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This is a guide to the attack stat in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know how the attack stat works, why all weapons have the same damage stats, and how does elemental attack work.

How Does Attack Work

Attack Stat Boosts Physical Damage

Monster Hunter Rise -  Attack Stat

Your attacks base comes from your total attack stat. The higher your attack stat, the more damage you'll be able to dish out!

How Does Elemental Attack Work

Adds Damage to your Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise -  Element Stat
Dragon is the game's 5th element stat. It is particularly effective against Elder Dragons.

You will not see a second damage output when using elemental attacks. What it will do instead is amplify your total damage output depending on the damage it deals. This is why it is important to use elemental weapons that your target monster is weak against.

Damage Formula Speculations

Physical Damage Formula

Damage Formula for Physical Attacks
Raw Attack Value
Sharpness Multiplier Value
Motion Value Multiplier
Monster Part Multiplier
Physical Damage

In example, you are using a Great Sword with a raw attack value of 160. In green sharpness the multiplier value is 1.05. The move Overhead Slash has been tested to have a motion value 0.46.

Doing this move to Kulu-Ya-Ku's head which, has 0.68 sever damage vulnerability, should output a physical damage of 52.55 or 53 to Kulu-Ya-Ku.

160 x 1.05 x 0.46 x 0.68
52.55 or 53 Physical Damage

Note: There is no official release from Capcom for Motion Values per weapon combos.

Damage Multiplier is Changed

Monster Hunter Rise -  High Elemental Damage.png

Unlike previous entries, all weapons now have the same attack stat. It doesn't matter if you're using a Hammer or a Sword and Shield, both of these weapons will have the same damage stat for their weapon stats. However, their damage output remains the same. Hammer will still deal heavy damage while the Sword and Shield will still deal miniscule damage but it will still hit fast.

Monster Hunter Rise -  Wyvern Fire Big Damage.jpg

This means that even if previous weapons like Great Swords and Lances have lower attack stats now, they will still deal massive damage so if you're a heavy weapon user, don't leave your weapon and switch to lighter ones!

Weapon Tier List

Is Attack or Elemental Attack More Important?

Varies on Build

There are specific builds that caters to elemental attacks and there are buils that rely on the weapon's base damage. It all depends on the weapon type and build you plan for your hunter.

Heavy weapons prefer Attack Stat

We highly suggest focusing on attack stat for hard hitting weapons like Great Swords. Their normal attack can make use of all the damage you put on your character which makes those single strikes hit hard.

Weapons that Maximize Attack Stat

Weapons that Maximize Attack
Great Sword Long Sword
Hammer Hunting Horn
Lance Gunlance
Switch Axe Charge Blade
Heavy Bowgun -

Note that these are just standard build preferences and they can still be built to deal elemental damage, they just won't be able to capitalize on their effects as well as the other weapons.

Fast weapons prefer elemental attack

Elmental types on fast weapons like DB are good since they can maximize the elemental damage's amplification. They also work wonders with status attack weapons but since Large Monsters can build resistance to ailments, elemental weapons are often the way to go for the speedy tools.

Weapons that Maximize Elemental Attack

Sword and Shield Dual Blades
Charge Blade Light Bowgun
Insect Glaive Bow

Note that these are just standard build preferences and they can still be built to deal raw damage, their ability to maximize elemental damage just makes them deal more damage than standard raw affinity builds.

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