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Beginner guides
This is a guide for beginners starting to play the Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) demo on the Nintendo Switch. Here, we list all the tips learned from the demo to help you get started on your journey when the official MHRise releases.

Recommended Weapons for Beginners

Great Sword

Great Sword tier list Ranking

For beginners, we recommend starting with the Great Sword. It has high attack power and simple combos - perfect for beginners to the series. It is also very powerful when mastered so early practice is a good thing!

A hit-and-run style of play is also viable for this weapon so it is good to learn monster attack patterns with the Great Sword.

Great Sword Controls and New Moves


Hammer tier list Ranking

The Hammer is second on our list for beginner-friendly weapons. Like the Great Sword, it has a simple combo and high attack power but with higher mobility. The only downside with using the Hammer is you will need to aim for the head and it cannot work with the hit-and-run style of play.

Hammer Controls and New Moves

Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun tier list Ranking

If you want to start early with ranged weapons, the Light Bowgun is a perfect starting point. It is very mobile and is relatively safer because it attacks from a distance. Though we recommend ranged weapons, it is still a weapon with a very steep learning curve so expect to be overwhelmed by all its mechanics.

Light Bowgun Controls and New Moves

List of All Weapons

Check out all fourteen weapons and maybe find the right weapon for you!

All Weapon Guides
Great SwordGreat Sword Long SwordLong Sword Sword and ShieldSword and Shield Dual BladesDual Blades
HammerHammer Hunting HornHunting Horn LanceLance GunlanceGunlance
Switch AxeSwitch Axe Charge BladeCharge Blade Insect GlaiveInsect Glaive BowBow
Light BowgunLight Bowgun Heavy BowgunHeavy Bowgun

Weapon Tier List

General Monster Hunter Gameflow

Monster Hunter Flow

Go on Quests and Defeat Monsters

Go on Quests

Take quests and hunt monsters! The monsters you defeat will provide materials that can be used to strengthen your current equipment!

Craft Stronger Gear from Monster Materials

Craft Stronger Gear

After hunting or successfully defeating a monster, the materials you gather can be used to make stronger equipment to take on even more challenging monsters!

Raise Your Hunter Rank (HR) to Fight More Challenging Monsters

Increase Hunter Rank

After every hunt, your Hunter Rank (HR) will increase passively allowing you to take on more challenging monsters. The higher your HR, the more challenging the monster you can hunt become!

What To Do As a Beginner

This is a list of all the tips and tricks you need to know when playing Monster Hunter Rise. It should be noted that most of the info here is from the MHRise demo. We will update it once the full game releases, so stay tuned!

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Try to Master One Weapon

Master One Weapon

For a beginner, we recommend mastering one weapon at a time just to have a go-to weapon whenever you are in a pinch. You can always master other weapons when you are comfortable enough with one!

Adjust Your Settings

Game Settings.jpg

Some settings can be tweaked in the game and could be a gamechanger for some people. For example, Monster Hunter World veterans are more comfortable with Focus Camera while older Monster Hunter vets welcomed the return of the Lock-on Camera. Try to experiment with the right balance of settings for a better experience!

List of Settings and Recommendations

Explore And Take Endemic Life

Endemic Life is Present.jpg
The Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise is valuable and is not just a mere decoration on the map. Unlike Monster Hunter World, they now offer certain benefits like increased defense, increased attack, more Wirebug usage, and even making a monster mountable!
List of Endemic Life

Always Take Supply Items

Supply Items are consumables that are provided by the guild to aid hunters in their quest. These usually consist of Rations and First Aid-Meds to restore your Hunter's Stamina and HP. In the previous games, Traps are also provided in missions where you have to capture a monster and it will likely be the same in MHRise.

