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What are Side Quests?

This is an article about Side Quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know more about what side quests are and how it functions, read on!

*The information here is based on past games, the demo, and the official Monster Hunter social media accounts. We will update this article as soon as new information comes to light!

Side Quest Predictions

Could Be Similar to Bounties in MHW

Side Quests in MHRiseEnlarge

There is a huge possibility that the Side Quests in Monster Hunter Rise functions similarly to Bounties in Monster Hunter World!

The Bounty System

MHW Bounties.JPG

Bounties in MHW gives the hunter smaller quests that can usually be done while doing main quests. For those familiar with online games, this is akin to Daily or Weekly Missions. Of course, these quests are not mandatory but they do give a worthy reward when you take time to do them.

Why Should I Do Bounties?

Bounties rewards the hunter with various items like Armor Spheres, Research Points, and Tickets in Monster Hunter World. If this system returns in Monster Hunter Rise, it is still recommended to do these quests!

Examples of Bounties in MHW

We summarized a list of Limited Bounties from Monster Hunter World with all its rewards. This may give you an idea of what to expect!

Bounty Condition and Rewards
Ecology Survey: Hunt Piscine Wyvern Hunt 2 specified monsters.
・450 Research Points
・4 Armor Spheres
Ecology Survey: Hunt Flying Wyvern Hunt 2 specified monsters.
・750 Research Points
・4 Advanced Armor Spheres
・1 Silver Wyverian Print
General: 8★ Rank or Higher Complete 2 quests in the specified or higher rank.
・900 Research Points
・3 Hard Armor Spheres
・1 Gold Wyverian Print
・1 Golden Egg
Ecology Survey: Slay Elder Dragon Hunt 1 specified master rank monster.
・1300 Research Points
・4 Heavy Armor Sphere
・1 Silver Egg
General: 6★ Master Rank Complete 2 quests in the specified rank.
・1500 Research Points
・2 King Armor Spheres
・1 Golden Egg
General: Limited Bounty Complete all limited bounties.
・2000 Research Points
・1 Celestial Wyverian Print

Could be Similar to Subquests in MHGU

Subquests in pre-MHW games allow you to receive extra rewards when you do an optional quest objective which could range from breaking a certain monster part to hunting another monster altogether! If you clear them, an option to Return via Subquest will unlock that you may use to end the quest without finishing the main objective.

This has of course been removed in Monster Hunter World in exchange for Bounties and the option to Return from Quest!

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