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This is a farming guide for Wisplanterns, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Wisplantern spots in the Shrine Ruins and best farming routes to complete the Cultural Exchange side quest.

Wisplantern - Basic Information

Name Wisplantern ImageWisplantern
Name (JP) 狐火ホオズキ
Description A flame-red berry. Prized as a good luck charm. (Account Item)
Rarity 4 Type Account Items
Sell Price 44 Hold Limit n/a

Best Wisplantern Farming Route

Wisplantern Video Farming Route

Wisplanterns can be found in the Shrine Ruins from the Shimmering Red Berries gathering point, in both low rank and high rank. However, Wisplanterns are much easier to farm in high rank expeditions, since it's much more likely to appear than Phantolanterns, which is exclusive to high rank (compared to Firelanterns, exclusive to low rank) . Refer to the steps below on how to farm them with Sub Camp 1 unlocked.

Wisplantern Farming Route with Sub Camp 1 Unlocked

Shrine Ruins
Farming Route with Sub Camp 1
Step 1:
Location 1 - 4
If you already have Sub Camp 1, fast travel to that sub camp then head to the Shimmering Red Berry locations until you reach the right end of Area 11 (location 4 in the map above).
Step 2:
Location 5 - 7
Fast travel back to the sub camp 1, but this time head to the Shimmering Red Berry in Area 13 (location 5 in the map above). From there, go south and hit all the gathering points. After getting the Wisplantern in location 7, fast travel to the main camp.
Step 3:
Location 8 - 10
In the main camp go to the nearest Shimmering Red Berry (location 8 of the map above), then go towards the rightmost side of Area 1 for the berry there. Lastly, go to the Shimmering Red Berry atop the cliff in location 10.

Alternative Route:
Wisplantern Farming Route From Main Camp

Shrine Ruins

If you don't have the sub camp for Shrine Ruins yet, we recommend following this route.

While most of these are uncomplicated enough to spot, we provided guides below for the hard to reach gathering points.

Hard to Reach Wisplantern Locations

Wisplantern Location 3
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Wisplantern (Shimmering Red Berry) 3
From location 2, travel past the stone arch and follow the road until you see an ivy wall to your left. At the top of the ivy wall is a bunch of Melynxes and Felynes. Go past their base and go down the ledge to the right. Then follow the path to reach the Shimmering Red Berry as shown in the GIF.
Wisplantern Location 4
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Wisplantern (Shimmering Red Berry) 4

Use Wirebug → Climb up by wall running

From location 3, you will need to travel all the way to the north, past the dilapidated houses in Area 9. This one is at a high place. You can get to it using your Wirebug and wallrunning to the top, or by using the Great Wirebug in the area (as shown in the GIF).
Wisplantern Location 6
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Wisplantern (Shimmering Red Berry) 6
From location 5, you should turn northeast and look to climb the cliff there. You will know you're on the right path if you happen upon two cliffs with a road in the middle. Follow that road until you reach an ivy wall and climb it. At the top, there will be a place for a sub camp and the Shimmering Red Berry.

Get a Harvesting Set with the Geologist Skill

The armor skill Geologist increases the amount of items you get from plant nodes and mining outcrops. Whenever you're out gathering materials, always wear this!

Armor Slots Skills
Leather Headgear SLeather Headgear S ①①ー
Kamura Garb SKamura Garb S ①ーー
Leather Gloves SLeather Gloves S ①①ー
Leather Belt S Leather Belt S ①ーー
Leather Pants SLeather Pants S ②ーー
Geologist Lv. 1
Geologist Lv. 3 | Hunger Resistance Lv. 3
Wirebug Whisperer Lv. 2 | Recovery Up Lv. 1
Wall Runner Lv. 1 | Special Ammo Boost Lv. 1
Critical Eye Lv. 1

Wisplantern - How to Find

Location Summary
Obtained from Shimmering Red Berries in the Shrine Ruins.

Gathering Spots: Low Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Shrine Ruins Shimmering Red Berry

Gathering Spots: High Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Shrine Ruins Shimmering Red Berry

Wisplantern - How to Use

Effect Summary
Account item that gives points.

Wisplantern Needed to Complete Cultural Exchange

You will need to collect three Wisplanterns to complete the side quest: Cultural Exchange.

In this side quest Rondine the trader will ask you for 3 Boatshells and 3 Wisplanterns.

Wisplantern is also worth 44 points Kamura points.

Cultural Exchange:
Request and Rewards

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