Use the Wirebug

Use Wirebugs.jpg
The Wirebug is one of the recent additions in Monster Hunter Rise. It allows you to throw out Wirebugs and pull yourself towards that direction to navigate the map. It can be used to climb high terrains, dodge enemy attacks, and even as a weapon! To use the Wirebug, Hold the ZL button to show the cursor then tap the ZR button to fire it. If used as a weapon, unsheathe your weapon, hold the ZL button, then tap A or X to unleash your weapon's Silkbind Attack.
How to Use Wirebugs

Conserve Your Wirebug Usage In Battle

wirebug count
The hunter only has 2 stocks of wirebugs in their inventory. Another one can be gained temporarily by picking it up during quests, this makes these moves incredibly valuable. They can be used to deal damage, put a monster in a mountable state, dodge attacks, and even quickly recover from a monster's attacks! Make that Wirebug usage count!

Ways to Use the Wirebugs

Wirebug Uses
Silkbind Attacks The Silkbind Attacks vary from weapons but their primary goal is to deal damage, grant mobility, grant a defensive ability, and put a monster into a mountable state.
Moving in the Map The Wirebug can be used to reach areas that can otherwise, be unreachable by foot. There are several secret areas, gatherable items, and locations that can be found by using the Wirebug.
Recover From a Fall The Wirebug can be used when you get knocked back by a monster's attacks, Hold the ZL and tap the B button to immediately use the wirebug to recover your footing.

Always Ride Monsters!

arzuros mount
To ride monsters, you need to put them in a mountable state. One of the ways you can do this is through the new Wirebug skills. The new Wirebug skills can be executed by holding the ZL button then tapping the X or A button.
Wyvern Riding | How to Mount and Ride Monsters

Don't Force the Mounted Punisher

Putting monsters into a Mountable state isn't always readily available. Sometimes, it's better to just immediately slam the monster into a wall for easy and quick damage. But if you can mount a different monster other than your target monster, using the Punisher is a good choice.

Not Finishing the Potion Animation Is Now Efficient

In the demo, Potions restore at least 70% of their total healing then the rest of the 30% is done by letting the drink animation finish, it's now efficient to just tap a potion then cancel it for a quick heal.

Activate Jewel Lillies

Jewel Lillies
Jewel Lillies are interactable objects that allow you to use Greater Wirebugs. These Wirebugs cannot be brought with you but they offer a great mobility tool that allows you to jump to a different area in a matter of seconds. During the demo, it will be permanently activated for your future return to the area so prioritize setting these up as soon as possible!

Always Ride the Palamute

palamute map mount.jpg
The Palamutes are your trusty new canine companions in Rise. Aside from aiding you in battle, the Palamutes can also be mounted. These will allow you to quickly navigate the map easier.
What Are Palamutes?

Riding Also Allows For Easy Sharpening

For melee weapon users, sharpening has always been a big issue because the monsters can attack you while you're defenseless. But now you can sharpen and move around while on the Palamute!

Scout Higher Grounds

high places
While the game may be following the old formula of Monster Hunter games, it is now advisable to scout the higher areas of the game. It allows you to jump to other areas that would otherwise, be inaccessible by foot and you can also get items that cannot be obtained without exploring the area thoroughly.

Scouting Areas Also Allows You To Get More Endemic Life

Scouting Higher areas can also allow you to find other Endemic Life and Permabuffers that can aid you in the current quest. Explore not just for loot but for battle preparation too!

What If I Cannot Defeat A Monster?

Learn Monster Attack Patterns and Devise a Counterattack

Learning the Monster's attack patterns and devising proper movements against it is a testament to a good hunter. Most great hunters know monster attack patterns by heart that a single movement can give them an idea of the next move!

Monster List and Guides

Practice, Practice, and More Practice!

Whenever you hit a wall, always try and never give up. Being good in Monster Hunter is like playing an instrument - it requires patience and rigorous practice. Remember, veteran players started as beginners - they only got good because of perseverance!

If you want to practice weapon combos, there is a newly introduced Training Area in the game! It is not in the demo though so look forward to it in the full game!

Go on Multiplayer Hunts with Your Friends

If you are really at the end of your wits, try asking for help! Monster Hunter is a cooperative game so it is built to be played with other people. If your friends are Monster Hunter veterans, they can teach you things that will only be understood by example! And of course, after the session do not forget to thank them for a good hunt!

How to Play Online and Local Multiplayer

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