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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Capcom Online Program at Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2021) Banner

This article is a summary about all we know of the much anticipated Capcom Online Program at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2021. Learn everything we know so far about the Capcom Online Program, including its schedule, where to watch it, and what could be featured!

Capcom Online Program TGS 2021 Schedule

Starting 10 PM JST on September 30, 2021

MH Rise - Capcom Online Program TGS 2021

The Capcom Online Program at TGS 2021 premiered on 10 PM Japan Standard Time (JST) on September 30, 2021 and lasted for 50 minutes. TGS 2021 itself will be starting much earlier, at 10 AM JST on the same day.

Where to Watch Capcom Online Program at TGS 2021

Capcom Asia Official Youtube Channel

Capcom streamed their Online Program on the official Capcom Asia Youtube channel. You may watch the replay on the video linked above!

What We Know So Far

Monster Hunter Spotlight

CAPCOM has shown on their TGS teaser that this program will largely be a Monster Hunter Spotlight, meaning they will most definitely feature information about all their current Monster Hunter titles.

MH Rise PC Version and Demo Release Dates

MH Rise - PC Release Date

The recent CAPCOM TGS 2021 confirmed the PC and PC Demo release dates for Monster Hunter Rise. The release dates are as follows:

PC Demo
Release Date
October 13, 2021
PC Version
Release Date
January 12, 2022

Monster Hunter Rise PC Release Date, Specs, and Demo

More Details About The Sunbreak Expansion DLC

MH Rise - Sunbreak Expansion DLC New Flagship Monster

There are quite a few news about the Sunbreak expansion laid out during this Online Program!

Master Rank is Confirmed!

It is confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will feature Master Rank - a more challenging difficulty where all hunters can test their skills and might honed in Monster Hunter Rise!

It is also confirmed that Master Rank will be available as soon as you finish ★7 Serpent Goddess of Thunder so you can just jump right in!

Master Rank Details

New Monsters


Shogun Ceanataur

The new flagship Elder Dragon Malzeno is announced together with the returning monster Shogun Ceanataur is announced during the event! New details are to follow so stay tuned!

More Details About The New Locale

The new locale is also confirmed to be a new one! This locale features a huge castle ruin under a crimson red sky. There is no name yet but it is confirmed that like Seliana, we will have a new base of operations here!

Sunbreak Expansion DLC:
Release Date and Features

Final Capcom Collab 5: Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection

MH Rise - Ghost and Goblins Collaboration

Coming this October 29th, 2021 is the fifth and final Capcom collab for MH Rise featuring Arthur, from Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection.

Arthur Layered Armor

Mh Rise - Arthur Hunter Layered Armor Throwing Knives into lances

You will be able to craft Hunter Layered Armor which will make your Hunter look like Arthur! There is also a bonus effect of your Throwing Kunais look like lances. You also get a special cutscene when completing a quest and spooky music that fits the theme!

Sega Collab: Sonic the Hedgehog

MH Rise - Sonic Collaboration

In celebration of Sonic's 30th Anniversary, MH Rise will be doing a collaboration with Sonic the Hedgehog!

According to the official website this collab will happen in September. Since September is already over, this release will most likely be on October 01, 2021!

No other details have been confirmed regarding this collab, stay tuned for more information.

New Paid DLCs Announced

New Upcoming DLCs
Elder Fugen's Niece "Monju" Voice DLC
voiced by Debra Wilson
Hamon's Apprentice "Hibasa" Voice DLC
voiced by SungWon Cho a.k.a. ProZD
New Sticker Set
New Hair Style (Male)
New Hair Style (Female)
Bombadgy Mask

Monster Hunter Rise announced additional character voices, as paid DLCs, from renowned personalities and voice actors such as the Debra Wilson and SungWon Cho a.k.a. ProDZ.

These DLCs will be available for purchase in the Nintendo eShop on October 28, 2021.

List of DLC and Prices

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