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This is a guide to Rampage Quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn tips on surviving the Rampage, how to get an S-Rank, and more!

Rampage Quest Tips

Rampage Walkthrough Guide

""Play Online If You Can

""Prepare Hunting Installations

""Level Up Your Stronghold

""Protect the Stronghold From Monsters

""Prioritize Targeters and Gate Crashers

""Make Use of Limited Warriors of Kamura

""Ring the Counter Gong in a Pinch

""Wyvern Riding is Possible

""Use the Dragonator or Splitting Wyvernshot on Apex Monsters

""Don't Forget to Carve the Major Threat Monster

Play Online If You Can

As Rampage Quests are like Tower Defense games, the more people there are the easier they get. On top of that, during Rampage Quests 3 player deaths won't fail the quest, so you don't have to worry too much about messing up. If you're paying for Nintendo Online you should give it a go!

Multiplayer and Co-op Guide

Prepare Hunting Installations

Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Preparations.jpeg

In order to stop the Rampage you'll need to take advantage of the various Hunting Installations that can be set up in each area. These can be taken down and put back up freely before and during each wave. Once you're finished preparing you can press the RS button to skip the timer if you want.

3 Types of Installations

Installation Type Effect
Manned Ballistae or Cannons that you can control yourself.
Auto Installations manned by NPCs that will target nearby monsters.
Limited Special NPCs like the twins or Utsushi that will fight for you during a single wave.

Level Up Your Stronghold

Monster Hunter Rise - Stronghold Levelling Up.jpeg

At the beginning of a Rampage quest, you'll be limited to using the weakest Hunting Installations. However, by leveling up your Stronghold, you'll gain access to more and stronger weapons and items. As the difficulty increases you'll begin to struggle if you don't use stronger weapons so focus on leveling up as much as you can.

How to level up your stronghold

Defeat monsters
Complete sub assignments
Afflict monsters with Statuses/Blights

Protect the Stronghold From Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Stalkers.jpeg

During each wave, monsters with different types of behaviors will approach the Stronghold. Use your Hunting Installations to send them running back, tails between their legs.

Types of Monsters

Type Actions
Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Stalker.jpeg Stalker
Focuses on attacking hunters.
Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Targeter.jpeg Targeter
Uses ranged attacks to go after hunters.
Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Gate Crasher.jpeg Gate Crasher
Focues on destroying gates.

Each monster type will be marked with the icon above so you know which is which.

Prioritize Targeters and Gate Crashers

Monster Hunter Rise - Flying Monsters.jpeg

Out of the 3 different types of monsters that can appear, Targeters and Gate Crashers are the most dangerous. Targeters take to the skies and fire on you with long range attacks, causing you trouble while firing from Hunting Installations. Gate Crashers typically ignore everything around them and head straight for the nearest gate, as their name suggests, and attempt to tear it down. Ignoring a Gate Crasher can be the end of a Rampage Quest if you aren't careful.

Target them with Retreat Shots or Piercing Shots to slow them down. Targeters are especially weak to Crag Shots to the head that will knock them out of the sky. Do your best to aim for the head and send them running

Make Use of Limited Warriors of Kamura

Monster Hunter Rise - Yomogi in the Rampage.jpeg

Warriors of Kamura are strong enough to turn the tide of battle just by summoning them. However, some of the warriors like Yomogi can only be summoned during the wave they first appeared in, so you should be sure to use them immediately or risk wasting them.

Warriors of Kamura

Monster Hunter Rise - Minoto and Hinoa in the Rampage.pngHinoe and Minoto Monster Hunter Rise - Yomogi in the Rampage.pngYomogi
Monster Hunter Rise - Iori.pngIori Monster Hunter Rise - Utsushi.pngUtsushi

There are 4 limited Warriors of Kamura (not including Fugen) that can be deployed during Rampage Quests. They are quite powerful so be sure to use them if you're in trouble. Also, if you happen to have a sub-assignment that requires you to inflict Elemental Blights on monsters, Iori's attacks are elemental and will fulfill this requirement.

