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Want to find out how to unlock the From Palicos With Love Award in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)? Keep reading for more details on this Award, including the best way to level up your Palicos!

How to Unlock From Palicos With Love Award

From Palicos With Love Award
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - From Palicos With Love Award
How to Unlock Reach Level 50 with one Palico of each of the five Palico Support Types

Though a daunting task for sure, achieving this award does not require much attention as you can do it passively. Similar to how your Buddies earn EXP by going on Meowcenaries Expeditions and Argosy Trading Routes, the Buddy Dojo serves the specific purpose of buddies gaining EXP.

Use Lagniapples

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Using Lagniapples in the Buddy Dojo

Remember to use Lagniapples when you leave your Palicos to train in the Buddy Dojo! This gives them a boost in gaining EXP.

Recruit Higher Level Palicos

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Recruiting Higher Level Palicos

Another thing to note is that if you recruit buddies at a higher Hunter Rank, specifically in high rank, they are set at a higher level. Knowing this saves you time from grinding Palicos from Level 1.

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