Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How to Get The Natural Picture Frame Award

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MH Rise Sunbreak - Natural Picture Frame
Want to find out how to unlock the Natural Picture Frame Award in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak? Keep reading for more details on this Award, including the list of all of the Endemic Life you need for this Award!

How to Get The Natural Picture Frame Award

Natural Picture Frame Award
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) Sunbreak - Natural Picture Frame Award
How to Unlock Take a picture of every type of Endemic Life added in Sunbreak.

For this award you will need to photograph all Endemic Life found in Sunbreak. Lucky Life and Rare Creatures can be especially difficult to photograph as their chances of appearing are much lower.

If you happen to see one of these be sure to snap a picture so you don't need to search for them again!

List of Sunbreak Endemic Life Locations

Check out the individual endemic life pages for a more in-depth explanation on where to find them!

Note: Endemic life marked with an asterisk are Rare Endemic Life

Endemic Life Location
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Gargolda*Gargolda Near sunset around the cliffs of Area 4 of the Citadel.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Gold WirebugGold Wirebug Shrine Ruins: Area 4, Area 10
Frost Islands: Area 7, Area 12
Lava Caverns: Area 8 (underground), Area 14 (underground)
Flooded Forest:Area 2, Area 14
Sandy Plains: Area 5, Area 10
Jungle: Area 3, Area 5
Citadel: Area 2, Area 5
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Marionette SpiderMarionette Spider Shrine Ruins: Area 3, Area 13
Frost Islands: Area 5, Area 9
Lava Caverns: Area 4, Area 10 (underground)
Flooded Forest:Area 6, Area 8
Sandy Plains: Area 7, Area 8
Jungle: Area 3 (underground), Area 11
Citadel: Area 4, Area 12
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Regalfin*Regalfin Found during the day at the secluded area between Area 2 and 10 of the Jungle
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Ruby WirebugRuby Wirebug Shrine Ruins: Area 6, Area 13
Frost Islands: Area 6, Area 10
Lava Caverns: Area 5, Area 9 (underground)
Flooded Forest:Area 9, Area 13
Sandy Plains: Area 6, Area 9
Jungle: Area 2, Area 7 (underground)
Citadel: Area 6, Area 10
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - SlicercrabSlicercrab Found in the Jungle at Area 8 (underground)
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - SpearsquidSpearsquid Only found in the Jungle at by the water between Areas 3 and 10
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Starburst BugStarburst Bug Shrine Ruins: Area 7, Area 12
Frost Islands: Area 5, Area 9
Lava Caverns: Area 12, Area 7 (underground)
Flooded Forest:Area 6, Area 13
Sandy Plains: Area 7, Area 8
Jungle: Area 9, Area 11
Citadel: Area 3, Area 6
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - ThornytoadThornytoad Found at the Citadel in Area 13 by the water

List of Endemic Life

Check The Subject in Photo Mode

Before taking a shot of the endemic life, make sure their name appears on the top right corner of the frame in photo mode. This is to make sure that it will be registered in your Hunter Notes and count toward completion.

Confirm Photo in Hunter Notes

You can check if the photo you've taken matches the endemic life by looking at the Hunter Notes for Endemic Life. Open Picture Settings to see if the photo appears for that subject. If it doesn't appear, try taking another picture and make sure the subject is your target endemic life.

How to Use Photo Mode

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