Deliver Account Item
Premium Wyvern Egg x1
Gargwa Hammer+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
King Armor Spheres
Bombardier Upgrade Campaign! Complete 3 MR quests w/ a Bombardier Palico
・ Learn Felyne Fireworks
Buddy Commitment Get 3 Buddies to a skill memory of 8
・ Buddy Skill Lesson Unlock
Chevalier's Sleepy Solution Bring Requested Items
Torpor Sac x1
Great Baggi Thickhide x1
Stealth Dango Supreme (Upgrade Unlocked)
Heavy Armor Spheres
Citadel Sub-Camp Security Slay 8 Boggi in the Citadel
・ Unlock Citadel Sub-Camp
Combo Wizardry Bring Requested Items
Pearl Glosshide x1
Jyuratodus Shard x1
Dragondance Parasol (Upgrade Unlocked)
Dragonbone Artifact
Cool Coal Discovery! Deliver Account Items
Aeonian Coal x3
Watchdog's Howl+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Outfit Vouchers
Cursed Buddy Gear? Bring Requested Items
Zinogre Electrofur+ x1
Mizutsune Purplefell x1
Cat-astrophe Knell (Design) and Disastaroo Bell (Design)
・ 3 King Armor Spheres
Cutesy Crab Pose? Take a picture of a Daimyo Hermitaur's claws
・ 6 Great Wirebugs
Edgy Arrows Capture 1 Seregios
Felyne Trickbow+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Ultimas Crystal
Elder Dragon Delights Bring Requested Items
Large Elder Dragon Bone x1
Pure Dragon Blood x1
Holy Sabers+ (Upgrade Unlocked) and Fortis Gran+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Dragonbone Artifact
Espinas Entanglement Capture 1 Espinas
Sailor (Design)
Fighter Upgrade Campaign! Complete 3 MR quests w/ a Fighter Palico
・ Learn Felyne Power-Up
Fur Requiting Kogarashi Bring Requested Items
Striped Finehide x3
Felyne True Stealth (Design) and Canyne True Trader (Design)
・ 3 Heavy Armor Spheres
Gatherer Upgrade Campaign! Complete 3 MR quests w/ a Gatherer Palico
・ Learn Lottery Box
Giant in the Frost Islands? Photograph a Monksnail
Monksnail Hat (Layered Armor)
Good Guts for Gunlances Bring Requested Item
Basarios Pectus+ x1
Howlitzer+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Ultimas Crystal
Gore Magala Mission Capture 1 Gore Magala
Hawk / Lecturer (Design)
Grueling Training Ground Slay 8 MR Rachnoid in the Lava Caverns.
・ Add Swap Lv 10 Support Moves function
Hand-Me-Down Trial Bring Requested Items
Hellfire Shard x1
Daora Shard x1
Kamura's Inheritance+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
・ 15 Outfit Vouchers
Healer Upgrade Campaign! Complete 3 MR quests w/ a Healer Palico
・ Learn Healing Clover Bat
In Cahoots for Cohoot Pics Photograph 3 Cohoots in Elgado
Cohoot Mask (Layered Armor)
Jungle Sub-Camp Security Slay 8 Hermitaur in the Jungle
・ Unlock Jungle Sub-Camp
Lagombi in the Moonlight Capture 1 MR Lagombi
Pounder of Rice+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
・ 10 Outfit Vouchers
New Mask Mission Capture 1 MR Magnamalo
Utsushi True (Hidden) / Channeler (Spring) and Utsushi True (Visible) / Medium (Light) (Designs)
King Armor Spheres
No YOU Get 'Em! Deliver Account Items
Transcendent Rhino x2
Ladybug Launcher (Upgrade Unlocked)
Outfit Vouchers
Not a Mer-Made-Up Story! Capture 1 Aurora Somnacanth
Freezer Speartuna+ (Upgrade Unlocked) and Ample Bowfish+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Dragonbone Artifact
Palamute Gear Power Up Bring Requested Items
Steel Gajau Whisker x2
・ Palamute Silkbinder
Prized Mushroom Picker Deliver Account Items
Prized Mushroom x2
Sleepy Bear+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
・ 10 Outfit Vouchers
Red Hell Hunter's Hint Capture 1 MR Tigrex
Felyne Cannon+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Ultimas Crystal
Researcher's Request Capture 1 Lunagaron
Blossom Fall (Upgrade Unlocked)
Dragonbone Artifact
Resplendent Red Request Capture 1 Pyre Rakna-Kadaki
Felyne Red (Design) and Canyne Red (Design)
Spelunker Maintenance Mission! Deliver Account Items
Iridescent Bismuth Prism x3
・ Spelunker Crew (Cohoot Outfit)
Sprout Search Deliver Account Item
Exquisite Sprout x1
Mighty Cornpopper+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Heavy Armor Spheres
Tacky Photo Take a picture of Garangolm's elemental arms
・ 8 Great Wirebugs
Top-Notch Training Tools Bring Requested Items
Rajang Wildpelt x2
・ Add Swap Lv 15 Support Moves function
Tough Training Tools Bring Requested Items
Hermitaur Hardclaw x1
Ceanataur Hardclaw x1
・ Add Swap Lv 5 Support Moves function
Twisted Elixir Bring Requested Item
Twisted Stouthorn x1
Kelbi Deershot (Upgrade Unlocked)
King Armor Spheres
Ultimate Upgrade Capture 1 Shogun Ceanataur
Hi Ninja Sword+ (Upgrade Unlocked)
Ultimas Crystal
Violent Nature Capture 1 Astalos
Scholarly (Design)

