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Breaking monster parts is a way of obtaining items for your weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to learn more about the mechanics of part breaking and how to break specific parts of monsters.

Part Breaking Mechanics

Deal Enough Damage to Break Parts

Part Breaking is a mechanic present in all large monsters. Dealing enough damage to a part will cause it to break. Some parts will only break once enough of a specific damage type has been dealt.

Tails require severing damage to be cut, while harder parts, such as a monster's head like Barroth's scalp can be broken off with blunt damage. The Hammer weapon type is one example that can be very useful for dealing blunt damage.

Reaching the health threshold for parts that cannot be broken or are already broken will instead cause the monster to either flinch or topple. You'll be able to see the damage done and hear a sound effect once one of the monster's parts breaks. A notification will also alert you that something has broken.

Damage Formulation

Broken Parts Rewards

MH Rise Sunbreak - Broken Part Rewards

When monster parts are broken, materials are dropped and rewarded to hunters (make sure to pick them up) at the end of a quest. Some parts have a significantly higher drop rate for materials compared to others.

Items like the Twisted Stouthorn can only be obtained this way. Some parts, like Diablos' and Zinogre's horns, must also be broken twice to receive the reward.

Tips for Breaking Monster Part

Check The Part's Hitzone Value

Monster hitzone values can be checked through a monster's Physiology tab in-game.

Some monsters have parts that take significantly more damage from one damage type over the others. For instance, blunt weapons are nearly twice as effective at breaking Daimyo Hermitaur's shell compared to severing weapons.

While not necessary, exploiting elemental weaknesses can also help bring down the part's health, especially if you're not using an optimal damage type.

Monster Stats Explained

Bypass Defense With Fixed Damage

Some parts, like Daimyo Hermitaur's claws or most of Basarios, have fairly low hitzone values no matter the damage type.

For cases like these, dealing fixed damage ignores a monster's defense and is an effective work-around for tough parts.

Fixed damage comes from Mega Barrel Bombs, Gunlance shelling, and Blast damage.

Use Wyvern Riding for Breaking Parts

Mountable State

Dealing damage to another large monster while Wyvern Riding can be an effective way of causing parts to break (depending on which part takes the hit) since they deal a lot of damage per attack.

This can be a safe way of doing part breaks. Make sure to do enough damage to make the monster mountable, or use a Puppet Spider.

How to Mount and Ride Monsters

Use Destroyer Oil

MH Rise Sunbreak - Sword and Shield Destroyer Oil

Destroyer Oil is a Switch Skill available to the Sword and Shield in the Sunbreak expansion!

It stacks with Partbreaker, a skill that increases damage to monster parts. If you are going to hunt with a Sword and Shield, you may want to consider having this Switch Skill equipped.

How to Unlock Switch Skills

Recommended Skills

Notable Skills
Skills Explanation
Partbreaker Makes it easier to break or sever parts of large monsters.
Blood Rite Useful as a comfort skill on broken parts. A proportion of damage dealt is converted to health when striking a broken monster part.

Damage-enhancing skills like Attack Boost are generally good choices to help in breaking monster parts since they have a unique health pool. If the part you're after is also a weakpoint, Weakness Exploit is recommended to quickly break it.

For harder monster parts with low hitzone values, Mind's Eye is an option to prevent bouncing and increase the damage dealt to the part.

Partbreaker can still be a useful skill to have when you're after a part that you cannot seem to damage enough. This can also help during multiplayer where other members may be after material drops from broken parts.

Blood Rite can serve as a nice comfort skill if you want to gain back health from broken monster parts. This skill is valuable if you can break parts quickly enough. Otherwise, go for damage skills if you do not need the health regain!

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