Ring the Counter Gong in a Pinch

Apex Zinogre Ring the Counter Gong.png

When ringing the Counter Gong, you'll gain the effects of the Counter Signal which will increase your attack power, as well as monsters attack power while riding them. If you find yourself cornered by a group of monsters, considering ringing the Counter Gong and going to town on them.

Wyvern Riding is Possible

Even during Rampage Quests Wyvern Riding is possible. While riding a monster you'll be able to inflict statuses or blights depending on the monster, so monsters like Rathian, Rathalos, or Pukei-Pukei are recommended.

Riding Under the Counter Signal Effects is Stronger

Under the effects of the Counter Signal, Wyvern Riding is far more powerful. In some situations you may be better off fighting on your own, but being able to deal damage without the danger of taking damage is always a plus.

Use the Dragonator or Splitting Wyvernshot on Apex Monsters

Splitting Wyvernshot.jpeg

When the Main Threat appears, be it a regular or Apex monster, make use of the Dragonators or Splitting Wyvernshot. One shot from these powerful weapons can deal upwards of 8000 damage, making your life much easier. While they have a lengthy reload time, you can use a Power Kiln to speed up the cooldown if you fired one off in an earlier wave.

Don't Forget to Carve the Major Threat Monster

Monster Hunter Rise - Carving the Major Threat Monster.jpeg

Monsters that appear during waves will run away before they fall so they can't be carved, but the Major Threat monsters that appears at the end of the final wave can be both hunted and carved. Some of the monsters that appear are stronger types that can be dealt with more easily in Rampage Quests, so be sure to strip them of all they have before leaving.

Solo Rampage Quest Tips

You Can Safely Ignore Sub-assignments

Monster Hunter Rise - Side Quests.jpeg

While playing solo, you'll run into sub-assignments that will be difficult to clear on your own. While your Clear Rank will go down, if you try to go out of your way to clear every sub-assignment, you risk the final gate being destroyed and failing the quest. Instead, try to clear sub-assignments you can do on your own.

How to Clear the Inflict an Elemental Blight Sub-assignment

To satisfy the requirements for this sub-assignment, you can use the Cannon's Charged Thunder Shot, Wyvern Riding, or the various bombs that drop to inflict elemental blight. However there are times when you will need to inflict elemental blight up to 20 times, so if you play alone try for a different sub-assignment.

How to inflict elemental blight

Cannon Using a Cannon's Charged Thunder Shot will allow you to, as the name suggests, inflict thunder blight on enemies it strikes. You can increase the range and power by holding down the Y button to hit as many monsters as possible.
Wyvern Riding Riding monsters like Rathians, Rathalos, or Tobi-Kadachi will allow you to inflict fire or thunder blight on enemies you attack.
Elemental Bombs During Rampage Quests, monsters will more often drop Horde Materials that can be in the form of Bombs with various elements attached. Using these bombs will deal damage and inflict elemental blights to add to your numbers.

Abnormal Status and Elemental Blight Guide

How to Clear the Inflict a Status Ailment Sub-assignment

For this sub-assignment, you'll want to use weapons or ride monsters that can inflict status ailments. These include ailments such as poison, paralysis, sleep, and more. Keep in mind that stunning enemies does not count towards this sub-assignment, so using the Ballista's Crag Shot won't help you here.

How to inflict status ailments

Status Inflicting Weapons Weapons or vials with poison, paralysis, sleep, or blast elemental attack. Bowguns with their various bullets are great for this.
Wyvern Riding Ride monsters that can inflict poison like Rathians, Rathalos, or Pukei-Pukei.

How to Clear the Village Defender Repels a Monster Sub-assignment

To clear this sub-assignment, you'll want to put the all of your Village Defenders as close to the gates as possible. This will allow them to target the nearby monsters after you've weakened them to finish them off.

