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This is a Fashion Board forum for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want to see great layered armors used for fashion hunting purposes and want to be a full-fledged fashion hunter, read on!

Fashion Board Spotlight

In this section, we highlight fashion sets crafted by our team as well as those submitted by users! Show the world your fashion hunting skills by submitting yours on the board!

Iron Man-inspired Armor Set by Game8

Armors and Materials Needed

Head.jpg None
Chest.jpg Almudron Mail
Arms.jpg Damascus Vambraces
Waist.jpg Almudron Coil
Legs.jpg Mosgharl Roots

Fashion Board Submission

Fashion Board Rules

  • Submit your Fashion Sets along with the armor list and pigments to be featured in this board. This can be easily taken from the Layered Armor Loadout section! If you did not use Layered Armors, submitting your armor set works too!
  • No submissions that are offensive toward other users.
  • No slander or harassment.
  • No posting of fashions that violate public standards.
  • Refrain from submissions irrelevant to this board.
  • No posting of the same contents repeatedly.
  • No advertising for other sites or apps.
  • No posting for financial gain (via RMT, etc.)
Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.
Please include your Name, Twitter username (@username), or Social Media Links with your submissions so we can properly give credit to your awesome fashion set!

Send Your Submissions and Check Out Other Submissions Here!

What is Fashion Hunting?

Hunting While Looking Good

Fashion Board Hunting While Looking Good.png

Monster Hunter has always recommended doing mixed sets to maximize all your builds but this sacrifices the way your character looks. Fashion Hunting is how players make their hunters look good by changing colors, making sure the armor pieces go well with each other, to name a few.

Done Using Layered Armors

Fashion Board Done Using Layered Armors.png

Since you do not want to sacrifice the builds born from your hard work, Fashion Hunting in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) is done entirely using Layered Armors. These armors have no stats or anything - they serve as a layer on top of the existing armor that does not affect your original armor build!

Can Also Be Done Without Using Layered Armors

Some hunters are successful in creating Fashion Sets without using Layered Armors and sacrificing their builds! This is extremely hard to do though so kudos to hunters who have successfully created one!

How to Use Layered Armors

Update to Version 2.0

MH Rise ver2.0.png

Back in the first version of the game (Version 1.0+), Layered Armors are only those that can be bought via DLC. In Update 2.0, CAPCOM gave hunters the ability to craft layered armor pieces and sets from all the existing armor sets in the game as long as you have unlocked the original armor.

If you want to Fashion Hunt more freely, update to Version 2.0!

Update 2.0 Patch Notes

Acquire Outfit Vouchers

Fashion Board Outfit Voucher.png

To craft layered armors in the game, you have to get Outfit Vouchers. This is a special material solely for crafting layered armors so if you want to take your Fashion Hunting seriously, you better farm these things religiously!

Outfit Vouchers: How to Get

Craft in the Smithy

When you get your hands on those Outfit Vouchers, talk to any Smithy in the Village then go to Forge/Upgrade Armor → Forge Layered Armor. You will be directed to the Layered Armor crafting menu that will show all the materials needed for crafting your chosen Layered Armors!

You may also toggle previews for each armor piece by pressing the X button!

List of Layered Armor (Transmog) and How to Equip

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Submissions: 14
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14 Anonymous20 daysReport

Looking good!

13 Rase(@RaseAncrath)21 daysReport

Head: 52,70,89/0,0,0 Chest: 0,0,0/0,0,0 Arms: 0,0,0/0,0,0 Waist: 0,0,0/0,0,0 Legs: 0,0,0/0,0,0

12 Paonac̶r̶y̶l̶i̶k̶2 monthsReport

Orange version Head : default Chest : 15,100,45 Arm : 11,80,40 Leg : 11,70,70

11 Anonymous2 monthsReport

this looks sick

10 Paonac̶r̶y̶l̶i̶k̶2 monthsReport

Pumpkin hunter : Head : 330,24,100 / 0,0,0 Chest : 0,0,80 / 24,55,35 Arm : 0,20,60 / 0,0,0 Waist : 0,0,0 / 26,46,100 Leg : 0,0,5 / 0,0,80

9 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Thunder God's Armor Pigment 2 for all is 160, 50, 15 Head and chest 1: 35, 65, 20 Arm1: 35, 70, 50 Waist1: 35, 65, 40

8 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Death God's Battle Armor Purple is 340, 65, 30 Yellow is 52, 100, 69 Pink is 340, 65, 50

7 Kreich v24 monthsReport

Woody from Toys Story *Sorry for the previous post*

6 Kreich4 monthsReport

Woody from Toys Story

5 AtenilÒwÓ 4 monthsReport

"Demon hunter" Head Color1:(H0 S94 V29) color2:(H0 S0 V0) Body Color1:(H0 S0 V0) color2:(H0 S94 V29) Arms Color1:(H0 S94 V29) color2:(H0 S0 V0) Waist Color1:(H0 S0 V0) color2:(H0 S94 V29) Legs Color1:(H0 S94 V29) color2:(H0 S0 V0)

4 Marlone 4 monthsReport

"Deku" Colors: Head H164 S100 V10 ; same Chest H0 S0 S74; H164 S100 V10 Arms H0 S0 V80;same Waist H0 S90 V47;same Legs H164 S100 V10; H0 S0 V0 IG:@marlificentthewaacker

3 Paonac̶r̶y̶l̶i̶k̶4 monthsReport

Oni-Samourai (red > 5;94;30 || blue > 189;61;74)

2 T_G217964 monthsReport

"Ice-Born to Hunt" Colors going from top to bottom: Head- 30, 35, 85; 185, 60, 30 Chest- 45, 15, 45; 210, 45, 10 Arms- 185, 60, 30; 0, 0, 65 Waist- 30, 35, 85; 185, 60, 30 Legs- 185, 60, 30; 0, 0, 65

1 Kyda (@kwolf3512)4 monthsReport

“Bloody Wedding” Slay the monsters who ruined your wedding!!

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    • Give us the ability to change our layered armor display. What I mean is, ya know how armor looks different on the male and female models? well, I wish there was the ability to change the appearance from the male models of armor, to the female models, and the reverse without changing the gender of your character itself. This would be really nice, as imo some armor pieces look better as the male model version.

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