Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Switch Axe Tree: List of All Switch Axes

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - List of Switch Axes

This is a list of all Switch Axes in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know all about the Switch Axes, their damage, sharpness, elements, status effects, affinities, and available slots.

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All Switch Axe Trees

Defender Tree

   ┗Champion Switch Axe III Attack Icon210
    ┗Guardian Switch Axe Attack Icon230

Kamura Tree

  ┃┣Kamura Iron Axe IV Attack Icon140
  ┃┃┗Kamura Iron Axe V Attack Icon150
  ┃┃ ┗Kamura Ninja Axe Attack Icon190
  ┃┃  ┗Kamura Warrior Battleaxe Attack Icon250
  ┃┃   ┣Kamura Warrior Battleaxe+ Attack Icon290
  ┃┃   ┃┗Fine Kamura Battleaxe Attack Icon330
  ┃┃   ┗Duke's Axe Attack Icon320 Dragon Icon27
  ┃┃    ┗Fracturing Falter Attack Icon330 Dragon Icon31
  ┃┣Fond Farewell I Attack Icon110 Affinity Icon10% Water Icon19
  ┃┃┗Fond Farewell II Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon10% Water Icon24
  ┃┃ ┗Parting Slice Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon15% Water Icon29
  ┃┃  ┗Parting Slice+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon15% Water Icon40
  ┃┃   ┣Leave-Taker Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon15% Water Icon41
  ┃┃   ┃ ┗Leave-Taker+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon15% Water Icon43
  ┃┃   ┗Pure Switch Axe Mikado Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10% Water Icon22
  ┃┣Rath Flamesplitter I Attack Icon120 Fire Icon19
  ┃┃┗Rath Flamesplitter II Attack Icon140 Fire Icon22
  ┃┃ ┗Rath Flamesplitter III Attack Icon190 Fire Icon25
  ┃┃  ┗Rath Blaze Splitter Attack Icon210 Fire Icon30
  ┃┃   ┗Rath Blaze Splitter+ Attack Icon310 Fire Icon42
  ┃┃    ┣High Rubillion Attack Icon330 Fire Icon47
  ┃┃    ┗Rathsplicer Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon35% Fire Icon62
  ┃┗Wheel Axe I Attack Icon120
  ┃ ┗Wheel Axe II Attack Icon180
  ┃  ┗Axe of Wisdom Attack Icon200
  ┃   ┣Axe of Righteousness Attack Icon260
  ┃   ┃┗Axe of Righteousness+ Attack Icon290
  ┃   ┃ ┗Battleaxe of Kings Attack Icon330
  ┃   ┗Axe of Glory Attack Icon260 Blast Icon30
  ┃    ┗Axe of Glory+ Attack Icon290 Blast Icon33
  ┃     ┗Axe of Virtue Attack Icon340 Blast Icon38
  ┣Delex Sail I Attack Icon100 Water Icon11
  ┃┗Delex Sail II Attack Icon150 Water Icon13
  ┃ ┗Delex Cleaver Attack Icon180 Water Icon15
  ┃  ┗Delex Cleaver+ Attack Icon250 Water Icon23
  ┃   ┗Delex Hatchet Attack Icon350 Water Icon25
  ┣Khezu Axe I Attack Icon80 Thunder Icon23
  ┃┗Khezu Axe II Attack Icon100 Thunder Icon26
  ┃ ┗Khezu Cleaver Attack Icon140 Thunder Icon32
  ┃  ┗Khezu Cleaver+ Attack Icon260 Thunder Icon46
  ┃   ┗Fullmark Attack Icon290 Thunder Icon48
  ┃    ┗Fullmark+ Attack Icon330 Thunder Icon55
  ┗Arzuros Axe I Attack Icon110
   ┗Arzuros Axe II Attack Icon120
    ┣Arzuros Revelax Attack Icon180
    ┃┗Arzuros Revelax+ Attack Icon250
    ┃ ┗Arzuros Jubilax Attack Icon340
    ┗Amber Slash I Attack Icon80 Affinity Icon20% Ice Icon19
     ┗Amber Slash II Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon25% Ice Icon23
      ┗Amber Slash III Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon26
       ┗Amber Hoarfrost Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon29
        ┗Amber Snapfrost Attack Icon260 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon39
         ┗Amber Snapfrost+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon40
          ┗Amber Permafrost Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon41