Rampage Quest Rewards

Change Based on Clear Rank

Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Main Objectives.jpg

▲You can view this information from Rampage Quest Info in the Start Menu

During Rampage Quests you will be assigned a rank based on your performance that affects your rewards. Clearing sub-assignments will fill up the bar and raise your overall rank for the quest so you should try and finish as many of these as possible.

No item differences based on Rank

While your rank does matter, the items you receive won't change depending on rank. What changes is the amount of each item you get so don't worry if you can't quite get the highest rank.

Obtain Defender Tickets

The main reward you will receive from clearing Rampge Quests is Defender Ticketse. Defender Tickets of different types are used to make Rampage Weapons and obtain Rampage Skills so you'll want to do these quests.

Can be used with the Melding Pot

Defender Tickets are also a great source of materials for the Melding Pot. Especially Defender Ticket 7, obtained from ★7 Rampage Quests, which is worth a lot of points. If you want to get a lot of talismans quickly then you should farm these quests.

Talisman Farming: How to Meld the Best Talismans

Make Rampage Weapons with Apex Materials

Apex monsters will only appear in Rampage Quests, with their materials being necessary for creating and upgrading special Rampge weapons. These weapons can have up to 3 Rampage Skills and are quite strong so don't pass these up!

Obtain a Large Amount of Monster Materials

You will also receive materials of the various monsters that appear during each wave of the quest. While it will be difficult to get specific materials, you will obtain many excess materials that can be used elsewhere. If you really want a certain material you'll be better off doing a specific quest for the monster.

Hunting Installation Guides

Mountable Hunting Intallations


Ballista Shot Deals damage. Number of ammo fired increases when leveled up.
Crag Shot Deals impact damage. Hit enemy monsters in the head to stun them!
Retreat Shot Knocks back a target. Also sends flying enemies straight to the ground.


Cannon Ammo Deals damage. Number of cannons fired increases when leveled up.
Piercing Ammo Fires a cannon ball in a straight line. Pierces targets and is highly effective against large sized monsters.
Thunder Shot Launches a lightning elemental cannon ball. Can be charged up for more damage. Has a higher chance of inflicting thunder blight if charged up.

Machine Cannon

Normal Shot Deals damage. Slowly speeds up while firing.
Cluster Shot Fires several bullets at close range. Effective against enemies near you or against enemies pulled by the s
Silkbind Shot Pulls a target towards you. Useful for maximizing the Spread Shot's effect as well as preventing gate crashers from attacking your base .

Automatic Hunting Installations

DefenderBallista Fires normal arrows periodically
Defender Cannons Fires cannon balls which deals area damage periodically
Bamboo Bomb Explodes when a monster passes over it, dealing damage once.
Wyvernfire Artillery Flaming Beam fires a pillar of flame that deals a high amount of damage.
Flaming Shot fires a ball of flame that deals decent amount of damage.

Limited Hunting Installations (Warriors of Kamura)

Elder Fugen

Charges up a strong slash and strikes nearby enemies for massive damage. Can be used until the end of the rampage so try to use it against the Rampage's major threat to greatly deal damage to it for free.

Buddy Handler Iori

Causes an explosion that causes blights to enemies. Useful for the blight requirement sub-quest if both appears in a rampage. Only usable on the wave he appears at.

Hinoa and Minoto

Attacks enemies using a Lance and a Bow. They can deal decent AOE damage but they are only usable on the wave they appear at.

Master Utsushi

Damages all monsters nearby and makes them rideable. Mostly appears on the Apex wave. It's suggested to use Master Utsushi when the Apex monster appears and it summons a horde so you can ride a monster and deal damage to the Apex monster without being at risk yourself!

Chef Yomogi

Uses a Machine Cannon and repeatedly attacks enemies. While summoned, she also improves hunter's hunting capabilities. Increased hunting capabilities has the same effect as a counter gong.

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