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This is a farming guide for Deepshell, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Check here for all Deepshell locations and drop sources, as well as Deepshell uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Deepshell - Basic Information

Name Deepshell ImageDeepshell
Description A half-fossilized Dreamshell found on the sea floor. It contains more gas than modern species.
Rarity 8 Type Other Materials
Sell Price 2400 Hold Limit 99

Deepshell - How to Farm

Location Summary
Found as a bonus item in the Mushyroom Market of the Argosy missions.

Obtained via the Argosy Mushyroom Market

You can only obtain the Deepshell as a bonus item from Argosy missions. You have to send a buddy to the Mushyroom Market and get one of the items there.

Obtained Randomly in the Argosy

As Deepshell is a bonus item, there is only a chance you get it alongside the item you originally requested.

Simply have a buddy assigned to go the Mushyroom Market and complete missions and eventually you'll get it. To increase your chances, unlock more submarines and get more buddies to send off to more missions simultaneously.

Argosy and Trading Guide

Deepshell - How to Use

Effect Summary
Used as forging material.

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Switch Axe Image Schale Batis+ (×3) Great Sword Image Soporific Shellblade+ (×2)
Gunlance Image Soporific Shellgun+ (×3) Sword & Shield Image Waking Nightmare+ (×2)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Waist Image S. Studded Sash X (×1) Head Image S. Studded Hat X (×1)
Arms Image S. Studded Gloves X (×1) Legs Image S. Studded Sandals X (×1)
Torso Image S. Studded Vest X (×1)

Used to Craft Shell-Studded X Armor Set

To unlock and craft the Shell-Studded X Armor set at the Smithy, you need to obtain a Deepshell at the Argosy.

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