Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Kinsect Guide: Best Kinsect to Use and How to Upgrade

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This is a guide on the best Kinsect to use and how to upgrade them in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to know what are the best Kinsects, how to upgrade Kinsects, and how to unlock new Kinsects.

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Best Kinsects and How to Upgrade Them

Master Rank End Game Kinsects

You can still use those listed in High Rank Kinsects on early Master Rank hunts, but we recommend the following for mid-late game Sunbreak hunts:

Name Bonus Base Stats
Boosted Powder Extract ・Power: 125
・Speed: 7
・Heal: 10
Exalted Alucanid
Boosted Powder Extract ・Power: 125
・Speed: 7
・Heal: 10
Powder Vortex ・Power: 90
・Speed: 8
・Heal: 17
Powder Vortex ・Power: 90
・Speed: 8
・Heal: 17

Low Rank and High Rank Kinsects

Late Game

Name Bonus Stats
Carnage Beetle
Dual Color (Attack) ・Power: 180
・Speed: 8
・Heal: 10
Monarch Alucanid
Dual Color (Attack) ・Power: 180
・Speed: 8
・Heal: 10
Charged Chain Attack ・Power: 144
・Speed: 14
・Heal: 12
Charged Chain Attack ・Power: 144
・Speed: 14
・Heal: 12

Early Game

Name Bonus Stats
Triple Up Time ・Power: 72
・Speed: 8
・Heal: 10
Triple Up Time ・Power: 72
・Speed: 8
・Heal: 10

How to Upgrade Kinsects

Automatically Leveled Based on Equipped Insect Glaive

MH Rise - Insect Glaive Stat Screen

Insect Glaives have a Kinsect Level stat on their stat sections. The Kinsect Level on the Insect Glaive determines what level your equipped Kinsect level will be!

Don't worry about leveling up Kinsects. Your Kinsect will become stronger as you equip insect glaives with a higher kinsect level.

Just choose your favorite Insect Glaive and Kinsect then keep upgrading your weapon for stronger Kinsect stats and effects!

Insect Glaive Builds and Best Equipment

Kinsects Themselves Cannot Be Upgraded

MH Rise - Kinsect Stat Screen

Despite having level stats on Kinsects, Kinsects themselves cannot be leveled up!

The only way your Kinsects can become stronger is by equipping stronger insect glaives. Keep a lookout for the weapon's Kinsect Level!

How to Unlock New Kinsects

Progress the Game

MH Rise - Hinoa the Village Quest Maiden

Like Weapon Trees, unlocking new Kinsects is dependent on your progress in the game.

Your first two starting Kinsect choices will greatly expand after completing several quests and unlocking higher-ranking quests. Continue hunting to acquire more kinsects Kinsects!

Story Walkthrough and Progression Guide

Kinsect Types and Bonuses

Kinsects have changed in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) and its Sunbreak expansion, with Kinsects being highly dependent on the player's choice.

Different Kinsect types can be purchased from Hamon the Blacksmith or the Smithy in Steelworks in the Hub Prep Area in Kamura. In the Elgado Outpost, Kinsects can be bought from Minayle the Smithy.

Each Kinsect has its own unique stats, type, and bonuses. Check out each Kinsect that you plan to bring to your hunts carefully!

Kinsect Attack Type

Attack Type Description
Severing Will deal cutting damage while extracting
Blunt Will deal blunt (KO) damage while extracting

Each Kinsect has only one of the two damage types: Severing and Blunt. Certain monsters are weaker to a specific damage type. This does not affect your insect glaive attacks.

For example, monsters like Diablos take more damage from Blunt on average while Volvidon takes more from Severing.

Consult your Hunter's Notes for exact information on which parts of a monster takes more damage from a Severing or Blunt Kinsect.

Insect Glaive Guide

Kinsect Types

Type Description
Normal Normal kinsects with no special behavior
Powder Will automatically attack marked spots on a monster.
Assist When all three extracts are obtained, Assist Kinsects will also automatically attack monsters.
Speed Automatically recovers stamina when on the hunter's arm. When fully charged, the attack from this Kinsect becomes powerful.
When the charge is complete, the Insect Glaive will glow blue.

The way Kinsects are sent and recalled are uniform across all types. No need to fret on a certain Kinsect usage, just pick a type you need most!

Kinsect Bonuses

Bonus Description
Bonus Heal Restores the Hunter's health when collecting extracts.
Dual Color (Defense) Will always collect the targeted extract together with the orange extract.
Stamina Use Slowed Reduces stamina consumption of the Kinsect
Triple Up Time Extends the active duration after collecting all 3 extracts.
Dual Color (Attack) Will always collect the targeted extract together with the red extract
Dual Color (Speed) Will always collect the targeted extract together with the white extract
Auto-Attack Frequency Up Increases how much the Kinsect will execute attacks automatically
Idle Stamina Recovery Up Increases the stamina recovery of Kinsects while on standby
Charged Chain Attack Executes a continuous attack when the Kinsect is charged
Fast Charge Charge time for Kinsects are shortened
Boosted Powder Extract Keeps the three-color extract in the air while hitting assisted attacks
Powder Vortex Collects dust in a vortex then creates an explosion
Kinsect Charge Automatically charges its attack when the Kinsect are stopped

Kinsect Bonuses differ per Kinsect and it is important that you choose them carefully. Take note of these when making builds for the Insect Glaive!

Generally, having Dual Color Kinsects are useful since it will give you more time to focus on damage or evasion than making kinsect extractions.

Kinsect Tree: List of All Kinsects

Bonus Heal

This skill heals 30 HP regardless of Kinsect level whenever an extract is collected.

