Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Tough Claw Location: How to Get and Uses

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This is a farming guide for Tough Claw, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Check here for all Tough Claw locations and drop sources, as well as Tough Claw uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Tough Claw - Basic Information

Name Tough Claw ImageTough Claw
Description A tough claw typical of small monsters. Its sharp edge makes it an excellent weapon.
Rarity 8 Type Monster Materials
Sell Price 560 Hold Limit 99

Tough Claw - How to Farm

Location Summary
Obtained by slaying Master Rank Ludroth, Jagras, Izuchi, Uroktor, Velociprey, Hermitaur, Ceanataur, Rachnoid, and Pyrantula.

Master Rank Monster Rewards

Target Reward
Capture Reward
Broken Part Reward
Unobtainable as a Target Reward.
Unobtainable as a Capture Reward.
Unobtainable as a Broken Part Reward.
Ceanataur ImageCeanataur (32%) Ludroth ImageLudroth (32%) Hermitaur ImageHermitaur (27%)
Uroktor ImageUroktor (24%) Velociprey ImageVelociprey (20%) Pyrantula ImagePyrantula (17%)
Izuchi ImageIzuchi (15%) Jagras ImageJagras (15%) Rachnoid ImageRachnoid (15%)

Meowcenaries: Master Rank

Map Node Type
Flooded Forest Ceanataur
Lava Caverns Uroktor
Jungle Hermitaur

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Qty (#)
Hub Quest M★1 It Could be Worse...
Hub Quest M★1 The Red Rolling Terror
Hub Quest M★1 Barroth to a Great Start
Hub Quest M★1 You Had Me at Poofy
Hub Quest M★1 Catnap Ruined
Urgent Hub Quest M★1 Tetranadon Blockade
Hub Quest M★1 The Good, the Bad, and Lagombi
Event Quest M★1 Harvest Boon -
Hub Quest M★2 Rumble in the Jungle
Hub Quest M★2 Pent-Up Frustrations
Hub Quest M★2 Messed Up Situation
Hub Quest M★2 Shrine Ruined
Hub Quest M★2 The Queen's Garden
Hub Quest M★2 The Alabaster Devourer
Hub Quest M★2 Somnacanth Sleep Aid
Hub Quest M★2 Poison Drops in the Sand
Hub Quest M★2 Bird Wyvern Jamboree
Urgent Hub Quest M★2 Provoking an Anjanath's Wrath
Hub Quest M★2 The Assault of the Scarlet Tengu
Urgent Hub Quest M★2 Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins
Hub Quest M★2 Sour Grapes
Hub Quest M★2 A Fond Fur-Well ½
Hub Quest M★2 In Pursuit of the Khezuit
Hub Quest M★2 BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz Pt. 2
Hub Quest M★2 A Shocking, Sloppy Synthesis
Hub Quest M★2 Skulking Among the Sand ½
Hub Quest M★2 Pinecone Pelting Panic
Hub Quest M★2 A Dangerous Dare ½
Follower Quest M★2 An Audience With the Queen
Follower Quest M★2 Fruit Vs. Firearms
Support Survey M★2 Operation Rathian
Support Survey M★2 Operation Bishaten
Support Survey M★2 Operation Tobi-Kadachi
Support Survey M★2 Operation Khezu
Support Survey M★2 Operation Blood Orange Bishaten
Support Survey M★2 Operation Anjanath
Follower Quest M★2 Flicker in the Night
Event Quest M★2 A Grand Gesture -
Hub Quest M★3 A Tale of Two Titans ½ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Oh, My Garsh Harag
Hub Quest M★3 Garangolm Gone Mad
Urgent Hub Quest M★3 A Rocky Rampage
Hub Quest M★3 The Hot and Cold Treatment
Hub Quest M★3 In His Master's Footsteps ½ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Freedom from a Frigid Future! ½ (x2)
Hub Quest M★3 Troublemaker Trio ½ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Garangolm
Support Survey M★3 Operation Cold Case ½ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Citadel Situation ½ (x2)
Support Survey M★3 Operation Jungle Rumble ½ (x2)
Follower Quest M★3 A Tough Lesson
Follower Quest M★3 Sisters Sally Forth ½ (x2)
Follower Quest M★3 Hunting is All the Rage ½ (x2)
Event Quest M★3 Minor Inconveniences (x2)
Event Quest M★3 Another Grand Gesture -
Hub Quest M★4 Spooky Citadel!? ½ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Citadel Security ½ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Thousand Cuts, Totally Crushed ½ (x2)
Hub Quest M★4 Quit Spooking My Lunch! ½ (x2)
Support Survey M★4 Operation Frozen Rescue ½ (x2)
Event Quest M★4 Freezing Fangs -
Urgent Hub Quest M★5 Gathering of the Qurio -
Hub Quest M★5 Blade Cloaked in Darkness (x2)
Hub Quest M★5 Evil Forest (x2)
Hub Quest M★5 Bazelgeuse Warning (x2)
Hub Quest M★5 Settle the Score! (x2)
Follower Quest M★5 Grabbin' Life by the Horns (x2)
Follower Quest M★5 Burning Air, Trembling Earth (x2)
Follower Quest M★5 The Flame that Burns Within (x2)
Follower Quest M★5 Fire Vs. Fire (x2)
Support Survey M★5 Operation Rajang (x2)
Support Survey M★5 Operation Magma Region (x2)
Support Survey M★5 Operation Ogre Gore (x2)
Support Survey M★5 Operation Bazelgeuse (x2)
Support Survey M★5 Operation Fire Dweller (x2)
Support Survey M★5 Operation Mermaid Tale (x2)
Support Survey M★5 Operation Double Garangolm (x2)
Support Survey M★5 Operation Thunder-Clad (x2)
Hub Quest M★5 Seismic Scares (x2)
Hub Quest M★5 Life is Full of Ups and Downs (x2)

