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This is an article about avoiding attacks in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want to know how to dodge, Emergency Evade and Frame Dodge, read on!

How to Emergency Evade

What is Emergency Evade?

Monster Hunter Rise - Emergency Evade

Dash NSW - R + NSW - B
Dash XBOX - Right Bumper.png + XBOX - A Button.png
Dash PS4 - R1 Button.png + PS4 - X Button.png
Dash MH Rise - Shift Button + MH Rise - Space Button

Emergency Evade is a special type of evasion that has a lengthy invincibility time. This allows you to evade some devastating moves like Magnamalo's divebomb or Mizutsune's Water Breath attack.

To execute an emergency evade, make sure that you are dashing away. While dashing away, press the corresponding dodge button and your roll will be converted into a dive.

Lengthy Invincibility Time

The invincibility time for the emergency evade is from the time you press the dodge button until your hunter stands up! This makes it extremely effective against unavoidable and deadly monster attacks.

How to Frame Dodge

What is an iFrame?

The iFrame can be described as a very short invincibility frame during the dodge animation that hunters can use to avoid attacks using the basic roll (pressing the dodge button).

The invincibility frame (or iFrame) is often found at the start of every roll. If you activate the Evade Window skill, your iFrames will be extended.

Time Rolls with Monster Attacks

iMonster Hunter Rise - iFrame Evade

Any direction + NSW - B
Any direction + XBOX - A Button.png
Any direction + PS4 - X Button.png
Any direction + MH Rise - Space Button

You can use iFrames to effectively evade monster attacks. Veterans do this all the time coupled with deep monster knowledge and understanding of the game.

Do not be discouraged if you cannot execute this move from the start! Practice makes perfect so try honing your Frame Dodge skills!

Frame Dodge Works When Some Weapons are Sheathed

Since the evasion behavior for some of these weapons is different (eg. dash evade rather than roll evade), it is recommended to execute an iFrame Evade only when your weapons are sheathed.

Unless you have the Evade Window skill, you are going to have a hard time evading some monster attacks.

Weapon Types with Dash Evade
Dual Blades Lance Gunlance
Switch Axe Bow ---

Frame Dodge Tips

Check IconiFrames exist at the start of rolls.

Check IconRoll towards the monster attack!

Check IconKnow and learn the monster's move patterns.

iFrames at the Start of Rolls

Monster Hunter Rise - Slowed iFrame Evade

iFrame exists from pressing the dodge button until the hunter's head touches the ground. This is an effective way to time your Frame Dodge against a monster attack.

Roll Towards the Monster Attack

It is suggested that you roll towards a monster to better time your Frame Dodge properly. Not only will you be able to evade the attack when it is successful, but you can also have enough space to make precise attacks.

This is a very risky move as iFrames are very short and you can easily miscalculate. Decide properly if you can Frame Dodge a monster or just evade away since some attacks (area of effect ones) may cover a space large enough to still catch you at the end of your dodge.

Study a Monster's Move Patterns

Along with the two tips above, you have to know and learn monster move patterns. This effectively gives you the knowledge to know if the attack can be Frame Dodge or not!

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