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Demo Guide and Features
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This is a guide on the Demo release date and release time, and how to download the demo of Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Read on to learn where to download the demo and more!

Demo Guide and Features

How to Download the Demo

Where to Download the Demo

You will need to have access to a Nintendo Switch console to download the Monster Hunter Rise Demo. The standard process for downloading a Demo is shown below.

  1. Make sure to link a Nintendo Account to your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Access the Nintendo eShop from the Nintendo Switch Home Menu
  3. Search for Monster Hunter Rise and select the Demo option listed on the page.
  4. Download Demo and Start Playing!

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Release Date and Time

Available from January 8th at 1:00 AM GMT

Monster Hunter Rise Availability Period.png

Start Time January 8th, 1:00 AM GMT
End Time February 1st, 8:00 AM GMT

The Demo was suddenly released to the Nintendo eShop at 1:00 AM GMT on January 8th. It is available now, so go ahead and start downloading the demo right away!

Only 30 Plays Available

As indicated on the official website, the two main Quests in the Demo, the Great Izuchi and Mizutsune Hunts, will only be available for a maximum of 30 plays in Single Player and Local Multiplayer.

After playing these 30 times, even the training contents of the demo will become locked, so make those plays count!

On the other hand, Online Multiplayer seems to allow for an unlimited number of plays as long as the Demo is still available in the Nintendo eShop.

We'll be testing if using multiple accounts on a single Switch allows for more plays, so check back soon for more information.

Youtubers to Preview Demo on January 7th (23:00 GMT)

Certain youtubers have received the special privilege to play the Demo version of the game ahead of release.

Starting at 11:30 PM GMT on January 7th, they'll be airing footage of their playthroughs of the demo on their respective channels.

At this point, all we can do is contain our jealousy and watch these streams to learn more about what will be coming in the demo.

English Streams: ▶︎Monster Hunter Official Twitch Channel

Japanese Streams: ▶︎Event Details and All Featured Channels with Links (Japanese only)

May Be Available Again in March 2021

There has been variation between releases, but the Demo version is usually available one to two weeks before the game's release. Since Monster Hunter Rise will not be on sale until March 26th, it's possible that this Demo will be available again in early to mid March. As shown in the chart below, it's not unprecedented for a Demo to be available in multiple periods before release.

Demo Availability of Past Games

Title Game Release Demo Availability
MHW Iceborne 2019/9/6 1. 2019/6/21~24
2. 2019/6/28~7/1
3. 2019/8/30~9/2
MHW 2018/1/26 1. 2017/12/10~13
2. 2017/12/23~27
3. 2018/1/19~22
MHGU 2017/3/18 2017/2/15~24
MHG 2015/11/28 2015/11/19~
(Limited to 30 plays per console)
MH4G 2014/10/11 Only available at stores
MH4 2013/9/14 Only available at stores

Does the Save File Carry Over?

Carrying Over Your Save File is Impossible (Update)

As confirmed in the official site, carrying over your save file from the demo into the game is impossible. So try not to invest too much time grinding in the game if you wish to get a headstart in Rise.

Not Available in Most Previous Demos

Carrying over save files from the Demo was not allowed in most previous Monster Hunter games. It's best not to expect this feature in the Monster Hunter Rise Demo.

However, previous Demos did allow special Items to be obtained as a reward for playing the Demo. Even if the idea of not being able to carry over save data is disappointing, this incentive should encourage players to try the demo either way.

Iceborne Allowed for Carry-Over

The Demo for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne did allow for players to carry over data to their main save game. As Iceborne was a DLC for the main Monster Hunter World game, it's a bit of an exception, but this remains a precedent to give fans hope.

As confirmed in the official site, carrying over your save file from the demo into the game is impossible. Try not to invest too much time grinding in the game as it won't give you a headstart in the official release.

Demo Features

Is there Online Co-op?

Online features will be available for the Demo Release. It has not been announced specifically whether online co-op itself will be available, but as this feature was available in Monster Hunter World's Demo, it's alright to be optimistic. Read more about it below!

How to Play Online

What Weapon Types are Available?

All of the previous weapon types found in the previous game will be available to use in Monster Hunter Rise, and presumably in the Demo as well.

All weapon types have already been announced and confirmed in official videos. Unfortunately, if you're hoping for a new weapon type to be confirmed, better luck next game!

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