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How to Beat Mizutsune
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How to Beat Mizutsune

This is an article about Mizutsune, a new monster appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to beat Mizutsune, everything we know about Mizutsune, the currently revealed Mizutsune armor sets, and the effects of its attacks.

Mizutsune Basic Information

Mizutsune Returning Monster.png
Type Leviathan Previous Games MHG, MHGU
Element Water Ailment Bubble
Breakable Parts
Head (2x)
Back Fin
Both Claws
Tail (Break & Cut)
Official Description
Mizutsune can secrete a peculiar foam that allows it to slide along the ground as it attacks its prey. It is as graceful as it is deadly.

Starting Area

Map Starting Area
Shrine Ruins 6, 10, 13

Mizutsune Characteristics

The Abnormal Status Effect 'Bubble'

Bubble Abnormal Status

This abnormal status effect is unique to Mizutsune. Mizutsune creates bubbles with a special fluid and throws them at the hunter, and when they land, they inflict the Bubble status. The bubble travels slowly but is a pain for melee weapon users.

This status effect makes your body very slippery making you unable to maneuver easily. To remove the Bubble, use a Cleanser or take any attack damage (preferably from an ally).

Bubble Attacks Have 3 Colors

Different Color BubblesEnlarge

Mizutsune will always attack with bubbles so take time to evade them. There are different colors for the bubbles that Mizutsune creates and they have different effects, both disadvantageous and advantageous to the hunter.

Color Effects
White Avoid this one! This causes the abnormal status Bubble!
Red Provides Attack Boost
Green Provides Health

Turns Red When Angered

Red Mizutsune

You will know that Mizutsune is agitated when the spikes on her back stand up and turn red. Be wary of this because Mizutsune is deadlier and more agile at this state - shooting beams and producing bubbles more often than normal!

Mizutsune Attack Patterns

Name Description
Straight Water Breath Attack Water-breath attack in a straight line
Sliding Water Breath Attack Moving water-breath attack by sliding using bubbles
Sweeping Water Breath Attack Water-breath attack that sweeps from side-to-side
Rotating Water Breath Attack A water-breath attack in a circle, sweeps 360°
Bubble Attack Spits multiple bubbles
Big Bubble Attack Spits one, huge bubble
Tail Slam Attack that slams the tail forward
Jumping Slam Charge attack that jumps and lands while rotating
Full Body Slam Body slam attack using its belly. Mizutsune will usually stand up with front legs before it executes the move.

Water Breath Attack

Water Breath Attack

Mizutsune will execute a water beam attack that can deal a lot of damage! Take note that there are four ways Mizutsune will execute this:

  • Side-to-Side
  • Straight Line
  • Straight line but sliding side-to-side
  • Circular motion, 360°

Big Bubble Attack

Big Bubble Attack

Aside from the usual bubble attacks, Mizutsune will also charge and blow a huge bubble that is very difficult to evade! Use Wirebugs to execute a faster evade especially if you are near Mizutsune!

Tail Slam

Tail Slam

This is the Mizutsune's bread-and-butter move. This is a very fast move especially when Mizutsune is enraged so be careful!

Jumping Slam

Jumping Slam

This attack is the most dangerous of all! Mizutsune usually does this when enraged and it can catch hunters off guard. Mizutsune will jump up and land while rotating, creating bubbles in the process. This can cart most hunters unaware of the tells so be mindful!

Full Body Slam

Full Body Slam

This is an attack that is frequently executed by Mizutsune and can be telegraphed properly. Whenever Mizutsune raises its head and stands up half-way with its rear legs, prepare for a body slam attack! This has a huge hitbox so try evading very far whenever you see the tells.

How to Beat Mizutsune

Keep a Cleanser Handy

Use Cleanser

When you really cannot handle the Bubble, keep a Cleanser handy! Whenever you see that bubbles are accumulating on your hunter and you find it hard to maneuver, use it!

Throwing Kunai Can Pop Bubbles

Throwing Kunai

Though we do not recommend it, you can use throwing kunai to pop the bubbles Mizutsune creates. The throwing kunai are infinite too so do not worry about running out!

However, we recommend dodging and walking away from them though as popping them manually can distract you from Mizutsune's attacks.

Wack the Head!

Attack the Head

Mizutsune is weakest on its head so try targeting it as much as possible. The head can be broken twice as well so more monster material drops after the hunt!

Use Emergency Evade Against the Water-Breath Attack

Emergency Evade

When Mizutsune is about to unleash a straight-line water-breath attack, it is easy to evade to the side. The problem lies when it does a side-to-side water-breath attack so use Emergency Evade when it does. Time it properly so you can safely cross to the safe zone when it sweeps!

To execute an Emergency Evade, sprint away from the monster and dodge by pressing B!

If you are hit by the water-breath attack, you will be afflicted by Waterblight. This will greatly increase your stamina consumption so be wary of this status effect. You may use a Nullberry to nullify this or use Wiredash to dry yourself off.

Beware of the Jumping Slam Attack!

Jump Attack

Mizutsune's jumping slam attack is one of the most dangerous in its arsenal. This attack is very fast but it can be easily telegraphed. Start dodging sideways if you see it jumping upwards because it would slam its body while rotating and creating bubbles!

Use Thunder Element Weapons

Mizutsune is weak against the Thunder element so use a weapon that has the same element. Moreover, monsters affected by Thunderblight will be more susceptible to stun even without using blunt weapons!

Mizutsune Latest Information

Appeared in the January 7th, Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event

Miztusune Digital Event

Mizutsune appeared during the January 7th, Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event. It is a leviathan monster with unique bubble attacks!

Digital Event (Official Livestream) January 7th - Live Coverage and Everything We Know

Slay a Mizutsune in the Demo!

Mizutsune Demo

In the demo, you can fight Mizutsune in the quest Slay a Mizutsune. Be careful because it is not going to be an easy fight!

Demo Guide and Features

Mizutsune Armor Set Preview

Mizutsune Armor Set (Male) Mizutsune Armor Set (Female)
Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Mizutsune Palamute Armor Mizutsune Palico Armor
Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

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