Primordial Tree

Silver Slasher Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon0% Dragon Icon49

Ore Tree

 ┃┣Improved Steel Axe Attack Icon110
 ┃┃┣Elite Switch Axe I Attack Icon150
 ┃┃┃┣Elite Switch Axe II Attack Icon160
 ┃┃┃┃┣Czar Switch Axe Attack Icon200
 ┃┃┃┃┃┗Czar Switch Axe II Attack Icon240
 ┃┃┃┃┃ ┣Czar Switch Axe III Attack Icon290
 ┃┃┃┃┃ ┃┗Valor Switch Axe Attack Icon330
 ┃┃┃┃┃ ┗Frostmoon Eclipses Attack Icon300 Ice Icon32
 ┃┃┃┃┃  ┗Frostmoon Eclipses+ Attack Icon310 Ice Icon34
 ┃┃┃┃┃   ┗Purnima Icechopper Attack Icon330 Ice Icon36
 ┃┃┃┃┣Limus Os I Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon-15% Water Icon17
 ┃┃┃┃┃┗Limus Os II Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-15% Water Icon21
 ┃┃┃┃┃ ┗Luto Ascia Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon-15% Water Icon25
 ┃┃┃┃┃  ┗Luto Ascia+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon-15% Water Icon27
 ┃┃┃┃┃   ┗Valtos Claw Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon-15% Water Icon29
 ┃┃┃┃┃    ┗Valtos Claw+ Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-15% Water Icon31
 ┃┃┃┃┗Dragonmaiden Axe I Attack Icon170 Poison Icon19
 ┃┃┃┃ ┗Dragonmaiden Axe II Attack Icon190 Poison Icon22
 ┃┃┃┃  ┗Griõr's Landmaker Attack Icon210 Poison Icon25
 ┃┃┃┃   ┣Griõr's Landmaker+ Attack Icon270 Poison Icon31
 ┃┃┃┃   ┃┣Griõr's Landforger Attack Icon310 Poison Icon37
 ┃┃┃┃   ┃┃ ┗Griõr's Landforger+ Attack Icon340 Poison Icon45
 ┃┃┃┃   ┃┗Golden Crescent Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon20% Poison Icon32
 ┃┃┃┃   ┗Rosenacanta Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Fire Icon25
 ┃┃┃┃    ┣Rosenacanta+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20% Fire Icon30
 ┃┃┃┃    ┃ ┗Rosenprion Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20% Fire Icon35
 ┃┃┃┃    ┗Kaktusprion Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon15% Fire Icon49
 ┃┃┃┗General's Strongaxe I Attack Icon150
 ┃┃┃ ┗General's Strongaxe II Attack Icon170
 ┃┃┃  ┗Conqueress Attack Icon210
 ┃┃┃   ┗Conqueress II Attack Icon260
 ┃┃┃    ┗Conqueress III Attack Icon300
 ┃┃┃     ┗Reconqueress Attack Icon340
 ┃┃┗The Shredder I Attack Icon120 Thunder Icon15
 ┃┃ ┣The Shredder II Attack Icon140 Thunder Icon18
 ┃┃ ┃┗The Power Shredder Attack Icon170 Thunder Icon21
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗The Power Shredder+ Attack Icon250 Thunder Icon30
 ┃┃ ┃  ┣The Lightning Shredder Attack Icon300 Thunder Icon32
