Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Monster Toughbone Location: How to Get and Uses

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This is a farming guide for Monster Toughbone, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Check here for all Monster Toughbone locations and drop sources, as well as Monster Toughbone uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Monster Toughbone - Basic Information

Name Monster Toughbone ImageMonster Toughbone
Description Arguably the strongest type of bone, with an incredible strength and presence.
Rarity 8 Type Monster Materials
Sell Price 2500 Hold Limit 99

Monster Toughbone - How to Farm

Master Rank Monster Rewards

Target Reward
Capture Reward
Broken Part Reward
Rathian ImageRathian (12%) Jyuratodus ImageJyuratodus (12%) Barroth ImageBarroth (11%)
Pukei-Pukei ImagePukei-Pukei (10% x2) Khezu ImageKhezu (10%) Aknosom ImageAknosom (10%)
Somnacanth ImageSomnacanth (7%)
Somnacanth ImageSomnacanth (14%)
Unobtainable as a Broken Part Reward.
Unobtainable from Carving.

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Hub Quest M★1 It Could be Worse... ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★1 Barroth to a Great Start ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★1 You Had Me at Poofy ★ (min. 1)
Event Quest M★1 Harvest Boon -
Hub Quest M★2 Rumble in the Jungle ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 Pent-Up Frustrations ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 Messed Up Situation ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 Shrine Ruined ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 The Queen's Garden ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 The Alabaster Devourer ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 Somnacanth Sleep Aid ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 Poison Drops in the Sand ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 Bird Wyvern Jamboree ★ (min. 1)
Urgent Hub Quest M★2 Provoking an Anjanath's Wrath ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 A Fond Fur-Well
Hub Quest M★2 In Pursuit of the Khezuit ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz Pt. 2 ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 A Shocking, Sloppy Synthesis ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★2 Skulking Among the Sand
Hub Quest M★2 A Dangerous Dare
Follower Quest M★2 An Audience With the Queen ★ (min. 1)
Support Survey M★2 Operation Rathian ★ (min. 1)
Support Survey M★2 Operation Tobi-Kadachi ★ (min. 1)
Support Survey M★2 Operation Khezu ★ (min. 1)
Support Survey M★2 Operation Anjanath ★ (min. 1)
Follower Quest M★2 Flicker in the Night ★ (min. 1)
Hub Quest M★3 Shadow in the Jungle ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Purging Hatred ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Trial of the Almudron ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 White Knight on Ice ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Nocturnal Nuisances ★ (x2)
Urgent Hub Quest M★3 Keep it Busy ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 A Keen-Eyed Observation ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Shady Activity ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Stitching a Wintry Wardrobe ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Desert Lost and Found ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Studying Starvation Effects ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Tempering the Fierce ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Barioth ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Almudron ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Nargacuga ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Aurora Somnacanth ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Magnamalo ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Double Basarios ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Swampy Suspects ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Hot Pursuit ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★3 White Knight Vs. New Knight ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★3 A Muddy Revival ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★3 Into the Jungle Deep ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★3 Passion Melts Ice ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★3 Enshrined Resentment ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★3 Basarios Buzzkill ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Dark Wings, Dark Work ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Absolute Power ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Sacrilegious Thunder Wolf ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 A Thousand Scales of Dread ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Hot Mud in Your Eye ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 White Knight, Armored Warrior ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 A Mizutsune's Appeal ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Dust Devil Despot ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 King of the Crumbling Castle ★ (x2)
Urgent Hub Quest M★4 Ice Wolf, Red Moon ★ (x2)
Urgent Hub Quest M★4 In Search of the Doctor ★ (x2)
Urgent Hub Quest M★4 A Slumbering Jungle Espinas ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Howling Moon ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Twin Sparks in the Dark ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Monju Mashup! ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Give a Girl Some Fluff! ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 A Request From Your Superior ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Troublemaking Trio Pt. 2 ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Wicked Wyvern Trilogy ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Unavoidable Cold ★ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 An Electrifying Grace ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Mizutsune ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Rathalos ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Seregios ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Zinogre ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Astalos ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Espinas ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Gore Magala ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Lunagaron ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Tigrex ★ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Purple Fire ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 Cherry Blossoms in Battle ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 Not Your Average Picnic ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 Dust off Those Hunting Boots ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 An Ace Idea! ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 Rumbling Tummy, Rumbling Thunder ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 Moonlit Espinascapade ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 Unknown Invader ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 Breaking the Ice ★ (x2)
Follower Quest M★4 Destructive Instructor ★ (x2)

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½. Items which are guaranteed a minimum of a set amount are marked as "min."

