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This is Game8's Tier List for skills in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see our team's Tier List and find out which are the best skills in the game!

Skill Tier List

Skills with a * on them will have an explanation section for them down below.

S Tier

The best skills of them all. These skills are usable by the majority of all weapon types and are highly recommended to be included in your builds.

Skill Effect
Attack Boost* Increases attack power.
Critical Boost* Increases the damage of critical hits.
Critical Eye Increases affinity.
Flinch Free* Prevents knockbacks and other reactions to small damage.
Guard Reduces knockbacks and stamina depletion when guarding.
Weakness Exploit* Increases the affinity of attakcs that exploit a monster weak spot.

A Tier

The A tier skills are for skills that can be used by a wide array of equipments. Some of these skills are also build changers but is reliant on some stats to work (critical element relies on affinity, mind's eye requires low sharpness, etc.)

Skill Effect
Ammo Up Increases bowgun loading capacity. (There is a cap to loading capacity.)
Artillery Strengthens explosive attacks like shells, Wyvern's Fire, charge blade phial attacks, and sticky ammo.
Blast Attack Increases blast element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit)
Blight Resistance Grants protection against all elemental blights.
Critical Element Increases elemental damage (fire, water, thunder, ice, dragon) when landing critical hits.
Defense Boost Increases defense. Resistances will also improve as the level increases.
Dragon Attack Increases dragon element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Earplugs Grants protection from large monsters' roars.
Evade Window* Extends the invulnerability period when evading.
Fire Attack Increases fire element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Handicraft Extends the weapon sharpness gauge. However, it will not increase the gauge past its maximum.
Horn Maestro Increases overall performance speed and shockwave damage.
Ice Attack Increases ice element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Load Shells Improves reloading, and increases the gunlance's shell capacity and charge blade's phial capacity.
Marathon Runner Slows down stamina depletion for actions which continuously drain stamina (such as dashing).
Mind's Eye Your attacks are deflected less and deal more damage to hard targets.
Offensive Guard* Temporarily increases attack power after executing a perfectly-timed guard.
Peak Performance* Increases attack when your health is full.
Pierce Up Increases the attack power of Piercing Ammo and Piercing-type arrows.
Protective Polish Weapon sharpness does not decrease for a set time after sharpening.
Punishing Draw* Adds a stun effect to draw atacks and slightly increases attack power.
Quick Sheath Speeds up weapon sheathing.
Razor Sharp Prevents your weapon from losing sharpness.
Reload Speed Increases bowgun reloading and bow coating loading speed.
Spare Shot Bow and bowgun shots have a chance not to expend coatings or ammo.
Spread Up Increases the attack power of Spread Ammon and Spread-type arrows.
Stun Resistance Reduces stun duration.
Thunder Attack Increases thunder element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Water Attack Increases water element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Wide-Range* Allows the effects of certain items to also affect nearby allies.

B Tier

The B tier skills are skills that are fairly balanced. They don't offer much advantages but their effects also make them worth having if utilized properly.

Skill Effect
Agitator* Increases attack power and affinity when large monsters become enraged.
Bludgeoner* Increases attack power when your weapon sharpness is low.
Constitution Reduces stamina depletion when performing stamina-draining moves such as evading, blocking, or doing certain other actions.
Critical Draw Increases affinity for a short time after performing a draw attack. (Does not include Silkbind attacks.)
Diversion* Increases the attention drawn when attacking a monster.
Divine Blessing Has a predetermined chance of reducing the damage you take.
Evade Extender* Increases evade distance.
Guard Up Allows you to guard against ordinarily unblockable attacks.
Jump Master* Prevents attacks from knocking you back during a jump.
Latent Power Temporarily increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion when certain conditions are met.
Maximum Might Increases affinity if stamina is kept full for a period of time.
Normal/Rapid Up* Increases the attack power of Normal Ammo and Rapid-type arrows.
Paralysis Resistance Reduces the duration of paralysis.
Partbreaker* Makes it easier to break or sever parts of large monsters.
Power Prolonger Long swords, dual blades, insect glaives, switch axes, and charge blades stay powered up longer.
Rapid Morph Increases switch speed and power for switch axes and charge blades.
Resentment Increases your attack when you have recoverable damage (the red portion of your health gauge).
Sleep Resistance Reduces the duration of sleep.
Slugger Makes it easier to stun monsters.
Special Ammo Boost Increases the power of bowgun special ammo and Dragon Piercer.
Stamina Surge Speeds up stamina recovery.
Tremor Resistance Grants protection against ground tremors.
Windproof Grants protection against wind pressure.

C Tier

The C tier list is not entirely bad skills. They are just extremely situational but if the situation calls for them, they are great skills to have. Some of these skills also requires specific setups to be used and is highly unrecommended for multplayer.

