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How to Unlock Layered Armor and List

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - List of Layered Armor (Transmog) and How to Equip

This is a list of Layered Armor (Transmog) found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to know how to unlock layered armor (Master Rank, Low & High Rank), and for a complete list of layered armor sets including Master Rank sets, and more!

How to Unlock Layered Armor

Master Rank Sets: Unlocked at MR 10

MH Rise Sunbreak - Layered Armor
To unlock Master Rank layered armor in Sunbreak, you have to finish the Sunbreak main story at Master Rank 6 and unlock Anomaly Quests at Master Rank 10.

Do the first Anomaly Quest (Afflicted Arzuros) to have access to your Layered Armor skins! You'll also be able to make Layered Weapons too.

Anomaly Quest Guide

Low/High Rank Sets: Unlocked at HR 8

Layered Armor can be unlocked once reaching HR 8! So make sure to continue doing Hub Quests to reach High Rank and start levelling up your HR.

While some Layered Armor is unique to paid DLC, all in-game armor pieces are available in a Layered Armor version without paying for additional DLC.

How to Unlock High Rank

All Layered Armor

Hunter Layered Armor Sets

Hunter Layered Armor
MH Rise Sunbreak - Low High Rank Layered Armor Low/High Rank
Layered Armor
MH Rise Sunbreak - Master Rank Layered Armor Master Rank
Layered Armor
MH Rise Sunbreak - Special Layered Armor Special
Layered Armor

Buddies Layered Armor Sets

Buddies Layered Armor
MH Rise Sunbreak - Palico Layered Armor Palico Layered Armor MH Rise Sunbreak - Palamute Layered Armor Palamute Layered Armor

List of Unique Layered Armor

Preorder Layered Armor

Sunbreak Preorder Bonus

MH Rise Sunbreak - Preorder Bonus Palico and Palamute Layered Armor
Loyal Dog and Striped Cat Layered Armor

Sunbreak Preorder Bonuses

Base Game Preorder Bonus

Retriever and Forest Cat Layered Armor

Base Game Preorder Bonuses

Deluxe Edition Layered Armor

Sunbreak Deluxe Edition Armor


Dragonsbane Layered Armor Set
Palico Palamute

F Devout

C Hound

All Sunbreak Editions: Standard, Deluxe, Double Deluxe, and Collector's

Base Game Deluxe Edition Layered Armor


Kamurai Layered Armor Set
Palico Palamute

Palico Fish Collar

Palamute Shuriken Collar

All Base Game Editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Collector's

Amiibo Layered Armor

Sunbreak Amiibo

Amiibo Layered Armor Reward

Malzeno Palico

Formal Dragon Palico

Malzeno Palamute

Formal Dragon Palamute


Formal Dragon Hunter

All Sunbreak Amiibo and Amiibo Unlocks

Base Game Amiibo

Amiibo Layered Armor Reward


Sinister Seal Palico


Sinister Seal Palamute


Sinister Seal Hunter

All Amiibo and Amiibo Unlocks

How to Forge Layered Armor

Use Outfit Vouchers and Materials to Craft

MH Rise - Outfit Voucher

Most Low/High Rank layered armor can be crafted with an item called an Outfit Voucher along with some High Rank materials.

For Master Rank layered armor, you will need Outfit Voucher+, as well as several Master Rank materials, to craft Master Rank layered armor.

How to Equip Layered Armor

For the Hunter: Select from Item Box

If you want to use Layered Armor, you can access all the layered armor available to you from the Item Box. But if you don't currently have layered armor, the option won't appear.

For Buddies: Select from Buddy Board

If you want to use Layered Armor for your Palamute and Palico, you will have to go to the Buddy Board and select Layered Armor Settings from the list of options.

What is Layered Armor?

Armor for Fashion

MH Rise - Akuma Armor Street Fighter Collab

Layered Armor is a type of Armor that is mainly for fashion and aesthetic purposes. They do not boost your stats whatsoever nor give bonuses.

Layered Armor was first introduced in Monster Hunter World + Iceborne. The general idea of implementing Layered Armor is so that you can keep the stats of your armor while still looking amazing!

Fashion Hunting Board

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