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Sandy Plains

This is a guide and map for the Sandy Plains locale in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn what materials can be found here at each mining and gathering location, and the locations of all sub-camps and relic records!

Sandy Plains Map

Whole Map (Gathering)

Upper Level Lower Level

View Endemic Life Maps

Endemic Life Maps

Other Endemic Life (Upper Level) Other Endemic Life (Lower Level)
Permabuffers (Upper Level) Permabuffers (Lower Level)

Sandy Plains Sub-Camps

Sub-Camp 1 Area 7
Sub-Camp 2 Area 8

Unlock Conditions

Area 7 Sub-Camp
How to Unlock Clear the Request Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Security after discovering the sub-camp location
Quest Conditions Slay 8 Kestodon in the Sandy Plains
Area 8 Sub-Camp
How to Unlock Clear the Request Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials after discovering the sub-camp location
Quest Conditions Deliver the following items:
Lagombi Pelt x1
Monster Bone M x2

Camp Guide: How to Unlock Sub-Camps

Kestodon Locations in the Sandy Plains

Kestodon Locations

Kestodon Locations and Material Drops

great wirebug locations at area 12.png

Sandy Plains Shortcuts

Shortcut from Main Camp to Area 11

First Great Wirebug Great Wirebug Shortcut Route

The shortcut starts from the end of the hole in the left side of camp. You can use Great Wirebugs 3 times in a row and land in Area 11 in no time.

The second Great Wirebug is in the air, and the timing is quite tight, so be sure to grab it in time!

How to Get and Use Great Wirebug

Place Great Wirebugs in the Lower Level

great wirebug at area 11.png

It's recommended to place Great Wirebugs in the lower level, since they can propel you up to high ground quickly. One convenient Great Wirebug is the one in Area 11, which gives you instant access to Area 7 and Area 10.

Area 11, in particular, is a regular fighting area with large monsters, so this Great Wirebug is useful for whenever they run and escape.

Sandy Plains Environmental Traps (Quicksand)

Quicksands in Area 9 and Area 10

quicksand locations in sandy plains.png

There are quicksands in Area 9 and Area 10, which can easily trap large monsters. Use them to your advantage and guide monsters to those areas!

Activated When Monster Attacks The Pillars

quicksand in sandy plains.png

The marker for quicksand locations are the pillars. When a monster attacks a pillar, the pillar will be destroyed and the quicksand will be activated, trapping them in the process.

Where to Find the Relic Records in the Sandy Plains

Location Map

Sandy Plains Relic Record Locations

How to Find All Relic Records (Notebook)

Rare Endemic Life in Sandy Plains



Regitrice is the rare endemic life in the Sandy Plains. It's located inside the building in the east side of Area 12. By taking a photo of it, you can record it in your Hunter's Notes.
How to Find Regitrice

Sandy Plains Materials

Adamant Seed.pngAdamant Seed Antidote Herb.pngAntidote Herb Bitterbug.pngBitterbug Blazenut.pngBlazenut
Bomberry.pngBomberry Dung.pngDung Fire Herb.pngFire Herb Flamenut.pngFlamenut
Gloamgrass Bud.pngGloamgrass Bud Godbug.pngGodbug Herb.pngHerb Honey.pngHoney
Latchberry.pngLatchberry Mandragora.pngMandragora Might Seed.pngMight Seed Needleberry.pngNeedleberry
Nitroshroom.pngNitroshroom Nulberry.pngNulberry Parashroom.pngParashroom Slashberry.pngSlashberry
Spider Web.pngSpider Web Sunscorned Grass.pngSunscorned Grass

List of Items and Materials

List of Sandy Plains Endemic Life

Boulder Lizard.pngBoulder Lizard Brewhare.pngBrewhare Butterflame.pngButterflame
Clothfly.pngClothfly Cutterfly.pngCutterfly Escuregot.pngEscuregot
Felicicrow.pngFelicicrow Firebeetle.pngFirebeetle Flashfly.pngFlashfly
Fortune Owl.pngFortune Owl Golden Spiribug.pngGolden Spiribug Great Wirebug.pngGreat Wirebug
Green Spiribird.pngGreen Spiribird Gustcrab.pngGustcrab Mudbeetle.pngMudbeetle
Orange Spiribird.pngOrange Spiribird Paratoad.pngParatoad Peepersects.pngPeepersects
Pincercrab.pngPincercrab Pincercrab.pngPincercrab Pincercrab.pngPincercrab
Poisontoad.pngPoisontoad Red Spiribird.pngRed Spiribird Rock Lizard.pngRock Lizard
Scale Lizard.pngScale Lizard Sleeptoad.pngSleeptoad Snowbeetle.pngSnowbeetle
Stinkmink.pngStinkmink Trapbugs.pngTrapbugs Vigorwasp.pngVigorwasp
Wirebug.pngWirebug Yellow Spiribird.pngYellow Spiribird

List of Endemic Life

List of Sandy Plains Large Monsters

Kushala Daora.pngKushala Daora

List of Large Monsters

List of Sandy Plains Small Monsters

Altaroth.pngAltaroth Bnahabra.pngBnahabra
Kelbi.pngKelbi Kestodon.pngKestodon Melynx.pngMelynx
Remobra.pngRemobra Rhenoplos.pngRhenoplos

List of Small Monsters

Sandy Plains Unique Features

Returning Map

Sandy Plains.png

The Sandy Plains is a returning map from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It has small bodies of water scattered throughout, similar to an oasis.

Nighttime Environment

Sandy Plains at night

One of the images revealed for the Sandy Plains shows a full moonlit area. This may mean that there will be quests set in the Sandy Plains where you need to do quests at night.

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