Monster Toughbone - How to Use

Effect Summary
Used as forging material.

Used to Craft Decorations

MH Rise - Hard Fire Res Jewel 4Hard Fire Res Jewel 4 (×3)

Decoration List: How to Unlock Decorations

Used to Craft Weapons

Charge Blade Image Bonesilt Veil+ (×5) Switch Axe Image Czar Switch Axe II (×5)
Bow Image Master Hunter's Bow+ (×5) Sword & Shield Image Ragdos Tabar+ (×7)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Switch Axe Image Crescent Moon (×3) Long Sword Image Shocking Slicer+ (×3)
Heavy Bowgun Image Kadachi Raijodo+ (×3) Charge Blade Image Bonesilt Veil+ (×3)
Switch Axe Image Czar Switch Axe II (×2) Lance Image Datura Spear+ (×2)
Lance Image Great Azure+ (×1) Great Sword Image Great Wyvern Fang+ (×2)
Charge Blade Image Illusory Frilled Wail+ (×3) Heavy Bowgun Image Marino Cannon+ (×2)
Bow Image Master Hunter's Bow+ (×3) Lance Image Roaring Wyvern+ (×2)
Long Sword Image Squawkscythe+ (×2) Hammer Image Yadora Morte+ (×3)
Sword & Shield Image Ragdos Tabar+ (×5) Lance Image Niter Spear (×2)
Insect Glaive Image Gnashing Flammenkaefer+ (×3) Charge Blade Image Infected Veil+ (×1)
Dual Blades Image Infernal Fury Nova (×2) Long Sword Image Tormentor+ (×3)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Waist Image Pukei-Pukei Coil X (×1) Waist Image Anjanath Coil X (×2)
Head Image Barroth Helm X (×2) Waist Image Guild Bard Coil / Scholar's Skirt (×1)
Arms Image Khezu Vambraces X (×2) Arms Image Five Element Arms (×1)
Torso Image Five Element Garb (×2) Waist Image Five Element Obi (×2)
Head Image Gargwa Mask X (×4) Torso Image Guild Bard Bolero / Scholar's Blouse (×2)
Legs Image Guild Bard Boots / Scholar's Socks (×1) Head Image Khezu Helm X (×1)
Legs Image Rathian Greaves X (×2) Legs Image Rhenoplos Greaves X (×2)
Arms Image Wroggi Vambraces X (×2) Legs Image Squire's Greaves (×1)
Waist Image Baggi Coil X (×1) Head Image Death Stench Brain X (×1)
Legs Image Five Element Legwear (×1) Head Image Guild Bard Lobos / Scholar's Beret (×2)
Arms Image Kadachi Braces X (×2) Waist Image Squire's Belt (×1)
Arms Image Aknosom Braces X (×1) Arms Image Barroth Vambraces X (×1)
Waist Image Death Stench Bowels X (×1) Legs Image Death Stench Heel X (×2)
Arms Image Guild Bard Braces / Scholar's Gloves (×1) Head Image Jyuratodus Helm X (×1)
Arms Image Kulu-Ya-Ku Braces X (×2) Arms Image Rathian Braces X (×2)
Torso Image Rhenoplos Mail X (×2) Head Image S. Studded Hat X (×1)
Arms Image Squire's Braces (×1) Arms Image Death Stench Grip X (×2)
Torso Image Death Stench Muscle X (×2) Head Image Five Element Mask (×1)
Torso Image Pukei-Pukei Mail X (×1) Torso Image Aknosom Mail X (×1)
Legs Image Ingot Greaves X (×2) Legs Image Izuchi Greaves X (×1)
Waist Image Jyuratodus Coil X (×1) Arms Image S. Studded Gloves X (×2)
Legs Image S. Studded Sandals X (×2) Torso Image Squire's Cuirass (×1)
Torso Image Izuchi Mail X (×1) Head Image Squire's Earrings (×1)

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