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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Beginner

This is a beginner's guide to Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) and the Sunbreak DLC on the Switch and PC. Check here for 10 tips for beginners, the best beginner weapons, and tricks to start hunting strong!

10 Tips for Beginners

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#1: Fundamentals with Training Quests

MH Rise - Back to Basics

Remember to go through the Back to Basics Training Quest, as Master Utsushi teaches you what you need to know to hunt Monsters efficiently.

#2: Try to Master One Weapon

MH Rise - Long Sword Quick Sheath

For a beginner, we recommend mastering one weapon at a time just to have a go-to weapon whenever you are in a pinch. You can always master other weapons later.

Best Starter Weapons

#3: Adjust Your Settings

Some settings can be tweaked in the game and could be a game-changer for some people.

For example, Monster Hunter World veterans are more comfortable with Focus Camera while older Monster Hunter vets welcomed the return of the Lock-on Camera.

List of Settings and Recommendations

#4: Always Take Supply Items

MH Rise - Complete Herbivore Egg Delivery

Supply chests are always at the main camp of each locale. These usually contain Rations, First Aid-Meds, Traps, and Ammos & Coatings. What shows in the supply chest would always depend on the quest you are taking. The game assists you by providing appropriate supplies for each quests.

#5: Use the Wirebug

MH Rise - Kushala Wirebug Away from the Death Combo

The Wirebug is one of the recent additions in Monster Hunter Rise. It allows you to quickly pull yourself towards a direction. It can be used to climb high terrains, dodge monster attacks, and even as an attack!

How to Use Wirebugs

#6: Always Wyvern Ride Monsters

MH Rise - Wyvern Riding

Riding monsters is extremely useful! It allows you to either force a fight between two monsters, making them deal damage to each other, or slam the monster into a wall and momentarily stun the monster, giving you a window of opportunity to launch your strongest attacks.

Wyvern Riding:
How to Mount and Ride Monsters

#7: Ride the Palamute

MH Rise - How to Dash Using Rush Costume for Palamute

The Palamutes are your trusty canine companions in Monster Hunter Rise. Aside from aiding you in battle, the Palamutes can also be mounted. With their dashes, they will allow you to quickly navigate the map.

What Are Palamutes?

Riding Also Allows For Easy Sharpening

For melee weapon users, sharpening has always been a big issue because the monsters can attack you while you're defenseless. But now you can sharpen and move around while on the Palamute!

How to Use the Whetstone

#8: Interact with Endemic Life for Buffs

Monster Hunter Rise - Spiribird.png

Interact and collect Endemic Life, such as Permabuffers (Spiribirds) and Temp Buffers (Butterflame) while in quest. These can aid you by providing buffs to your current stats.

List of Endemic Life

#9: Capturing Monsters

MH Rise - Capturing an Anjanath

If you need to capture a monster for a quest instead of slaying it, remember that you will need at least two Tranq Bombs and a trap (either a Pitfall Trap or a Shock Trap).

You can trap the monster first then deploy two Tranq Bombs or the other way around. The important thing is using two Tranq Bombs and a trap!

How to Capture Monsters:
Capture vs. Kill

#10: Remember to Always Eat Dangos

MH Rise - Hunter Eating Dango with Buddies.png

Before you embark on a quest you must eat dangos at the canteen for your health and other status buffs and bonuses.

Do not worry if you have forgotten to eat, going to any camp in the locale lets you order Dangos during quests.

List of Dangos and Effects

Best Starter Weapons

MH Rise - Great Sword and Bow

Monster Hunter Rise boasts a total of 14 weapon types, each with its unique combos and moves. Some combos could be hard to execute even for veteran gamers but with enough practice it can be achieved.

Below are the weapon types we think are best for beginner players of MH Rise:

Best Starter Weapons
MH Rise - Long SwordLong Sword MH Rise - Hunting HornHunting Horn MH Rise - Light BowgunLight Bowgun MH Rise - Dual BladesDual Blades

For a more in depth breakdown on the best starter weapons check out our full article below!
Best Starter Weapons

Individual Weapon Guides

All Weapon Guides
MH Rise - Great SwordGreat Sword MH Rise - Long SwordLong Sword MH Rise - Sword and ShieldSword and Shield MH Rise - Dual BladesDual Blades
MH Rise - HammerHammer MH Rise - Hunting HornHunting Horn MH Rise - LanceLance MH Rise - GunlanceGunlance
MH Rise - Switch AxeSwitch Axe MH Rise - Charge BladeCharge Blade MH Rise - Insect GlaiveInsect Glaive MH Rise - BowBow
MH Rise - Light BowgunLight Bowgun MH Rise - Heavy BowgunHeavy Bowgun

If you're just looking for the best weapon overall, head over to our Weapon Tier list page to see how we've ranked each weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise.

Weapon Tier List

Monster Hunter Gameplay Loop

MH Rise - Monster Hunter Cycle

Hunt Monsters for Materials

MH Rise - Hub Quests (Minoto)

While the majority of quests require you to hunt a single target monster, there are also multi-target hunts. Gathering and delivery quests exist as well.

List of All Monsters

Craft Stronger Gear

MH Rise - Smithy

After hunting or successfully defeating a monster, the materials you gather can be used to make stronger armor and weapons at the Smithy. You can also improve your Buddies' equipment!

Raise Your Hunter Rank

MH Rise - Hunter Rank Cap Unlocked

After every hunt, your Hunter Rank (HR) will increase passively. The higher your HR, the more challenging quests and monsters are made available to you!

Once you finish enough Low Rank quests, you can gain access to High Rank quests.

How to Unlock High Rank

What If I Cannot Defeat A Monster?

Learn Monster Attack Patterns

MH Rise - Crimson Glow Valstrax Take Advantage of the Weak Tail

Most great hunters know monster attack patterns by heart that a single movement can give them an idea of the next move!

Monster List and Hunt Guides

Practice in the Training Area

MH Rise - Quest Complete

Being good in Monster Hunter is like playing an instrument - it requires patience and rigorous practice. Remember, veteran players started as beginners—they only got good because of perseverance!

If you want to practice weapon combos, go to the Training Area in the game!

Training Area Guide

Hunt with Friends via Multiplayer

MH Rise - Play with Other Hunters in Multiplayer

If you are really at the end of your wits, try asking for help. Monster Hunter is a cooperative game so it is built to be played with other people.

However in Monster Hunter Rise, Village Quests are exclusive to singleplayer, so look to Hub Quests for multiplayer quests!

You may also look for people to hunt within Multiplayer Boards and groups. The Monster Hunter Community is a pretty helpful bunch so do not hesitate to ask for help.

How to Play Online and Local Multiplayer

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