 ┃┃ ┃  ┃┗The Lightning Shredder+ Attack Icon350 Thunder Icon34
 ┃┃ ┃  ┗High Raijard Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Thunder Icon23
 ┃┃ ┃   ┗High Raijard+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20% Thunder Icon25
 ┃┃ ┃    ┗Voltaic Load Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20% Thunder Icon28
 ┃┃ ┣Ash Drache I Attack Icon150 Affinity Icon5% Dragon Icon19
 ┃┃ ┃┗Ash Drache II Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon5% Dragon Icon21
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗Fall Drache Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon5% Dragon Icon22
 ┃┃ ┃  ┗Fall Drache+ Attack Icon260 Affinity Icon10% Dragon Icon32
 ┃┃ ┃   ┗Revived Drache Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10% Dragon Icon35
 ┃┃ ┃    ┗Revived Drache+ Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon10% Dragon Icon38
 ┃┃ ┗Almudron Axe I Attack Icon130 Water Icon31
 ┃┃  ┗Almudron Axe II Attack Icon140 Water Icon36
 ┃┃   ┗Doom Bringer Axe Attack Icon180 Water Icon42
 ┃┃    ┣Night Bringer Axe Attack Icon280 Water Icon64
 ┃┃    ┃┗Night Bringer Axe+ Attack Icon300 Water Icon70
 ┃┃    ┃ ┗Void Bringer Axe Attack Icon320 Water Icon74
 ┃┃    ┗Magma Switch Attack Icon290 Fire Icon69
 ┃┃     ┗Magma Switch+ Attack Icon300 Fire Icon73
 ┃┃      ┗Volcanic Switch Attack Icon320 Fire Icon78
 ┃┣Axenosom I Attack Icon100 Fire Icon13
 ┃┃┗Axenosom II Attack Icon110 Fire Icon18
 ┃┃ ┗Axenosom III Attack Icon160 Fire Icon21
 ┃┃  ┗Daybreak Silvaris Attack Icon170 Fire Icon26
 ┃┃   ┗Lunadawn Sirja Attack Icon240 Fire Icon43
 ┃┃    ┗Lunadawn Sirja+ Attack Icon260 Fire Icon48
 ┃┃     ┗Dawnbreaker Simorgh Attack Icon340 Fire Icon55
 ┃┗Assault Axe I Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃ ┗Assault Axe II Attack Icon150 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃  ┗Blitzkrieg Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃   ┗Battlebuster Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃    ┗Battlebuster+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃     ┗Bastion Blitz Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┗Snowfall Axe I Attack Icon80 Sleep Icon13
  ┗Snowfall Axe II Attack Icon90 Sleep Icon16
   ┗Snowfall Axe III Attack Icon140 Sleep Icon20
    ┗Dewdrop Dream Attack Icon170 Sleep Icon22
     ┗Dewdrop Dream+ Attack Icon240 Sleep Icon25
      ┗Spirit Perplaxer Attack Icon330 Sleep Icon29

