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This is a guide to Rampage Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know about Rampage Weapons, how to craft and upgrade them, how to unlock Rampage Weapons as well as know if Rampage Weapons are good.

What Are Rampage Weapons?

Special, Highly Customizable Weapons

Rampage Weapons are special weapons that you can customize with a plethora of Rampage Skills. This makes Rampage Weapons highly customizable and flexible in builds. However, they require special materials like Defender Tickets and Apex Monster Materials found only in Rampages and Apex Monster quests!

Craftable from Tickets Obtained in Rampages

The Rampage is a new game mode introduced in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) that pits you against hoards of monsters attempting to trample Kamura Village. When you have successfully defended Kamura Village, you will be rewarded with Defender Tickets.

These Defender Tickets increase in rarity depending on the difficulty of Rampage Quest taken and are used to craft and upgrade Rampage Weapons in the Smithy. Rampage Weapons are special, highly customizable weapons that require Defender Tickets to craft!

What is the Rampage?

Weapons Made from Apex Monster Materials

MH Rise - Rampage Weapons Guide Apex Zinogre Pillars of Light

In addition to Defender Tickets, Rampage Weapons also require parts from tough Apex Monsters in Rampages and Quests. They are significantly stronger than their normal Large Monster counterpart so they are quite difficult to deal with. Once you do though, you will be rewarded with special materials that you can use to craft and upgrade Rampage Weapons.

What are Apex Monsters?: List of all Apex Monsters

How to Upgrade Rampage Weapons

Craft and Upgrade Using Defender Tickets and Apex Monster Materials

Defender Tickets and Apex Monster Materials are needed to craft and upgrade Rampage Weapons. Rampage Weapons can be upgraded up to six times with each upgrade requiring more difficult crafting materials!

Defender Tickets

Defender Tickets have nine (9) rarities in total, from Defender Ticket 1 to Defender Ticket 9:

Defender Ticket 1 ImageDefender Ticket 1 Defender Ticket 2 ImageDefender Ticket 2 Defender Ticket 5 ImageDefender Ticket 5 Defender Ticket 6 ImageDefender Ticket 6
Defender Ticket 7 ImageDefender Ticket 7 Defender Ticket 3 ImageDefender Ticket 3 Defender Ticket 4 ImageDefender Ticket 4 Defender Ticket 8 ImageDefender Ticket 8
Defender Ticket 9 ImageDefender Ticket 9

Apex Monster Materials

Apex Monster Materials are dropped by the six (6) Apex Monsters as of Update 3.0:

Apex Monster Apex Material
Apex Beastclaw
Apex Venom Spike
Apex Bubblefoam
Apex Blaze Sac
Apex Curlhorn
Apex Shockshell

All Rampage Weapons

Assign Rampage Skills to Rampage Skill Slots

Unlike regular weapons, Rampage Weapons have more than one Rampage Skill slot depending on the weapon:

Weapon Slots Weapon Slots
Great Sword 3 Long Sword 3
Sword and Shield 3 Dual Blades 3
Lance 3 Gunlance 3
Hammer 3 Hunting Horn 3
Switch Axe 3 Charge Blade 3
Insect Glaive 3 Light Bowgun 5
Heavy Bowgun 5 Bow 6

Every slot has a specific pool of Rampage Skills you can slot in from Affinity, Defense, Attack, Element, Shot Types, Sharpness Types, and many more!

We suggest checking out our Rampage Skills Guide by clicking the link below:
Rampage Skills Guide: Best Rampage Skills (Ramp-Up Skills)

Layered Rampage Weapons

When you have reached the final stage of any Rampage Weapon (Rampage Weapon S), you will now be eligible to set layered weapons on your Rampage weapon. You can equip weapon appearance from all other weapons in other trees so if you don't like the look of the Rampage Weapon, you should consider doing this!

Just talk to the Smithy and choose Ramp-Up Weapons → Layered Rampage Weapons → Choose the Rampage Weapon you want to customize → Choose the layered weapon you want! Take note though that this require Defender Tickets and certain Monster Material Types!

How to Unlock Rampage Weapons

Reach HR 4 (High Rank)

MH Rise - HR 4

You will unlock your first Rampage Weapon as soon as you reach High Rank. Coincidentally, this is also after fighting your first Apex Monster in the Urgent Rampage Quest The Blue Apex!

How to Unlock High Rank

Are Rampage Weapons Good?

Rampage Weapons is a great mechanic introduced in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). This gives players the incentive to finish Rampage and Apex Monster Quests for their unique rewards. Some Rampage Weapons are sometimes even the best for their respective weapon types! Add the customization aspect and you got yourself a very versatile weapon for every situation.

If you have not tried Rampage Weapons, we suggest giving them a spin. They are great!

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