Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Small Monsters

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MH Rise Sunbreak - List of Small Monsters

New Small Monsters will appear in Monster Hunter Rise's DLC, Sunbreak. Read on to know more about the small monsters revealed so far!

Small Monsters
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New Small Monsters in Sunbreak

MH Rise Sunbreak - Boggi Pack

New Small Monsters are making their way in Sunbreak. These monsters are likely to be sources of materials necessary to craft new weapons and armor introduced in master rank.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Release Date and New Monsters

Sunbreak Small Monsters List

Name Description
Bird Wyvern
This crafty creature waits until its prey is sufficiently weak enough before sneakily attacking. Its large fangs and tendency to hunt in packs make it a formidable opponent, meaning that anyone other than properly trained Hunters should keep a safe distance at all times.
Ceanataurs usually hide underground, surfacing to attack intruders with a discharge of toxic fluids.
Much of this monster's tail is covered in slate gray-colored hair, which is thought to have evolved in order to help it blend in with the surrounding rocks when it curls up into a ball. It is mostly quiet by nature and tends to live in groups, and it will flee on a moment's notice if the group ever comes under attack.
They often hide in sand, popping out of their hidey-holes only to claw at nearby intruders.
Small Neopterons found primarily on land, featuring two developed horns and legs peppered with sharp thorns.
They treat all who approach as threats, eagerly attacking any invaders they detect.
Bird Wyvern
Small Bird Wyverns inhabiting the Jungle.
Neopterons with paralyzing poison stingers on their abdomen.

Base Game Small Monsters List

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