Skill Effect
Affinity Sliding Sliding increases your affinity for a short time.
Aim Booster* Shortens the distance before ammo and arrows reach maximum power.
Blast Resistance Grants protection against blastblight.
Bombardier Increases the damage of explosive items.
Bubbly Dance Reduces bubbleblight and grants increased evasion when afflicted.
Counterstrike Temporarily increases attack power after being thrown off.
Dragon Resistance Increases dragon resistance. Also improves defesnse at higher levels.
Fire Resistance Increases fire resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Focus Increases the fill rate for weapons with gauges and the charge rate for weapons with charge attacks.
Fortify Increases your attack and defense when you fall in battle. (Disabled for some quests. Can stack twice.)
Free Meal Gives you a predetermined chance of consuming a food or drink item for free.
Heroics Increases attack power and defense when health drops to 35% or lower.
Ice Resistance Increases ice resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Item Prolonger Extends the duration of some item effects.
Muck Resistance Reduces impairments to mobility while stuck in monster muck or deep snow.
Paralysis Attack Increases paralysis element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Poison Attack Increases poison element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Poison Resistance Reduces damage while poisoned.
Recoil Down Reduces recoil when firing bowgun ammo.
Resuscitate Increases attack power when you are suffering from an abnormal status.
Sleep Attack Increases sleep element attack power. (Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.)
Stamina Thief Increases certain attacks' ability to exhaust monsters.
Steadiness Supresses the deviation of bowgun shots.
Water Resistance Increases water resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.

D Tier

The D tier skills aren't entirely bad but this tier list is focused on combat capabilities. D tier skills are skills that can't be used for combat but if you have a different agenda (gathering or roaming the map specifically), these skills will be great to have.

Skill Effect
Botanist Increases the quantity of herbs and other consumable items you gather.
Carving Pro Prevents knockback from attacks while carving.
Geologist Increases the number of times you can use a gathering point.
Good Luck Good chance of increased quest rewards. (No effect when joining mid-quest.)
Hunger Resistance Reduces maximum stamina depletion over time.
Leap of Faith Allows you to do a dive-evade when facing towards large monster, and extends the dive-evade distance.
Master Mounter Improves your Wyvern Riding skills.
Mushroomancer Lets you digest mushrooms that would otherwise be inedible and gain their advantageous effects.
Recovery Speed Speeds healing of recoverable damage (the red portion of the health gauge).
Recovery Up Increases the amount recovered when restoring health.
Speed Eating Increases meat-eating and item-consumption speed.
Speed Sharpening Speeds up weapon sharpening when using a whetstone.
Thunder Resistance* Increases thunder resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Wall Runner Reduces stamina consumption when running on walls.
Wirebug Whisperer Improves your handling of Wirebugs.


These skills are still being tested, please wait for our final rating for these skills as we try to learn and maximize their effects.

Skill Effect
Capture Master High chance of increased capture rewards (No effect when joining mid-quest.)
Hellfire Cloak* Grants hellfire resistance and confers explosive hellfire power to your attacks.
Rapid Fire Up Improves light bowgun rapid fire
Thunder Alignment Gain the power of the elder dragon Thunder Serpent Narwa.
Wind Alignment Gain the power of the elder dragon Wind Serpent Ibushi.

Skill Tier List Notable Skills Explanations

S Tier Explanations

Attack Boost

Despite losing the affinity bonus, Attack Boost is still a great skill to have for all weapons. It allows you to deal more damage and its rank 4 and higher grants a % damage bonus so make sure to at least get a level 4 Attack Boost on your build!

Critical Boost

Critical Boost is a must have for end game builds. Having a high affinity setup will grant you a flat damage boost if Critical Boost is in your build and despite needing high affinity to maximize its effect, its damage bonus is just so massive that it deserves the S tier.

How to Raise Affinity Stat

Flinch Free

This might be a little bit exaggerated and useless for solo players but if you plan to play coop games in Monster Hunter, having flinch free is a must. This will prevent other players from stopping you in your tracks which can result in lost DPS or worse, an untimely death (cart).

Weakness Exploit

Weakness Exploit grants a whooping 50% affinity when striking weak spots. Learning enemy weak spots is something every player will learn after playing the game for a while and this skill makes that knowledge even more useful. In comparison, critical eye requires 7 skill levels to gain 40% affinity, with just 3 skills on Weakness Exploit, half your attacks will now deal bonus damage. Just don't forget to aim for weak spots!

A Tier Explanations

Evade Window

While not every weapon can maximize the effects of Evade Window, weapon types with no means to guard can easily rate Evade Window as an S Tier skill. It greatly improves the player's survivability as long as you learn the attack timings of monsters. Take note that roars, tremors, and most kind of attacks can be dodged if timed properly.

Offensive Guard

With the new addition of guard skills for tank weapons, the Offensive Guard skill's value just rose up higher. Offensive Guard grants a 15% bonus damage if successfully used which is massive compared to flat damage bonuses from other skills.

Peak Performance

With the new Silk Bind attacks, hunter's survivability has increased by folds! This means keeping your HP up is no longer a major roadblock which makes Peak Performance a great skill to have now.


You can't call yourself a support player without Wide-Range. Wide-Range's capability is immense, you can restore everyone's HP with potions, grant buffs using pills and drugs, and even heal ailments!

