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How to Change Your Name

This is an article about how to change your hunter's name in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). In addition to changing your Character, Palico, and Palamute names, this guide will also explain the rules of character names, as well as what the colors of the icons next to the character names during the hunt mean.

Can You Change Your Name?

Your Character's Name Can't Be Changed

Monster Hunter Rise - Choose Your Name.jpg

Your character/hunter's name cannot be changed after the initial character creation page. Not even the Update 2.0 DLC Character Edit Voucher will let you change your name. You must select a name after customizing your character, so be sure to give them a name that you like!

Character Creation Guide

Your Character Name Will Be Seen By Many Others Hunters, so Make it a Great One!

Monster Hunter Rise - No Inappropriate Words.jpg

The name you give to your hunter will be seen by many other players online. Therefore, certain rules and restrictions are placed on the names you can select. Go with a name that you like and that you don't mind other people seeing as well.

Buddy Names Can be Changed!

Monster Hunter Rise - Rename Buddy.png

You can change the name of your Palicoes and Palamutes by speaking with Iori, the Buddy Scout, who is located in the Buddy Plaza.

Buddy Plaza Guide

Rules For Naming Your Character

CheckmarkMaximum of 16 characters

CheckmarkNumbers, special characters, and other alphabets are supported

Cross IconNo words that are illegal, offensive, personal, or that could infringe upon others' rights

Maximum of 16 Characters

Monster Hunter Rise - Up to 16 Characters.jpg

The name of your Character / Hunter, Palico, and Palamute can be a maximum of 16 characters.

Numbers, Special Characters, and Other Alphabets are Supported

Monster Hunter Rise - Numbers and special characters permitted.jpg

In addition to the regular English alphabet letters, numbers, special characters, as well as letters from other alphabets can be used in your name, allowing you to combine the characters as you see fit.

No Inappropriate or Offensive Words

Monster Hunter Rise - Name not permitted.png

Since your name may be seen by many others when playing online, any words that are illegal, offensive, personal, or could infringe upon others' rights are not allowed.

How to Hide Your Name

Can Be Hidden Using HUD Settings

You can choose to not show your hunter name while in-game by going to the Start Menu and selecting System → Options → Game Settings → HUD Settings → Uncheck Player Info.

List of Settings: Best Settings to Choose

Hunter Colors and Icons During Multiplayer

Depends on Which Hunter is the Host

When in multiplayer, the host will always have the red color. When out on hunts, the weapon icon and the buddy icon will follow that color!

The other colors namely: blue, yellow, and green are assigned to the other hunters!

Multiplayer and Co-op Guide: How to Play Online

Changes Depending on Which Buddy You Choose

Palamute Palico

Since everyone can bring one (1) Buddy out on multiplayer hunts, the icon next to the weapon icon also shows which type of Buddy your hunting mates are bringing!

Best Buddies to Bring: Palico vs. Palamute

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