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This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Great Sword Weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Great Sword, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

Great Sword Tier List Ranking

Tier List Ranking S Rank Icon

The Great Sword is still one of the best weapons in the game. The addition of silkbind and wirebug attacks makes the Great Sword even more powerful in Rise than in previous games. These add a whole new level of mobility as well as the convenient access to aerial charge attacks!

Weapon Tier List

Great Sword Controls

Vertical Slsah
Buttons X.png
Charge Slash
Charge Buttons X.png
Sideward Slash
Buttons Y.png
Upward Slash
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
While Charging Buttons A.png
Button zR.png
Falling Thrust
In the air Button zR.png
Hunting Edge
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
Power Sheathe
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

Useful Combos
True Charged Slash Combo
Charged Slash
Buttons X.png(Hold)
Strong Charged Slash
Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png
Strong Wide Slash
Buttons A.png
True Charged Slash
Buttons X.png(Hold)
Forward Lunging Attack Combo
Wide Sweep
Buttons A.png
Buttons A.png
Leaping Wide Slash
Buttons A.png
Stationary Combo
Wide Sweep
Buttons A.png
Rising Slash
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

Great Sword New Moves

Official Great Sword Preview Video

Hunting Edge

Hunting Edge.jpg

Hunting Edge is a silkbind attack that launches the hunter upward and while charging the Great Sword. This is similar to the charging attack while airborne in Aerial Style from Monster Hunter Generations.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png

Power Sheathe

Power Sheathe.jpg

Power Sheathe is a silkbind attack that temporarily increases the damage for the next sheathing attack. Power Sheathe works well with this weapon because hunters usually sheath the Great Sword for better mobility.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

Great Sword Returning Moves

True Charge Slash

True Charge Slash
The True Charge Slash makes a return in Monster Hunter Rise! It's the strongest hitting move of the Great Sword and utilizing it properly is the key to mastering the Great Sword.

Buttons X.png + Left Analog.png x3

The True Charge Slash is the 3rd Vertical slash on the sequence, a slash can be skipped by using the tackle so it is not necessary to use all three slashes to use the True Charge Slash

Wide Slash and Strong Wide Slash

wide slash
The Wide Slash and Strong Wide Slash attack makes a return in Monster Hunter Rise! This move is capable of hitting a wider area (hence the name) and can apply ailments easily!

Buttons A.png + Buttons A.png + Buttons A.png

Great Sword Strengths and Weaknesses

Great Sword Strengths

Great Sword Strengths

Check Icon Single-hit attack damage is unrivaled by other weapons.

Check Icon Hit-and-Run is a viable gameplay style so it is very safe.

Check Icon The Great Sword can guard.

Top Tier Single-Hit Weapon

The Great Sword is unrivaled by other weapons when it comes to single-hit attack damage. Using the Great Sword requires precise timing because that single attack needs to hit to effectively deal damage.

Hit-and-Run is viable

Because of its high single-hit attack damage, the Hit-and-Run style of play is very viable for Great Sword. This style of play is very slow but is also very safe - perfect for beginners who are starting to learn the game.

The Great Sword Can Guard

The Great Sword can guard attacks from opponent monsters. However, this depletes the sharpness of the Great Sword so just use this during emergencies.

Great Sword Weaknesses

Great Sword Weaknesses

Check Icon Poor mobility makes continuous attacks difficult to execute.

Check Icon Guarding consumes sharpness.

Poor Mobility

Great Sword is a very slow weapon so make sure to make every hit count! It is also not recommended to combo attacks using the Great Sword unless there is a very long opening!

Guarding Consumes Sharpness

Guarding using the Great Sword consumes sharpness. Take note, the sharpness it loses is greater than when attacking so only use guard during emergencies!

How to Use the Great Sword

Aim for the True Charge Slash

Aime for True Charge Slash

The True Charge Slash has the highest damage number in a single blow for the Great Sword. Achieving True Charge Slash requires certain combos so make sure that when you achieve it, it hits the monster!

The Tackle is Back!


It seems the tackle from Monster Hunter World is back in Monster Hunter Rise! Use tackle for a super armor state and tank monster hits. Remember, the tackle is also a viable bridge move to achieve True Charge Slash!

Use Wirebugs for Extra Mobility

Use Wirebugs

The Great Sword is very slow but with the introduction of Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise, the Great Sword can be very mobile. Use Wire Dashes effectively for a devastating Great Sword play!

Sheath Your Weapon!

Always Sheath

When sheathed out, the Great Sword slows down your hunter to a crawl which opens you up for monster attacks. Always try to sheath your weapon when looking for an opening, as this allows you to sprint and better position yourself!

Also, with the introduction of the new silkbind attack Power Sheathe, it is a great idea to get used to sheathing your Great Swords!

Hit-and-Run Play

The Great Sword has a very slow attack animation so beware of this whenever you try the hit-and-run style. Only try hitting the monster when there is an opening!

Great Sword Tips

Use Palamute Jump + Dismount For Full Aerial Charge Slash

jump charge slash
It missed.

When fighting small monsters, it's better to initiate the fight by mounting the Palamute, jumping then dismounting into a full charge slash. In the Demo, this attack can do hundreds of damage (compared to other normal attacks that deal 30 damage)

The Hunting Edge Can Be Chained After True Charge Slash

The True Charge Slash is where most of the Great Sword's damage comes from. It can easily topple large monsters and if the monster is large enough, chaining the new Hunting Edge move can make one of the deadliest combo in the game!

Avoid Using Hunting Edge Against Small Foes

hunting edge
It hit... The Palico's healing bubble.

Hunting Edge's range can be hard to learn for players that are just starting to learn the biggest sword in the game. Trying to use it at a small monster will further increase it's the difficulty, if you wish to use Silkbind Attacks, it's better to use the Wirebug's mobility or the Power Sheathe move against smaller monsters instead.

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