Bone Tree

 ┣Bone Axe II Attack Icon100
 ┃┣Daidalos Axe Attack Icon110
 ┃┃┣Power Gasher I Attack Icon140
 ┃┃┃┣Power Gasher II Attack Icon180
 ┃┃┃┃┣Maximal Gasher Attack Icon200
 ┃┃┃┃┃┣Maximal Gasher+ Attack Icon280
 ┃┃┃┃┃┃┣Powerhouse Gasher Attack Icon320
 ┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┗Powerhouse Gasher+ Attack Icon350
 ┃┃┃┃┃┃┗Aksa Switch Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃┃┃┃┃ ┗Aksa Switch+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃┃┃┃┃  ┗Baran Defiance Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃┃┃┃┗Scissor Axe Attack Icon250 Water Icon25
 ┃┃┃┃┃ ┗Scissor Axe+ Attack Icon290 Water Icon29
 ┃┃┃┃┃  ┗Megatalon Shears Attack Icon340 Water Icon36
 ┃┃┃┃┗Flammenbeil I Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-10% Fire Icon14
 ┃┃┃┃ ┗Flammenbeil II Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon17
 ┃┃┃┃  ┗Gnashing Flammenbeil Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon20
 ┃┃┃┃   ┗Gnashing Flammenbeil+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon23
 ┃┃┃┃    ┗Lohenbeil Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon26
 ┃┃┃┃     ┗Lohenbeil+ Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon29
 ┃┃┃┗Rex Slasher I Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃┃ ┣Rex Slasher II Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃┃ ┃┗Rex Gnasher Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃┃ ┃ ┗Rex Gnasher+ Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃┃ ┃  ┗Rex Thrasher Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃┃ ┃   ┗Rex Thrasher+ Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃┃ ┗Axe Semper Tyrannis I Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃┃  ┗Axe Semper Tyrannis II Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃┃   ┗Grand Chaos Attack Icon240 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃┃    ┗Grand Chaos+ Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃┃     ┗Axe of Gaia Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃┃      ┗Axe of Gaia+ Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃┣Venom Hatchet I Attack Icon90 Poison Icon27
 ┃┃┃┣Venom Hatchet II Attack Icon110 Poison Icon34
 ┃┃┃┃┗Mortal Serpent Attack Icon140 Poison Icon40
 ┃┃┃┃ ┗Mortal Serpent+ Attack Icon310 Poison Icon50
 ┃┃┃┃  ┗Thanatos Serpent Attack Icon340 Poison Icon60
 ┃┃┃┗Hidden Axe I Attack Icon100 Affinity Icon40%
 ┃┃┃ ┗Hidden Axe II Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon40%
 ┃┃┃  ┗Night's Crescent Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon40%
 ┃┃┃   ┗Crescent Moon Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon40%
 ┃┃┃    ┣Crescent Moon+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon40%
 ┃┃┃    ┃ ┗Avidya Axe Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon40%
 ┃┃┃    ┗Mizar's Asterism Attack Icon340 Poison Icon18
 ┃┃┗Binding Roller I Attack Icon110 Paralysis Icon10
 ┃┃ ┗Binding Roller II Attack Icon130 Paralysis Icon11
 ┃┃  ┗Binding Roller III Attack Icon180 Paralysis Icon13
 ┃┃   ┗Vermilingua Attack Icon200 Paralysis Icon16
 ┃┃    ┗Vermilingua+ Attack Icon240 Paralysis Icon18
 ┃┃     ┗Vermilion Bloodaxe Attack Icon260 Paralysis Icon20
 ┃┃      ┗Vermilion Bloodaxe+ Attack Icon330 Paralysis Icon22
 ┃┗Ludroth Axe I Attack Icon90 Water Icon18
 ┃ ┗Ludroth Axe II Attack Icon100 Water Icon26
 ┃  ┣Splish Splax Attack Icon160 Water Icon33
 ┃  ┃┗Splish Splax+ Attack Icon240 Water Icon47
 ┃  ┃ ┣Ludroth Drencher Attack Icon290 Water Icon50
 ┃  ┃ ┃┗Ludroth Drencher+ Attack Icon330 Water Icon57
 ┃  ┃ ┗Golm Axe Attack Icon310
 ┃  ┃  ┗Golm Axe+ Attack Icon330
 ┃  ┃   ┗Great Gorgon Battleaxe Attack Icon360
 ┃  ┗Usurper's Downpour I Attack Icon110 Thunder Icon25
 ┃   ┗Usurper's Downpour II Attack Icon180 Thunder Icon28
 ┃    ┗Despot's Cloudburst Attack Icon200 Thunder Icon32
 ┃     ┗Despot's Cloudburst+ Attack Icon310 Thunder Icon44
 ┃      ┗Oppressor's Torrent Attack Icon330 Thunder Icon45
 ┗Longear Axe I Attack Icon90 Ice Icon12
  ┗Longear Axe II Attack Icon130 Ice Icon15
   ┗Longear Axe III Attack Icon160 Ice Icon17
    ┗Longear Weiss Attack Icon180 Ice Icon20
     ┗Longear Weiss+ Attack Icon240 Ice Icon37
      ┗Splitear Weiss Attack Icon330 Ice Icon54

Magnamalo Tree

Sinister Axe I Attack Icon130 Blast Icon17
 ┗Sinister Axe II Attack Icon140 Blast Icon20
  ┗Sinister Shadowslice Attack Icon200 Blast Icon23
   ┗Sinister Shadowslice+ Attack Icon300 Blast Icon25
    ┣Tormented Shadowslice Attack Icon330 Blast Icon26
    ┗Vengeful Fellcleave Attack Icon340 Blast Icon27

Gore Magala Tree

Eisenleib Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Dragon Icon20
 ┃┗ Eisenleib+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20% Dragon Icon24
 ┃ ┗ Eisenherz Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20% Dragon Icon28
 ┗ La Guillotine Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon30% Dragon Icon42
 ┃┗ La Conclusion Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon30% Dragon Icon55
 ┗ Frevel/Sursis Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-30% / 15% Dragon Icon44

