Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Side Quests and Optional Subquest Guide

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Side Quests and Optional Subquest Guide

This is an article about Side Quests and Optional Subquests in Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak DLC. If you want to know more about what side quests are and how optional subquests function, read on!

What are Side Quests?

Quests Not Contributing To The Main Story

Side Quests are quests in-game that are non-essential to the progression of the main story in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). These are classified into two: Requests and Optional Subquests.


Requests are special type of side quests where villagers task you on completing certain tasks. These can range from slaying large and small monsters to delivering items. These usually reward you with important hunting benefits like new Dango Flavors, Buddy Equipment, and Sub-Camps.

Requests Guide and List of Requests

Optional Subquests

Optional Subquests are special types of side quest with a set goal that randomly appears from a set pool of subquests in the Village Quest Counter (Hinoa) and Hub Quest Counter (Minoto). The subquests can range from tasking you to collect a certain number of hunting helpers to slaying large monsters.

These are usually passive and completes as you go on quests normally. Also, Optional Subquests in the Village and the Hub are the same so you can choose to complete them from either.

Types of Optional Subquests


Optional Subquests task you with gathering various materials while out on hunts.

List of Items and Materials

Endemic Life

Endemic Life Optional Subquests will require you to make use of Hunting Helpers that are littered around each area.

List of Endemic Life

Large Monsters

These Optional Subquests have you slay a monster, which is usually your main objective when you leave Kamura.

List of All Monsters

Small Monsters

Similar to Large Monsters, these Optional Subquests can be completed by defeating the smaller monsters around each area that tend to accompany Large Monsters.

List of Small Monsters


These Optional Subquests are more of a miscellaneous type that can range from using Wyvern Riding or capturing a monster instead of slaying it.


These are completed just by finishing other quests in a specific area and tend to have better rewards. As you'll be completing quests naturally while you go through the game, these should be prioritized.

Village Quest Guide

List of Optional Subquests

Subquest Condition and Rewards
Monsters: Broken Parts Break large monster parts 5 times.
・60 Kamura Points
・1 Shock Trap
・1 Monster Bone M
Quests: Frost Islands Complete 2 quests in Frost Islands.
・60 Kamura Points
・2 Armor Spheres
・2 Icium
Endemic Life: Golden Spiribug Acquire 7 Golden Spiribugs
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
Gathering: Honey Gather honey 3 times.
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
Large Monsters: Hunting Hunt 1 large monster(s).
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
Endemic Life: Hunting Helpers Acquire 4 Hunting Helpers.
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
Gathering: Insects Gather insects 3 times.
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
Gathering: Mushrooms Gather mushrooms 4 times.
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
Gathering: Mushrooms Gather mushrooms 7 times.
・60 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
・1 Parashroom
Gathering: Ore Mine 7 times at mining outcrops.
・60 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
・2 Earth Crystals
Gathering: Plants Gather plants 4 times.
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
Quests: Shrine Ruins Complete 3 quests in the Shrine Ruins.
・100 Kamura Points
・3 Armor Sphere
・4 Twisted Remains
Small Monsters: Slaying Slay 14 small monsters.
・60 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
・1 Warm Pelt
Small Monsters: Slaying Slay 8 small monsters.
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Armor Sphere
Monsters: Wyvern Riding Ride on 2 monsters.
・30 Kamura Points
・1 Monster Bone M

▲ The rewards for completing sidequests depend on your progression in the game. Kamura Points may increase for up to 240 points, and armor spheres also increase in quality eg. Armor Spheres to Hard Armor Spheres.

How to Cancel Optional Subquests

Cancel Optional Subquests.png

If you accidentally join an Optional Subquest which you don't plan on completing, you can cancel it at any time by pressing the Y button from Hinoa's or Minoto's Quest Counter.

Keep in mind that canceling the Optional Subquests will remove all progress on the quest, so only do this when you're sure you want to cancel or if you have not made any progress yet.

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