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List of Quest Receptionists

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Monster Hunter has always featured Quest Receptionists that laid out what needs to be done in the game. This is a list of all the quest receptionists in Monster Hunter Rise, the Sunbreak expansion, and the past games.

Sunbreak Quest Receptionist

Chichae, the Quest Damsel

The Quest Damsel Chichae Character Icon
Voice Actor EN: Xanthe Huynh
JP: Tomori Kusunoki

After arriving in Elgado, Chichae is the one that will provide Hunters with quests and intel. Don't think too simple of her tasks though as it was revealed that Chichae is the princess of the Kingdom where Eldgado resides in!

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Monster Hunter Rise Receptionists

Hinoa: Village Quest Receptionist

Voice Actor EN: Maureen Price
JP: Rina Sato

Hinoa is responsible for the solo-only Low Rank Village Quests in Monster Hunter Rise. Hinoa is known to resonate with the Wind Serpent Ibushi during the story.

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Minoto: Hub Quest Receptionist

Minoto Icon
Voice Actor EN: Heather Gonzalez
JP: Shizuka Ito

Minoto, like her twin sister, is also responsible for quests but in the Gathering Hub. Minoto is known to resonate with the Thunder Serpent Narwa during the story.

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Quest Receptionists From Past Games

Monster Hunter 1st Generation

Kokoto Chief Becky
MH Rise - Kokoto Village Chief MH Rise Sunbreak - Becky Receptionist

Kokoto Chief and Becky are both quests receptionists in the very first Monster Hunter installment. The Village chief is responsible for giving hunters Village Quests while Becky is the one giving out Gathering Hub Quests - same as Hinoa and Minoto respectively.

Monster Hunter Dos (MH2)

MH Rise Sunbreak - Patty Receptionist

Patty is the quest receptionist and quest board maiden of Monster Hunter Dos (MH2)! She resides in Jumbo Village, the haven for hunters in that generation.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Kathy Aisha
MH Rise Sunbreak - Kathy MH Rise Sunbreak - Moga Sweetheart

Aisha the Moga Sweetheart was responsible for giving Hunters Village Quests in Moga Village. Subsequently, Kathy is the quest board receptionist in Port Tanzia, the G Rank Hub for the 3rd Generation.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Sofia, The Guildmarm
MH Rise Sunbreak - Sofia Guildmarm Receptionist

Sofia, more popular with the name The Guildmarm is the quest receptionist for the fourth generation of Monster Hunter. She is known to have an intense love for Brachydios and seems to be a friend of Aeisha, the Moga Sweetheart from Moga Village.

Monster Hunter Generations and Ultimate

Bherna Village Receptionist Airship Receptionist
MH Rise Sunbreak - Bherna Village Receptionist MH Rise Sunbreak - Airship Receptionist

The two receptionists are responsible for the quests in Monster Hunter Generations and Ultimate. Bherna Village Receptionist is the one responsible for the Low Rank and High Rank Village quests in MHGen.

The Airship Receptionist is responsible for the G Rank quests when the Hunters took to the sky to research Valstrax.

Monster Hunter World and Iceborne

The Handler

MHRise - The Handler

The Handler, in conjunction with being your closest ally and friend when you arrive in New World, is also the one responsible for giving you quests in Monster Hunter World and the Iceborne expansion.

Serious Handler

Monster Hunter Rise - Serious Handler.png

During the course of the story in Monster Hunter World, Serious Handler replaces the Hunter's Handler as the quest receptionist for a short time. This proved to be very popular in the Monster Hunter community because of her contrasting personality with the original Handler.

Serious Handler is Ace Cadet's assigned handler in the New World.

Astera Hub Lass

MHRise - Hub Lass Receptionist

Besides the Handler, Hunters can also take up some quests with the Hub Lass in the Gathering Hub in Astera!

Seliana Hub Lass

MH Rise Sunbreak - Hub Lass Seliana

In the Iceborne expansion, Hunters discover and stay in a new settlement called Seliana near Hoarfrost Reach. In this frozen landscape, the Hub Lass is also dressed according to the cold climate of Hoarfrost Reach.

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  • List of Quest Receptionists


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