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Kamura Village.png

This is a comprehensive guide on the Kamura Village found within Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). Read on to learn more about the different aspects of Kamura VIllage and the different things you can do!

What is Kamura Village?

Base Hub for Hunters

Kamura Village is a peaceful village known for producing Tatara Steel. Kamura Village serves as a sort of base for Hunters, where you gain access to multiple facilities that can assist you with hunting.

Amazing NPCs

Amazing NPCs.JPG

The entirety of Kamura Village is filled with useful NPCs that help you out in various ways. Each NPC has a specific use as well as full lines done by talented Voice Actors.

List of Characters and Voice Actors

The Infamous Rampage

The Infamous Rampage.JPG

A disastrous event where a large group of monsters stampede through Kamura Village. The Rampage has been happening to Kamura Village since the ancient times but no one knows what causes it. 50 years ago, the Rampage almost wiped out the entire village.

Kamura Village Defense System

Kamura Village Defense System.png

With the infamous tradition of the Rampage, the people of Kamura Village have built defences to fight off the tide of monsters that will eventually crash through. One of your jobs as a Hunter is to protect the village at all costs.

Things to Do in Kamura Village

Visit Hamon for Weapons and Armor


Hamon is the resident blacksmith. Though often cranky, his craftsmanship is pristine. A retired hunter who used to hunt with Fugen the Elder, Hamon offers his services for the battle in defense of Kamura Village.

Stop by Kisaki's Shop for Buddy Needs


The Buddy Smithy right next to Hamon is run by an enthusiastic Felyne named Kisaki. Kisaki is in charge of crafting and upgrading Palico and Palamute gear.

Visit Kagero for General Needs


Being a peaceful and polite merchant has earned Kagero a bit of fame and fondness among the villagers in Kamura Village. Kagero does his part in protecting the village. He offers huge sales, which often halves the prices of items, and holds a local lottery as well.

Lottery Rules

The lottery prizes vary depending on how lucky you are that day. You are offered a chance of winning the lottery only once per sale. A maximimum of three times if you use Amiibo, though you can only use the lottery once per day per amiibo.

Talk to Hinoa about Quests

Talk to Hinoa about Quests.png

Hinoa is the mediator for Quests in Kimura Village while her twin Minoto is in charge of the Gathering Hub. Hinoa is very close with the main character and she treats them like family. Along with her twin, their singing often calms the villagers and her smile radiates through the entirety of Kamura Village.

Drop by the Tea Shop for Yomogi's Meals


Yomogi is the resident chef of the Tea Shop in Kamura Village. Her meals offer nutritious benefits to hunters and her Bunny Dango is regarded as a village specialty. So special that it has garnered popularity throughout the land.

Buy Komitsu's Candy Apples

Buy Komitsu

Komitsu is a child that wishes only to help Kamura Village in any way possible. She offers candied apples to hunters but its effects are unknown for now.

Cohoot the New Pet

Cohoot the New Pet.png

Cohoot is not only a new companion in quests that helps in tracking monsters but also a pet! You can dress up your Cohoot in fancy clothes and give it attention while you stay in Kamura Village.

Multiplayer Exploration

Multiplayer Exploration.jpg

Up to 4 hunters can hang out in Kamura Village simultaneously. A generous addition compared to the restricted nature of the earlier Monster Hunter games when it came to hub zones. Learn more about the multiplayer side of things by reading our linked article below!

Local Co-op and Online Multiplayer

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