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Free Title Update 5 (TU5) Release Date and Monsters

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┗ Bonus Update Monster: Primordial Malzeno

MH Rise Sunbreak - Free Title Update 5

Free Title Update 5 (TU5) is an update for the Sunbreak DLC for Monster Hunter Rise. Learn the Free Title Update 5's release date, new monsters, and all other new features below!

Title Update 5 Latest Additions

What's New in Title Update 5

New Monsters and Equipment

Monster Guide Armor Weapons
MH Rise Sunbreak - AmatsuAmatsu Armor IconTempest Weapons IconAmatsu Weapons
MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen Shagaru MagalaRisen Shagaru Magala Armor IconVirtue / Prudence Risen Shagaru Magala has no weapons.

New Armor Skills

New TU5 Armor Skills
Frenzied Bloodlust
(Risen S. Magala)
Shock Absorber
(New Decoration)

List of Armor Skills

New Decorations

We will update this section when we find more decorations!
New TU5 Decorations
Bloodlust Jewel 4 IconBloodlust Jewel 4 Shockproof Jewel 1 IconShockproof Jewel 1
Capacity Jewel+ 4 IconCapacity Jewel+4 Challenger Jewel+ 4 IconChallenger Jewel+ 4
Bladescale Jewel+ 4 IconBladescale Jewel+ 4 Trigger Jewel+ 4 IconTrigger Jewel+ 4
Embolden Jewel+ 4 IconEmbolden Jewel+ 4 Intrepid Jewel+ 3 IconIntrepid Jewel+ 3
Attack Jewel+ 4 IconAttack Jewel+ 4 Expert Jewel+ 4 IconExpert Jewel+ 4
New TU5 Rampage Decorations
Guardbash Jewel 2 IconGuardbash Jewel 2 Supercharge Jewel 2 IconSupercharge Jewel 2
Demon Rage Jewel 2 IconDemon Rage Jewel 2 Stun Jewel 1 IconStun Jewel 1
Growth Jewel 2 IconGrowth Jewel 2 Wirebug Jewel 1 IconWirebug Jewel 1

List of Decorations

New Afflicted Materials

New Afflicted Materials
MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen SlogboneRisen Slogbone MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen Dragon BloodRisen Dragon Blood
MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen Dragon PurebloodRisen Dragon Pureblood MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen Dragon ThickbloodRisen Dragon Thickblood

Sunbreak Afflicted Materials:
How to Get and Uses

New Skills for Qurious Armor Crafting

New Skills for Qurious Armor Crafting
Frostcraft Dragon Conversion

Qurious Crafting Guide:
How to Get Gear Augments

More TU5 Changes

Anomaly Quest & Investigations
• Anomaly Investigations cap increased to 300.
• Anomaly Quest A9★ added.
• Special Investigations unlock at Anomaly Research Level 300.
• Pure Amber Essence added to the game.
Other Additions
• More paid DLC added.
• More weekly event quests to be released.

Free Title Update 5 (TU5)
Release Date and Monsters

Roadmap Update

Roadmap Update

• An additional Bonus Update will release on June 8, 2023 which will feature the new variant monster Primordial Malzeno!

Sunbreak Free Title Updates & Roadmap

Free Title Update 5 Release Date

Title Update 5 Was Released on April 20, 2023

MH Rise Sunbreak - Title Update 5 Release Date

Title Update 5 is now live! Take on more powerful monsters, including the fearsome Elder Dragon Amatsu!

April 2023 Digital Event Livestream

Free Title Update 5 Monsters

Returning Elder Dragon: Amatsu

MH Rise Sunbreak Amatsu

Amatsu is an Elder Dragon that debuted as the final boss of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and appeared for the first time in localized games in Generations. After being hinted at for several title updates, Amatsu has stormed in as the returning Elder Dragon!

Amatsu: Basic Information

Powered-Up Monster: Risen Shagaru Magala

MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen Shagaru Magala

If you thought the Frenzy virus or the Qurio were nasty on their own, wait until you meet Risen Shagaru Magala. This powered-up Elder Dragon combines the power of the Frenzy with the Risen state to challenge even the strongest hunters! You'll be able to slay this monster once you reach MR 180.

Risen Shagaru Magala: Basic Information

Free Title Update 5 New Features

Anomaly Research Updates

Anomaly Investigation Level Raised to 300!

MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax Hunting

Following past title updates, Anomaly Investigations have increased the Level Cap to 300 along with more afflicted materials to farm. Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax and Risen Shagaru Magala also appear in A9★ Anomaly Investigations, so prepare to hunt even tougher versions of them!

Anomaly Research Level Guide

Special Investigations

Previously teased in an official twitter post, Special Investigations are endgame challenges meant for the strongest hunters who have conquered Lv 300 Anomaly Investigations. While there are no special rewards, you can earn Badges of Heroes as bragging rights!