List of Base Game Requests

Request Condition and Rewards
20 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered! Discover 20 Endemic Lifeforms
Great Wirebugs
30 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered! Discover 30 Endemic Lifeforms
Great Wirebugs
A Dango a Day Deliver 1 Somnacanth Sedative and1 Pukei-Pukei Sac+
Somnacanth Sedative x1
Pukei-Pukei Sac+ x
Medicinal Dango
A Token of Gratitude Deliver 2 Pricey Shoots
Pricey Shoot x2
Cornpopper I (Design)
An Egg-cellent Idea? Deliver 2 Gargwa Eggs
Gargwa Egg x2
Egg Hammer I (Design)
ArZZZZzzzzuros Take a picture of a sleeping Arzuros
Teddybear I (Design)
Big Brushes for Big Goals Deliver 1 Almudron Tail and 1 Torrent Sac
Almudron Tail x1
Torrent Sac x1
Brush Glaive I (Design)
Boom-Boom, Bombadgy! Take a picture of a Bombadgy letting out gas
Grass Flute I (Design)
Bunny Dangoーwith Eggs! Deliver Account Item
Rhenoplos Egg x1
Dizzybloom Dango
Cultural Exchange Deliver Account Items
Wisplantern x3
Boatshell x3
・ Submarine Added
Deliver Palamute Gear Materials Bring Requested Items
Iron Ore x5
Machalite Ore x3
Guarding Parasol
Economic Stimulation Deliver Account Items
King Rhino x1
Rock Rose x3
・ Submarine Added
Elder Fugen's Errand Bring Requested Item
Well-done Steak x1
10 Potions
Endemic Life: Rock Lizard Take a picture of a Rock Lizard
Great Wirebugs
Flooded Forest Sub-Camp Security Slay 8 Wroggi in the Flooded Forest
・ Unlock Flooded Forest Sub-camp
Flying Billboards Take a picture of a Cohoot
・ The Stealth Woof (Cohoot Outfit)
Folding Inspiration Capture 1 Mizutsune
Origami Axe I (Design)
Frost Islands Sub-Camp Materials Bring Requested Items
Warm Pelt x2
Monster Bone S x4
・ Unlock Frost Islands Sub-camp 2
Frost Islands Sub-Camp Security Slay 8 Zamite in the Frost Islands
・ Unlock Frost Islands Sub-camp 1
Gift for a Greenhorn Bring Requested Items
Kelbi Horn x1
Monster Bone+ x6
Kelbi Stingshot (Design)
Hinami's New Inventory Bring Requested Items
Aknosom Feather x1
Jumbo Bone x1
Ninja Parasol I (Design)
How to Train Your Palamute Raise a Palamute to Level 5
Heal Blade Scroll and Diversion Scroll
Kagero's Trial Capture 1 High Rank Magnamalo
Ninja Sword (Design)
Kamura's Handyman Complete 8 Requests
Utsushi (Visible) - Male (Design) and Utsushi (Hidden) - Male (Design)
Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Materials Bring Requested Items
Tetranadon Hide x1
Monster Bone L x2
・ Unlock Lava Caverns Sub-camp 2
Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Security Slay 8 Uroktor in the Lava Caverns
・ Unlock Lava Caverns Sub-camp 1
Master Palamute Trainer Raise a Palamute to Level 15
Heavy Strike Scroll and Rocksteady Scroll
Nab-a-Los! Capture 1 Rathalos
Sworn Rapiers I (Design) and Altair I (Design)
Only the Good Eggs Deliver 2 Quality Wyvern Eggs
Quality Wyvern Egg x2
Berry Safe Dango
Overflowing with Furry Friends Hire 15 Buddies
Felyne Stealth (Design) and Canyne Trader (Design)
Pala-marketing Support Bring Requested Item
Sharp Fang x5
Monster Bone L x2
Stoutcore Fang
Palamute Equipment Crash Course Forge 15 Pieces of Palamute Equipment
Blitz Scroll
Palamute Equipment Entrepreneurship Forge 20 Pieces of Palamute Equipment
Flurry Strike Scroll
Palamute Gear Mass Production Bring Requested Item
Dragonite Ore x4
Great Izuchi Hide x1
Large Shuriken
Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials Bring Requested Items
Lagombi Pelt x1
Monster Bone M x2
・ Unlock Sandy Plains Sub-camp 2
Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Security Slay 8 Kestodon in the Sandy Plains
・ Unlock Sandy Plains Sub-camp 1
Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp Security Slay 8 Izuchi in the Shrine Ruins
・ Unlock Shrine Ruins Sub-camp
The Radiant Rhino Deliver 2 Divine Rhinos
Ladybug Cannon I (Design)
Thick Gooey Dango Deliver 1 Fertile Mud and 2 Monster Broths
Fertile Mud x1
Monster Broth x2
Call-of-the-Wild Dango

Request Mechanics and Features

Simple Side Quests from the Villagers

As you progress through the game you will notice some villagers occasionally have a blue speech bubble above their head which indicates they have a request available for you. These requests can be monster slaying missions, deliveries, or fulfilling other things in the game. Speak with the quest giver to see what they require, fulfill the task, then return to them for various different rewards!

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6 Anonymousabout 2 years

yes, you need to complete 100 subquests. No villager request needed in MH Rise for an award.

5 Anonymousover 2 years

Hey there Ace! You need not to complete 100 subquests to get the Wreath of Honor. You only need to complete at least 36 or all of the 39 Requests from the Villagers of Kamura to get the Wreath.


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