Digital Event (Official Livestream) January 7th - Live Coverage and Everything We Know | Monster Hunter Rise | MHR (MHRise)

The Demo has been released in the Nintendo eShop!
How to Beat Mizutsune
Demo Guide and Features
Weapon Tier List

New Monsters, Moves and more – our full summary of the livestream event is here!
Digital Event - January 7th

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This is a summary of the Digital Event Official Livestream taking place on January 7th, 2021 for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Find out everything we learned at the event, and where the event can be accessed!

The Livestream: Everything We Learned

Demo Availability Period

Start Time January 8th, 1:00 AM GMT
End Time February 1st, 8:00 AM GMT
Limitations Only 30 plays available

The Demo will be available for a longer period than previous demos, but it comes with a catch – only 30 total plays of the main two Quests, the Great Izuchi and Mizutsune Quests, are available.

Once players have hit 30 plays, they'll be locked out of all four Quests, so they'll need to make every play count. That said, players can also reset the counter by switching accounts or deleting their save data.

Demo Guide and Features

Newly Announced Monsters

These are all the new and returning monsters announced!

Barioth Goss Harag
Returning from MHW
Goss Harag.jpg
New Monster
Great Baggi Khezu
Great Baggi.jpg
Returning from MHGU
Returning from MHGU
Lagombi Mizutsune
Returning from MHGU
Returning from MHGU
Returning from MHW

New Technique: Wyvern Riding

Ride Monsters Into Battle

wyvern riding.png

You can mount and control monsters with the Ironsilk from your Wirebugs! It is an upgrade from the Mounting mini-game back in Monster Hunter World (MHW), since you can now make the monster go anywhere and attack anything. You can also launch the monster into a wall to knock it out, similar to the Clutch Claw move, Flinch Shot.

Wyvern Riding

New Map: Frost Islands

frost islands.png
The Frost Islands was once home to a massive dragon who had droves of hunters trying to slay it and failing. There are now only humongous dragon bones and a broken Dragonship at the center of the islands left to tell the story.

List of Maps and Locations

Newly Announced Characters

Character Description
Unknown.png Minoto the Quest Maiden
A Wyverian like her twin-sister Hinoa, Minoto is also a Quest Maiden. She has also taken up painting recently.
Unknown.png Hojo the Guild Master
He is the oldest man in the village and is in charge of everything quest-related.
Unknown.png Master Utsushi
He serves as the leader of the hunters in the village.
Unknown.png Iori the Buddy Handler
He is a kind, pure-hearted, and animal loving boy.
Unknown.png Felyne Chief Kogarashi
He is in charge of leading the Meowcernaries.
Unknown.png Rondine the Trader
She sailed in a ship from a far away country so that she can make trade with the village.

List of Characters and Voice Actors

New Training Area

training area.png
There is a brand new training area with advanced gadgets you can test your weapons on. Moreover, it is no longer limited to one person; you can now train with other hunters!

Official Livestream Latest Information

Starting on January 7th at 14:00 GMT

The Digital Event for Monster Hunter Rise took place on January 7th at 14:00 GMT.

If you missed the Livestream, you can see the full footage from the official Monster Hunter channel at the link below!

▶︎Livestream Playback

Demo Release Date and Contents to be Revealed

Translation: New information for Monster Hunter Rise will be provided at our Digital Event on 2021/1/7 at 23:00 Japan time!
A new promotional video for the game, along with the demo release date will be revealed at the event!

It's been revealed based on official information in Japanese that the release date for the demo will be announced, along with new information about features included in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Digital Event is thought to be similar to the Developer Diaries which revealed information for new updates for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Demo Guide and Features

A New Promotional Video

The event will bring with it a new video featuring new information for the game. We're looking forward to hearing about more New Monsters and Returning Monsters which will be featured in the game.

Natsuki Hanae, VA of Tanjiro from Kimetsu no Yaiba, to Narrate

Natsuki Hanae.jpeg

In previous live events, only the producers and directors of the game appeared, but this time Natsuki Hanae, the voice of Tanjiro, the main character of popular anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, will be joining as a narrator. Mr. Hanae has been known for streaming MHW: Iceborne, and although it hasn't been announced, it's possible that he will be joining as a voice actor in Monster Hunter Rise.

Since it's likely that the event will be dubbed over in the English release, those who are interested in hearing Natsuki Hanae's voice directly should check out the Japanese vesrion of the presentation.

▶︎Japanese Digital Event Stream

List of Characters and Voice Actors

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