Special Investigations: How to Unlock

Qurious Melding

Two new melding methods were added to Title Update 5. Qurious Melding - Vigor uses afflicted materials to create new talismans while Qurious Melding - Cyclus uses talismans created with Vigor, similar to Reincarnation and Rebirth melding. Previously unrollable skills like Furious, Dereliction, and Berserk will now be available with this melding method!

How to Use the Melding Pot:
Melding Pot Guide

Weapon Changes

Title Update 5 comes with Version 15 of Sunbreak which brings some weapon action adjustments to make hunting more balanced and fun!

Update 15.0: Sunbreak Title Update 5 Patch Notes

New Skill: Shock Absorber

A new skill, Shock Absorber, was also included in Free Title Update 5! This is an improvement to the skill Flinch Free, as this mitigates flinching caused by your teammates!

What's more, the skill will come in a easily slottable level 1 jewel called Shockproof Jewel 1 so it can easily replace your Flinch Free decoration!

Shock Absorber Skill Effects

New Rampage Decorations

We're not just getting new decorations, we're also getting new rampage decorations! These can be unlocked after beating Amatsu. This was confirmed in a recent tweet by the official Monster Hunter Twitter account on April 5, 2023.

Decoration Search and Smithy Improvements

In Title Update 5, searching for decorations in the Smithy is now improved. In addition, improvements to armor crafting and talisman management were also introduced!

Filter Anomaly Investigations by Material

For Title Update 5, the ability to filter Anomaly Investigations by Material has been added! This makes it easier for Hunters to home in on the quest that includes the monster that will drop the material they need!

List of Afflicted Materials

New Events Quests and DLC

More event quests means more rewards, and Title Update 5 finally delivers the long-awaited Buff Body Layered Armor! Additional paid DLC is also available to spice up fashion hunting and to add additional gestures, poses, stickers, and BGMs.

Event Quests List: Schedule and Roadmap

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Related Guides

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MH Rise Title Updates & Roadmap

MH Rise Update Roadmap
Release Date Update Information
June 8
Update 16.0 Bonus Update
・Variant monster
Apr. 20
Update 15.0 Title Update 5
・Returning Elder Dragon
・Powered-up Monster
Feb. 7
Update 14.0 Title Update 4
・Returning Elder Dragon
・Powered-up monster
Nov. 24
Update 13.0 Title Update 3
・Variant monsters
・Powered-up monsters
Sept. 29
Update 12.0 Title Update 2
・Rare species monsters
・Subspecies monsters
・Powered-up monsters
Aug. 10
Update 11.0 Title Update 1
・Several new monsters
・Several new features
Jun. 30
Update 10.0 ・Access to Sunbreak content for those who purchased it
・Free Weapon balance changes for all players and other bug fixes
Feb. 24 2022 Update 3.9
(Switch & PC)
・Free New DLC
・Weekly event quests
・Content previously only on Switch made available on PC
Jan. 27 2022 Update 3.8
・Available for download
・Weekly event quests incoming
・Paid DLCs
Jan. 21 2022 USJ Collab
・MH Rise x Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Collab
Jan. 12, 2022 PC Release ・PC release on Steam
Dec. 20, 2021 Update 3.7 ・Available for download
・Weekly event quests incoming
・Special Buddies
・Paid DLCs
Nov. 25, 2021 Update 3.6 ・Weekly event quests
・Sega: Sonic 30th Anniversary Collab Event
Oct. 29, 2021 CAPCOM Collab 5 ・CAPCOM Collab 5: Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection Collab Event
Oct. 28, 2021 Update 3.5 ・Weekly Event Quests
Guild Cross Armor Set (Oct. 29)
・Legacy Talisman (Oct. 29)
Oct. 1, 2021 Update 3.4 ・Weekly Event Quests
Sept. 24, 2021 CAPCOM Collab 4
Sunbreak Announced
・CAPCOM Collab 4: Megaman 11
Aug. 26, 2021 Update 3.3 ・CAPCOM Collab 3: Street Fighter
・Weekly Event Quests
Jul. 29, 2021 Update 3.2 ・CAPCOM Collab 2: Okami
・Weekly Event Quests
Jun. 24, 2021 Update 3.1 ・CAPCOM Collab 1: MH Stories 2
・Weekly Event Quests
May 27, 2021 Update 3.0 ・Several new monsters
・New ending
Apr. 28, 2021 Update 2.0 ・Several new monsters
・HR cap updated

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10 Anonymousabout 1 year

Which Team Do You Think Will Win? Team Serpents: Thunder Serpent Narwa Wind Serpent Ibushi Narwa The Allmother Storm Serpent Amatsu/Amatsumagatsuchi VS Team Risen: Risen Chameleos Risen Kushala Daora Risen Teostra Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax Risen Shagaru Magala

1 Anonymousover 1 year

Regarding Malzeno variant speculation, it's very unlikely that it would be "Risen Malzeno". Afaik, a "Risen" monster is one that was afflicted by the Qurios but has overcome the affliction. Since Malzeno already commands the Qurio, plus it was never afflicted by them (even strengthened by them, on the contrary), this variant could be anything but "Risen". Unless Capcom is going to come up with a different definition of "Risen" just for this guy.


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