Item drop quantity marked as ''-'' have unknown / unconfirmed quantities.

Carve from Master Rank Jagras and Izuchi

Shrine Ruins

Tough Claw can be carved from slain Jagras and Izuchi found at the Shrine Ruins during Master Rank Quests and Expeditions.

You will be able to do Expeditions at the Shrine Ruins right at the beginning of Sunbreak, so you can immediately farm for the item.

Farm Ceanataur at the Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest
Outbreak of Altaroth 3 / 9
Outbreak of Ludroth 3 / 9
Outbreak of Wroggi 3 / 9
Normal Quest 3 / 9

Take note that Flooded Forest is accessible at Master Rank 3. Make sure to pick up some wirebugs along the way to travel faster!

Recommended Quest to Farm Ceanataur

It is recommended to farm Ceanataur by doing the Pollution Problems quest since they spawn in more areas. Ceanataurs spawn at Upper Level Areas 9, 3, 10, 13.

Tough Claw - How to Use

Effect Summary
Used for crating and forging Master Rank equipment.

Used to Craft Weapons

Great Sword Image Blade of Talos+ (×5) Bow Image Hunter's Proudbow+ (×4)
Charge Blade Image Kaiser Blade+ (×5) Heavy Bowgun Image Kamura Warrior Ballista (×5)
Switch Axe Image Kamura Warrior Battleaxe (×5) Dual Blades Image Kamura Warrior Blades (×5)
Bow Image Kamura Warrior Bow (×5) Charge Blade Image Kamura Warrior C. Blade (×5)
Great Sword Image Kamura Warrior Cleaver (×5) Light Bowgun Image Kamura Warrior Crossbow (×5)
Hunting Horn Image Kamura Warrior Flute (×5) Insect Glaive Image Kamura Warrior Glaive (×5)
Gunlance Image Kamura Warrior Gunlance (×5) Hammer Image Kamura Warrior Hammer (×5)
Long Sword Image Kamura Warrior Rapier (×5) Lance Image Kamura Warrior Spear (×5)
Sword & Shield Image Kamura Warrior Sword (×5) Switch Axe Image Maximal Gasher+ (×4)
Switch Axe Image The Power Shredder+ (×5)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Light Bowgun Image Araknablaster (×1) Heavy Bowgun Image Sayyad Cannon (×2)
Light Bowgun Image Gale Bowgun+ (×3) Great Sword Image Blade of Talos+ (×5)
Dual Blades Image Double Droth Flood (×4) Insect Glaive Image Garamorse+ (×3)
Sword & Shield Image Grand Barong+ (×3) Insect Glaive Image Hortadent Brada+ (×3)
Gunlance Image Howlitzer+ (×2) Bow Image Hunter's Proudbow+ (×3)
Charge Blade Image Kaiser Blade+ (×3) Switch Axe Image Maximal Gasher+ (×2)
Heavy Bowgun Image Purple October (×2) Dual Blades Image Raging Claws+ (×4)
Hunting Horn Image Zurogong Secundo+ (×3) Long Sword Image Tormentor+ (×3)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Torso Image Droth Mail X (×2) Waist Image Droth Coil X (×3)
Legs Image Droth Greaves X (×1) Head Image Bone Helm X (×1)
Torso Image Ludroth Mail X (×1) Waist Image Velociprey Coil (×2)
Legs Image Velociprey Greaves (×1) Torso Image Nargacuga Mail X (×2)
Arms Image Velociprey Braces (×1) Legs Image Ludroth Greaves X (×2)
Torso Image Uroktor Torso X (×1) Torso Image Rhenoplos Mail X (×1)
Torso Image Ceanataur Mail (×2) Arms Image Death Stench Grip X (×2)
Torso Image Death Stench Muscle X (×2) Waist Image Ludroth Coil X (×2)
Torso Image Anjanath Mail X (×2) Arms Image Bone Vambraces X (×1)
Arms Image Izuchi Braces X (×1)

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