Rajang Tree

Undying Axe I Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon10% Thunder Icon16
 ┗Undying Axe II Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon15% Thunder Icon20
  ┗Undying Light Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon15% Thunder Icon22
   ┗Undying Light+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon15% Thunder Icon30
    ┗Undying Purity Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon15% Thunder Icon31

Furious Rajang Tree

Demonlord Edge Attack Icon330 Thunder Icon22

Ibushi Tree

 ┗ Azure Elder Axe II Attack Icon200 Dragon Icon11
  ┗ Abyssal Gale Axe Attack Icon210 Dragon Icon14
   ┗ Skyfall Attack Icon340 Dragon Icon21

Narwa Tree

 ┗Abyssal Storm Axe Attack Icon190 Thunder Icon43
  ┗Thunderclap Attack Icon310 Thunder Icon74

Bazelgeuse Tree

Rookslayer Axe I Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-15% Blast Icon13
 ┗Rookslayer Axe II Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-15% Blast Icon15
  ┗Bazelrush Rookslayer Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-15% Blast Icon17
   ┗Bazelava Rookslayer Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-15% Blast Icon20
    ┗Bazelheart Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-15% Blast Icon23

Kushala Daora Tree

 ┗ Daora's Janah Attack Icon190 Ice Icon41
  ┗ Daora's Janah+ Attack Icon310 Ice Icon50
   ┗ Daora's Ajniha Attack Icon320 Ice Icon58

Teostra Tree

Teostra's Arx I Attack Icon190 Blast Icon31
 ┗Teostra's Castle Attack Icon210 Blast Icon36
  ┗Teostra's Castle+ Attack Icon320 Blast Icon45
   ┗Teostra's Hellebarde Attack Icon330 Blast Icon52

Chameleos Tree

Waxglare Wand I Attack Icon180 Poison Icon24
 ┗Balor's Mirage Attack Icon190 Poison Icon28
  ┗Balor's Mirage+ Attack Icon320 Poison Icon34
   ┗Zariella's Phantasm Attack Icon330 Poison Icon40

Valstrax Tree

 ┗Reddnaught Dunat Attack Icon180 Dragon Icon37
  ┗Wing of Sanctity Attack Icon340 Dragon Icon51

Gaismagorm Tree

Abyssal Torrent Attack Icon 350 Affinity Icon-20% Dragon Icon15

Velkhana Tree

Wicked Widdoq Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon0% Ice Icon29

Amatsu Tree

Cloudburst Axe Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-25% Water Icon47

Smithy Tree

 ┗Origami Axe II Attack Icon160
  ┗Petal Cloud Attack Icon170
   ┗Blossom Fall Attack Icon300
    ┗Full Bloom Axe Attack Icon340

Felyne Tree

Grim Cat I Attack Icon140 Paralysis Icon23
 ┗Grim Cat II Attack Icon170 Paralysis Icon25
  ┗Grimmige Katze Attack Icon180 Paralysis Icon27
   ┗Grimmige Katze+ Attack Icon250 Paralysis Icon28
    ┗Felyne Fatality Attack Icon340 Paralysis Icon30

Death Stench Tree

Infernal Axe I Attack Icon100 Dragon Icon18
 ┗Infernal Axe II Attack Icon140 Dragon Icon20
  ┗Hellish Edge Attack Icon190 Dragon Icon24
   ┗Hellish Edge+ Attack Icon260 Dragon Icon39
    ┗Calamitous Axe Attack Icon330 Dragon Icon60

Shell-Studded Tree

  ┗Schale Batis Attack Icon170 Sleep Icon23
   ┗Schale Batis+ Attack Icon260 Sleep Icon24
    ┗Dream Crusher Attack Icon320 Sleep Icon25

Royal Order Tree

Royal Order's Axe Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon10%
 ┗ Royal Order's Axe+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10%

Antique Machina Tree

Rampage Tree

  ┗Rampage Slicer III Attack Icon180
   ┗Rampage Slicer IV Attack Icon190
    ┗Rampage Slicer V Attack Icon200
     ┗Rampage Slicer S Attack Icon210

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