B Tier Explanations


With the removal of the Flinch Shot, Agitator's value took a plummet down to B tier. There are now no way to keep monsters permanently enraged which turned the Agitator skill highly similar to Latent Power which can't be up 24/7 during the hunt.


Originally, builds that make use of low sharpness isn't a build worth considering. However, with the buffs to Mind's Eye which allows you to deal more damage the lower your sharpness is coupled with the new rampage skill dulling blade, we have put Bludgeoner up to B tier. We are still testing low sharpness builds to see if Bludgeoner can rise up to A rank or if the build is still unusable.


We are still testing Diversion's effectiveness a bit more so stay tuned!

Evade Extender

Evade Extender is put lower than Evade Window due to its lower capability. With Evade Window, you can easily intercept monster attacks and stay in range by diving in. This isn't a feat that Evade Extender can use and most attacks can still be dodged with the normal dodge distance which made us put Evade Extender to B tier.

Normal/Rapid Up

Normal/Rapid Up is a flat damage buff to bowguns. But since other damage skills like Attack Boost and Critical Eye exists which can flat out boost the bowgun's general damage output, we have put Normal/Rapid Up to the B tier. A great skill to have but there are clear better options to have first.


Partbreaker is still a great skill for farming up those monster drops while weakening monsters. But with no targets like the Alatreon and Fatalis that requires certain parts to be broken to successfully hunt, partbreaker just became less valuable than it is previously on World. We are placing Partbreaker in the B tier.

C Tier Explanations

Aim Booster

Aim Booster increases ranged weapon's critical distance. Critical Distance is a set range where your weapons will still deal its normal damage. This range is particularly forgiving already and there are several ammo that makes use of close-range fight which made us put Aim Booster on the C tier.

D Tier Explanations

Thunder Resitance

Thunder Resistance, unlike its other elemental counterparts, are placed on the C tier. This is due to thunder blight's effect which makes hunters get stunned easier. By equipping Stun Resistance to your setup, you'll be able to negate Thunder blight's effect as well.

Unranked Explanations

Hellfire Cloak

Hellfire Cloak is a very neat addition to Rise which allows you to use the positive effect of Hellfire Blight. It allows you to leave a Hellfire Blast on a location by using the Wirebug's mobility skills. This also works for Silkbind attacks that have a mobility option. It has been confirmed that a single hellfire blast can knock down monsters but the skill itself hasn't been tested for other weapon types yet to measure its full effectiveness. Stay tuned for more updates.

Skill Tier List Criteria


The more usable a skill is, the higher it gets rated. Meaning if a skill can be used by a wide array of weapons, that skill is more likely to have a higher rank than its peers.


All skills have their own effects and strengths, However, some skills can do a certain skills effect as well to a greater extent. Skills that outshines other skills are placed higher and those that were overshadowed are placed lower.

Combat Capability

Combat is where the main focus of the game. This is why we have focused on the skill tier list to focus on combat capability against monsters. Skills that can make your hunting easier against large monsters are rated highly and skills that are ineffective/unusable for battles are rated lower.

Have a comment of your own? Want to share information or opinions? Disagree with our tier list? Leave a comment below!

Skill Tier List Discussion and Comment Section

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List of Skills

All Skills and Effects

Affinity Sliding Agitator Aim Booster
Ammo Up Artillery Attack Boost
Blast Attack Blast Resistance Blight Resistance
Bludgeoner Bombardier Botanist
Bow Charge Plus Bubbly Dance Capture Master
Carving Pro Constitution Counterstrike
Critical Boost Critical Draw Critical Element
Critical Eye Defense Boost Diversion
Divine Blessing Dragon Attack Dragon Resistance
Earplugs Evade Extender Evade Window
Fire Attack Fire Resistance Flinch Free
Focus Fortify Free Meal
Geologist Good Luck Guard
Guard Up Handicraft Hellfire Cloak
Heroics Horn Maestro Hunger Resistance
Ice Attack Ice Resistance Item Prolonger
Jump Master Latent Power Leap of Faith
Load Shells Marathon Runner Master Mounter
Maximum Might Mind's Eye Muck Resistance
Mushroomancer Normal/Rapid Up Offensive Guard
Paralysis Attack Paralysis Resistance Partbreaker
Peak Performance Pierce Up Poison Attack
Poison Resistance Power Prolonger Protective Polish
Punishing Draw Quick Sheath Rapid Fire Up
Rapid Morph Razor Sharp Recoil Down
Recovery Speed Recovery Up Reload Speed
Resentment Resuscitate Sleep Attack
Sleep Resistance Slugger Spare Shot
Special Ammo Boost Speed Eating Speed Sharpening
Spread Up Stamina Surge Stamina Thief
Steadiness Stun Resistance Thunder Alignment
Thunder Attack Thunder Resistance Tremor Resistance
Wall Runner Water Attack Water Resistance
Weakness Exploit Wide-Range Wind Alignment
Windproof Wirebug Whisperer


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