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Sunbreak | How to Hit Flying Monsters

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - How to Hit Flying Monsters

This is a guide to battling flying enemies in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know how to fight against Flying Monsters, countermeasures you can use when playing as a melee, and all the options you can choose from when facing a flying foe.

How to Hit Flying Monsters

Use Ranged Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise - Heavy Bowgun Charging Shots

The Bow, Light Bowgun, and Heavy Bowgun can all deal with flying enemies easily. Just aim your reticle and fire at them to deal damage. However, ranged weapons have lower defenses than melee so opting for a full ranged party may not always be the best choice.

Sunbreak Builds and Best Armor for Each Weapon

Use Weapons with Jumping Attacks

MH Rise - IG Diving Wyvern

Blademasters will have to deal with monsters on the ground for most of the hunt, but some weapons can jump to reach flying monsters. The Insect Glaive is a standout as it can vault to easily reach aerial targets.

MH Rise - SnS Sliding Slash

The Sword and Shield also has some jumping attacks, but some can only be done as follow-ups from either the Sliding Slash or the Perfect Rush, or when a Jumping Rising Slash is performed near a ledge. Another weapon with a jumping animation is the Dual Blades' Demon Flight.

Use Flash Bombs

Monster Hunter Rise (Rathalos) - Flash Bombs against Rathalos

Fliers will fall to the ground when an item that counters their senses are used against them; For example, a Rathalos will crash down when a Flash Bomb is set off infront of it. Time your Flashes to get that much needed opening!

Sunbreak Items and Materials

Ensnaring Endemic Life also works

Monster Hunter Rise - Endemic Life Flashfly

Some Endemic Life like the Flashfly can cause the same effects as Flash Bombs. Using Ensaring Lives against the right flying enemy can also cause them to crash down into the ground!

Use a Gustcrab for flashier moves


Using Gustcrabs to reach flying monsters might not be too practical, but no one can deny that you will look flashy while doing so! Plus, it gives you a chance to avoid swooping attacks.

List of Endemic Life

Break Their Wings

Monster Hunter Rise - Braking Wyvern Wings

Flyers' flight duration may be reduced by damaging their wings. Asking your ranged party members to focus the enemy's wings is also highly suggested to increase your melee fighter's DPS throughout the remainder of the fight.

Enhance with the Partbreaker skill

The Partbreaker skill makes a return in Rise and its value in destroying wings is still valuable for a team. Ask party members to slot in some Partbreakers to weaken monsters as well as gain more loot after the fight!

Sunbreak Armor Skills

Use Wirebugs and Silkbinds

Monster Hunter Rise - Kushala Wirebug Away from the Death Combo

While it's a dangerous option to consider since you only usually have two of them, using the Wirebug to attack a flying enemy is an option. This becomes a better option if you have a strong jump attack like the Great Sword's charge slash but we don't recommend doing this as it may leave you vulnerable to attacks while mid-air.

Wirebug Moves and Controls

Silkbinds with Vertical Range

Weapon Silkbind Attacks
Great Sword Hunting Edge
Long Sword Soaring Kick
Sword and Shield Falling Shadow,
Metsu Shoryugeki
Dual Blades Tower Vault,
Spiral Slash
Lance Skyward Thrust
Gunlance Hail Cutter
Hammer Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon,
Impact Crater
Hunting Horn Silkbind Shockwave
Switch Axe Soaring Wyvern Blade
Charge Blade Axe Hopper,
Air Dash
Insect Glaive Silkbind Vault,
Kinsect Slash,
Kinsect Glide

Some Silkbind attacks launch you upward, opening opportunities to hit monsters while they're airborne. Be mindful of your positioning for these moves as they also have long animations!

How to Unlock All Switch Skills

Wait for the Monster to Descend

Remobra Flying Low

When playing as a melee against flyers, waiting for them to descend is often the most practical approach to fighting them. Enemies won't fly forever and waiting for a chance to attack is a viable strategy.

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