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Light Bowgun Gameplay and New Moves.png

This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Light Bowgun weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Light Bowgun, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

Light Bowgun Controls

Button Action
Buttons ZL.png Crosshairs
Button zR.png Fire
Buttons A.png Wyvernblast
Buttons X.png Reload
Button L.pngButtons X.png/Buttons B.png
Select Ammo
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Melee Attack
Button R.png + Buttons X.png
Silkbind Glide
Button R.png + Buttons A.png
Fanning Vault

Recommended Control Setups

Auto Sheath Manual Sheathe
Camera Speed Fast
Gunner Reticle Camera Controls Type 1
Gunner Reticle Speed Fast

To easily learn the bowgun, we highly suggest that the player adjust the camera settings first. We suggest changing the camera speed to fast to make aiming way easier. If the player is not comfortable with this setup, we suggest switching back to default.

Light Bowgun New Moves

Official Light Bowgun Preview Video

Silkbind Glide

Silkbind Glide.jpg

The Silkbind Glide is similar to a combat slide wherin you close the distance between you and the enemy monster which makes you a smaller target. You can also fire off an attack by the end of your glide.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png

Fanning Vault

Fanning Vault.jpg

The Fanning Vault is an excellent addition to the Light Bowgun's kit, giving it added mobility. It grants you the action of flying high up in an in arc, dodging incoming attacks and performing additional actions while in midair.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

These are the actions you can do while doing a Fanning Vault

Button Action
Button zR.png Attack
Buttons X.png Reload
Buttons A.png Wyvernblast

Light Bowgun Strengths and Weaknesses


Check IconHigh mobility

Check IconRapid fire spam

Check IconAll around utility

Check IconEvade reload slide

High Mobility

High Mobility.png

The Light Bowgun offers higher mobility compared to its heavier counterpart. You can essentialy juggle tasks while firing without have the excessive need to be stationary while doing so.

Rapid Fire Spam

Rapid Fire Spam.png

In some builds and instances such as special upgrades, the Light Bowgun can rapidly fire its bullets at a target. One such build is the Sticky Ammo Rapid Fire build which has proven itself to be popular among Light Bowgun users.

All Around Utility

All Around Utility.png

Similiar to its heavyweight counterpart, the Light Bowgun has access to a wide range of ammo types which covers everything from damage to heavy utilities. That is why LBG users are often used as Support Gunners in multiplayer games, standing stationary and shooting different types of munitions like sleep or stun.

Evade Reload Slide

Unlike its heavier counterpart, the Light Bowgun can be reloaded while the hunter slides and evades enemy attacks. This perk is very useful when loading ammo types with long reload times.


Check IconLow damage output

Check IconCannot guard

Low Damage Output

Though all around useful, the Light Bowgun is balanced with a lower damage output. That's why LBG users tend to be creative and make builds that improve the strenghts of the LBG like the previously mentioned Sticky Ammo Rapid Fire build.

Cannot Guard

Perhaps balancing the reload slide, you cannot guard monster attacks with an Light Bowgun. You have to make due with being nimble and keeping your distance against monsters.

How to Use the Light Bowgun

Keep Proper Distance

Keep Proper Distance.png

Like the Heavy Bowgun, keeping your proper distance from monsters varies on the type of ammo you have equipped. Most ammo types allow you to keep a safe distance at the cost of doing less damage while other ammo types require you to get up close and personal like the Spread Ammo.

Types of Distances

Close Range Close.pngEnlarge
Safe Distance Safe Distance.pngEnlarge
Out of Range Out of Range.pngEnlarge

Building Rapid Fire

Building Rapid Fire.png

Building rapid fire unto your Light Bowgun is basically a necessity at this point if you wish to take the LBG on solo quests. Your survivability rate goes up the faster you fire shots due to the LBG's lower damage output. Aim for weakpoints and keep running circles around the monster!

Utilize Fanning Vault

Utilize Fanning Vault.png

With Fanning Vault in your arsenal, dodging might be a bit easier. Since Light Bowgun users tend to take on fights in medium to long ranges, it is vital to keep distance. If the monster closes the gap, however, fanning vault can help you re-position yourself and run off to a safer distance.

When Downed or Asleep Wyvernblast 'em

When Downed or Asleep Wyvernblast

A unique attack that only the Light Bowgun has, the Wyverblast. When an enemy monster is staggering on the ground or ran off to sleep, Wyverblast next to them then trigger it for full effect.

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