This is useful for beginners to stay healthy while using the Insect Glaive, but it quickly falls off due to its low stats. The only Normal-type Kinsects, Mauldrone and Culldrone, have this bonus.

Dual Color (Defense)

This skill lets the Kinsect always collect two extracts, with one always being the orange extract, regardless of where it is targeted at.

If the Kinsect hits a part that would typically give orange extract, it also gets white extract. The Assist types Foebeetle and Alucanid have this ability.

Stamina Use Slowed

The clip above is at 3x speed.

As Powder types, Ladytarge and Rigiprayne can both auto-attack marked spots on monsters. This bonus lets them stay out for 20 seconds instead of the standard 15 seconds.

Triple Up Time

This Kinsect bonus extends the Triple Up Time from 90 seconds to 108 seconds. The Speed types Gullshad and Windchopper have this skill.

Dual Color (Attack)

Similar to Dual Color (Defense), this allows the Kinsect to collect two extracts at once, with one always being red.

It also collects white extract if you hit a part that normally gives red. The Assist types Carnage Beetle and Monarch Alucanid have this bonus.

Dual Color (Speed)

Using the Assist types Bonnetfille and Empresswing, they'll always collect two extracts, the white extract and the extract normally given by a marked part.

If it collects from another white spot, it will also give a red extract.

Auto-Attack Frequency Up

The clip above is at 2x speed.

Using this bonus, the Powder Kinsects Ladypavise and Cancadaman can attack a marked spot up to seven times. This deals enough Blunt damage against the Toadversary in the training area to score a stun.

Idle Stamina Recovery Up

Idle Stamina Recovery Up reduces the time it takes for Arkmaiden and Fiddlebrix to fully recover stamina from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.

Charged Chain Attack

Speed Kinsects normally only increase damage when charged. Bullshroud and Grancathar have a unique charge attack where they can hit the marked target and follow it up with 4 consecutive attacks.

Fast Charge

This skill reduces the time it takes for the Kinsect to become charged from 5 seconds to 4 seconds. Only the Whispervesp and Pseudocanth have this bonus.

Boosted Powder Extract

MH Rise Sunbreak - Boosted Powder Extract
After using several assisted attacks, a powder containing all 3 extracts will appear in the air, allowing hunters to collect them by simply moving through it. Attacking marked targets makes the special extract appear faster. The special extract can be used up to two times and can also extend triple up time.

This bonus is obtained using the Exalted Alucanid and Gleambeetle Kinsects unlocked after reaching MR3.

Powder Vortex

MH Rise Sunbreak - Powder Vortex
As a Powder-type, the Kinsect will automatically attack a marked body part and leave behind extract dust powder. Activating Powder Vortex draws in all the powder to the last marked point to cause an explosion.

This bonus is obtained using the Bilbobrix and Ladytower Kinsects unlocked after reaching MR3.

Powder Vortex Controls
zR + X + A
(while the Kinsect is deployed)
MH Rise - M4 Click + MH Rise - Left Click + MH Rise - Right Click

MB4 + Left Click + Right Click
(while the Kinsect is deployed)
PS4 - R2 Button.png + PS4 - Triangle Button.png + PS4 - Circle Button.png

R2 + Triangle + Circle
(while the Kinsect is deployed)
XBOX - Right Trigger.png + XBOX - Y Button.png + XBOX - B Button.png

RT + Y + B
(while the Kinsect is deployed)

Kinsect Charge

MH Rise Sunbreak - Kinsect Charge
With Kinsect Charge, the Kinsect can automatically charge itself even when it's not on you. Using the Kinsect Charge with the Kinsect out makes boosts its charging speed.

This bonus is obtained using the Foliacath and Fleetflammer Kinsects unlocked after reaching MR3.

Kinsect Charge Controls
zR + X + A
(while the Kinsect is deployed)
MH Rise - M4 Click + MH Rise - Left Click + MH Rise - Right Click

MB4 + Left Click + Right Click
(while the Kinsect is deployed)
PS4 - R2 Button.png + PS4 - Triangle Button.png + PS4 - Circle Button.png

R2 + Triangle + Circle
(while the Kinsect is deployed)
XBOX - Right Trigger.png + XBOX - Y Button.png + XBOX - B Button.png

RT + Y + B
(while the Kinsect is deployed)

Ways to Extract with Kinsect

Base Game Move
Kinsect: Harvest Extract An essential basic move in making kinsect extractions. Aim at a monster, send out your kinsect and make sure it hits. Upon recall, you will recieve your kinsect buff.
Sunbreak Switch Skills
Kinsect Slash Use this in mid-air to slash a monster and get a kinsect extract. This is a quick way to get those kinsect buffs ready!
Awakened Kinsect Attack This requires a Wirebug. Use this attack when you deal massive damage by consuming your extracts.
On a successful hit, you will absorb another extract and be chained into a Vaulting Dance, allowing you to combo into a Kinsect Slash for gathering another extract.

With your Kinsect, there are several ways you can gather buffs. This may be through the simplest method of sending out your kinsect or through other means such as a mid-air attack or a silkbind attack

How to Get New Kinsect Bonuses

MR Rise Sunbreak - Reach MR3 to get new Kinsects

New Kinsect Bonuses
Boosted Powder Extract Powder Vortex Kinsect Charge

To get the new Kinsect bonuses available in the Sunbreak Expansion, you must first purchase the DLC. Afterwards, you have to progress enough in the expansion to reach MR3.

This will unlock all the new Kinsects that have the new Kinsect bonuses. You have to purchase them in the Smithy afterwards though!

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