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List of Layered Armor (Transmog) and How to Equip.png

This is a list of Layered Armor found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what Layered Armor is and how to equip it!

Layered Armor Unlocked at HR 8

After the 2.0 update, you'll be able to craft all available armor as layered armor! Check out all the changes from the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Update!

Update 2.0: April 28 Release Date and New Monsters

What is Layered Armor?

Monster Hunter Rise - Layered Armor from Monster Hunter World.png

Layered Armor is a type of Armor that is mainly for keeping an aesthetic. They do not boost your stats whatsoever nor give bonuses. Layered Armor was first introduced in Monster Hunter World + Iceborne. The general idea of implementing Layered Armor is so that you can keep the stats of your armor without sacrificing cosmetic design.

How to Forge Layered Armor

Must Reach Hunter Rank 8 and Download Update 2.0

As of Update 2.0, all players who have reached Hunter Rank 8 by completing all Urgent Hub Quests can forge Layered Armor at the Smithy!

While some Layered Armor is unique to paid DLC, all in-game armor pieces are available in a Layered Armor version without paying for additional DLC.

Use Outfit Vouchers and Materials to Craft

Monster Hunter Rise - Outfit Voucher

Most Layered Armor can be crafted with a new Item called an Outfit Voucher and some basic materials from the associated Monster. 3 Outfit Vouchers can be obtained for free upon unlocking Layered Armor, and others can be obtained as Quest Rewards for HR 8+ Quests.

How to Farm Outfit Vouchers

How to Equip Layered Armor

For the Hunter: Select from Item Box

If you want to use Layered Armor, you can access all the layered armor available to you from the Item Box. But if you don't currently have layered armor, the option won't appear.

For Buddies: Select from Buddy Board

If you want to use Layered Armor for your Palamute and Palico, you will have to go to the Buddy Board and select 'Layered Armor Settings' from the list of options.

If you preordered the game, you should have received the Forest Cat and Retriever Layered Armor from Senri the Mailman (the Palico on top of a red box across Hinoa), along with the Novice Talisman!

Preorder Bonuses

List of Unique Layered Armor

Pre-Order Layered Armor

Pre-Order Bonus
Retriever and Forest Cat Layered Armor

Deluxe Edition Layered Armor

Deluxe Edition Layered Armor
Kamurai Layered Armor Set
Fish Collar Shuriken Collar
Palico Fish Collar Palamute Shuriken Collar

Amiibo Layered Armor

Amiibo Layered Armor
Magnamalo amiibo Sinister Seal
Palamute amiibo Sinister Seal
Palico amiibo Sinister Seal

List of All Layered Armor

Hunter Layered Armor Sets

Aelucanth / Rhopessa Aknosom Alloy
Almudron Anja Arzuros
Baggi Barioth Barroth
Basarios Bazel Bishaten
Bnahabra Bone Brigade
Chainmail Chaos Chrome Metal
Damascus Death Stench Diablos
Dober Droth Edel
Golden Goss Harag Hunter
Ibushi Ingot Izuchi
Jaggi Jelly Jyura
Kadachi Kaiser Kamura
Kamurai Khezu Kulu
Kushala Lagombi Leather
Ludroth Makluva Melahoa
Mizuha Mizutsune Mosgharl
Nargacuga Narwa Pukei
Rakna-Kadaki Rathalos Rathian
Remobra Rhenoplos Shell-Studded
Sinister Sinister Seal Skalda / Spio
Slagtoth Somnacanth Swallow
Tetranadon Tigrex Uroktor
Utsushi (Hidden) / Channeler Utsushi (Visible) / Medium Vaik
Volvidon Wroggi Zinogre

Hunter Layered Armor Pieces

Bullfango Mask Flame Seal Fox Mask
Gargwa Mask Jaggi Mask Mighty Bow Feather
Theater Wig Wyverian Earrings

Palamute Layered Armor

Bone Collar Bow Collar Felyne Mask
Heart Collar Long Coat Costume Retriever
Shuriken Collar Sinister Seal Spiked Collar

Palico Layered Armor

Bell Collar Bow Collar Canyne Mask
Fish Collar Forest Cat Heart Collar
Nine Tails Sinister Seal Spiked Collar

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