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Sunbreak Monster Size and Effects

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Monster Size and Effects

This is a guide to Monster Sizes in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn about Monster Sizes, how to get crowns, and other countermeasures against enemy sizes.

What is Monster Size?

Determines the Size of the Large Monster

Large Monster

Large Monsters have a size stat that affects their model size during battles. This is often unnoticeable, but some special quests (mostly events) will show an obvious difference in size among monsters.

Effects of Monster Sizes

Increased / Decreased Range


The larger the monster, the more range its attacks occupy. The opposite is true so when fighting monsters that have special sizes like the monster being extremely small or large, adjust your playstyle and positioning accordingly.

Gives a crown at the end of a mission

Monster Hunter Rise - Crowns.png

When fighting Large Monsters that are way larger or smaller than their counterparts, you'll get a size crown reward for besting the monster. You'll be able to see this achievement on the Hunter Notes to mark your trophy. Once you have collected all the available crowns for the Longest and Shortest Large Monsters, you receive a guild award for both. You can learn more about Awards and how to unlock them by clicking our article linked below!

List of Awards and How to Unlock All Guild Card Awards (Update 3.0)

Types of Crowns

Longest Large Monsters
Monster Hunter Rise - Silver Crown Largest.pngSilver Crown Monster Hunter Rise - Gold Crown Largest.pngGold Crown
Shortest Large Monsters
Monster Hunter Rise - Gold Crown Smallest.pngGold Crown

Countermeasures Against Large Opponents

Aim for Weakpoints

Arzuros Weak Point.jpg

Make sure to check the Hunter Notes when fighting enemies to learn their weak points. Larger enemies will be more susceptible to targeted attacks, so knowing enemy weak points is crucial when fighting larger monsters.

Sever their tail

Rathian Tail Cut Reduced Range

Some monsters' tails can be severed. This is more important against exceptionally large monsters since they get more benefit from the extra range they get on their tail.

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